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I am going to get on my moped tomorrow and go down to Duval Street and visit Peter Lik‘s Gallery.I need some beautiful visions in my life.

Check out the photographs from Oceans-Beaches-Harbors.

This painting sold for One Million.It is ironically called “ONE”

The video was filmed at La Push, WA

I love his accent…downunder all the way :)

La Push.It is one of the main settings for the second book of the Twilight saga, New Moon. The filming was done in Oregon.

One Brief Moment – Permutations in Impermanence

Graphic~feenix rizing by Alexander Levich

Graphic~feenix_rizing by Alexander Levich

I finally found a blog that is like looking in a mirror…
in other words I see myself.

All her posts will have you doing many things….laughing hysterically,shaking your head in agreement, or just plain enjoying the simplicity of it.

The blogger said ” In Castaway, I believed in the pain in losing Wilson. It was much, much more than a soccer ball. He lost in order to gain something incredible. A pair of wings. I too have gained through loss and then rise like a phoenix from the ashes.”

The blog is no longer available.


When I’m Sixty-four

And that would be in November this year,can I BELIEVE IT?

I take notes because I can’t remember everything.  My next challenge is to write lucid notes. I have a tendency to jot down information enthusiastically. When I later refer to them, the scrawls have all the clarity of a prescription written in a hurry. 

via When I’m Sixty-four.

Mandatory Vaccinations: A Collectivist Viewpoint Emerges – National Health Federation – Your voice for health freedom

This principle of mandatory medical procedures could also apply to experimental brain surgery, such as the infamous frontal lobotomy. After all, at the time, it was thought to greatly benefit thousands and was used to treat sadness, depression, unruly behavior in children and anxiety. Sure, the effects were irreversible, but so is the neurological damage caused by vaccine reactions.

via Mandatory Vaccinations: A Collectivist Viewpoint Emerges – National Health Federation – Your voice for health freedom.

My feelings and concerns on any form of vaccinations

Dangers of Fluoride


“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.”
- Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992

When most people think of fluoride, danger or health problems are usually not associated with it. FLUORIDE PREVENTS CAVITIES AND STRENGTHENS ENAMEL is usually how its advertised on toothpaste and majority of people blindly believe those claims. Most people don’t even know that it is contaminating our water supply and poisoning us. Its unfortunate that most people don’t know that fluoride is extremely dangerous, toxic, and ruining our bodies.

Society has been mislead and falsely assured that fluoride toothpaste and fluoride-laced water is safe for everyone and that there is no evidence to prove otherwise. Governments, including that of the United States, that add fluoride to drinking water supplies insist that it is safe, beneficial and necessary. However, there are over hundreds of studies and research done which provide a myriad…

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