I do not believe in vaccines,why should my cat have too have them ?

When China was 5 months she was spayed,a microchip inserted and the State enforced rabies vaccination was administered.
The next day she was having seizures and very lethargic

In December 2011 she got worms,or had worms since taking her in?
A trip to the vet,a worming pill and she was good to go.
I refused all vacs.
They said she was a American Short-hair,beautiful coat and designs,very healthy.

I adopted Minnie when she was 11 months from the shelter.All shots were already administered.She never again seen a Vet office until she was 7 years old when Cinnamon was euthanized (2010)and I thought a checkup might be a good idea.

The vet told me she was one of the healthiest cats he had seen,her coat,her weight.

She has an appointment the 19 th of this month because I want to have her teeth checked.

She has lost two canines along the way.
They will insist on the rabies shot that they say is State mandated every year.

She had it in 2010,I will refuse it along with any other vacs.


From Michelle T. Bernard, Author of Raising Cats Naturally

No vaccine should ever be given on the same day as or within thirty days of any surgery, nor should a vaccine be administered to an unhealthy cat, no matter how minor the illness.

How anyone can think it necessary or desirable to inject an eight week old (or even younger) kitten with three (and sometimes more) viruses at once and then do it again in two or three weeks and then again! That poor kitten’s immune system must get so confused. There is no way a kitten would ever be exposed to rhino, calici and panleukopenia all at the same time. How can an immature immune system handle this onslaught? Some breeders actually vaccinate kittens before they even open their eyes and they vaccinate pregnant queens. This is absolute craziness!

An eight-week-old kitten is just beginning to wean, which is very stressful for the kitten. They are also teething. Their immune systems are weaning off maternal immunity and developing on their own. How can it be advantageous to vaccinate a kitten going through so much stress with several difference disease-causing agents and stimulate more antibody production? Many breeders will vaccinate a kitten right before he goes to his new home. That is a dangerous practice. Uprooting a kitten from an environment he was born into and thrusting him into a completely new situation with strangers is a very frightening experience for many kittens. Adding the additional stress of vaccination into the mixture is a recipe for potential disaster.

Author: cryominute

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