I miss you Dad


Dad Born:10-25-21

Mama Born 7-31-24
Died 6-17-04

Thinking and Reflecting

Realizing the answers within of our

family and ancestors

are out of reach now~

The very essence of



over open spaces

Questions held inside

Knowing there will be no forthcoming answers

Thankful for memories and mementos

However we perceive the memory or incident

Different replays

Hidden recipes,poems,prose,love letters,personal journals written

in scribbled hand

Voices on Memorex

for prosperity as dad would say

Pictures that hold a thousand stories

told from the eye of the viewer

These are what we have now

Collections in our minds

The rest

Forever hidden

© Cynthia Martz-Rivera


Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight