I Learned All I Need to Know from My Cat (author unknown)

* It’s ok to wear the same things everyday.
* Sleeping is very underrated … as is stretching.
* Never crack your knuckles.
* Grooming requires a serious time commitment.
* Remember to wash behind your ears, in between your toes and under your arms.
* Keep your nails trimmed and hair clean.
* Pee without getting any on your feet.
* Eat when you’re hungry; when you’re not hungry, play with your food.
* If you don’t see it, ask for it.
* Counters are the best place to sit in a kitchen.
* Show some discretion.
* Don’t burp in public.
* Have no qualms about sharing a plate of food, or eating leftovers.
* Drink milk.
* Try not to obsess about cholesterol.
* Be hard to leave.
* Notice squirrels, investigate shadows, and chase butterflies.
* Make your own hours.
* Shred all documents.
* Money is only paper.
* Be curious.
* Get to know people in high places, somehow.
* Don’t be afraid to take chances.
* Take a moment to recover your dignity, but don’t dwell on the past too much.
* Don’t always come when you are called.
* Try new things.
* Take time to eat some flowers.
* Stare unabashedly.
* Test limits.
* Be tolerant, but not overly accommodating.
* Get mad when you are stepped on.
* Forget that you were stepped on.
* Know all the sunny places.
* Sometimes you can’t explain yourself.
* Sometimes you can’t explain your actions.
* Have a sneeze that is the envy of others.
* Make yourself vulnerable, but don’t be afraid to bite the hand that feeds you.
* Challenge yourself.
* Share your victories.
* Recycle.
* Exercise daily.
* Go barefoot.
* Obey your instincts.
* Claim your own chair.
* Flaunt your hair loss.
* Vary your hangouts.
* Make the world your playground.
* Recognize the toy in everything.
* Make the most of unstructured time.
* There is always time for a nap.
* Be easy to come home to.
* Show affection and contentment.
* Everyone is entitled to an occasional mood swing.
* The faster you run upstairs, the more likely you are to forget why you went up there in the first place.
* There is nothing wrong with changing your mind.
* Love unconditionally.
* Avoid company you do not like.
* Accept that all company may not like you.
* Depend on others without losing your independence.
* Enjoy your own company.
* Be a good listener.
* Invite yourself to dinner.
* Don’t drool.
* Scratch when and where it itches.
* Get used to silences.
* Be entertaining, strike poses, wiggle your ears.
* Jump right into the middle of things.
* Just because you’re home, you don’t have to answer the phone.
* Ask for attention.
* Feel no guilt.
* Use negative attention getting tactics only as a last resort.
* Ignore television.
* Yawn like you really mean it.
* Find a good lap to curl up in.
* Be soft.
* Be cool.
* Be mysterious.
* Be able to make someone feel better just by being there.
* Make people wonder what you do at night.
* Be good at finding things in the dark.
* Have a warm bed.
* Be loved.
* Dream.


Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight

I'm listening for the "Whispers"

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