Best of all Water Worlds

A glass of sweet tea
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Sugar vs Stevia
What to do?
I know I drink entirely too much sweetened iced tea.


Four Generation Iced Tea

about 2 1/2 cups of water

bring to rolling boil

take off heat and add 7 teabags

let steep for at least 20 min

fill gal container half way with very cold water

take teabags out of water

add 2 cups sugar,stir until dissolved

add 1/4 cup real lemon to cold water in gal jar

pour tea mixture into cold water

serve cold over ice

P.S….my Grandmother Martz used fresh mint and 1 1/2 cup sugar

I have a major sweet tooth when it comes to my Maryland Sweet Tea.
I tell people “I drink lots of water,at least a gallon a day”

But it is after all enhanced water with caffeine and other flavors and sweetness.

For health reasons and the influx of all the sweeteners on the market;I have with much determination done my research.

For one week I thought Stevia in the bag was the greatest.Cup for cup the same as sugar.

Now,that aftertaste and the puff of fine powder that explodes from the bag when opened has me reconsidering.

My latest endeavor.
I have found the perfect water drink.
My sweetened iced tea frozen into ice cubes added to a 8 oz glass of water w/just a splash of Lipton 100 % Green tea w/ citrus.


Best of all Water Worlds.



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