Towed from Publix Parking Lot

Ok,this is a rant and my feelings on the matter.

My daughter went out last night to a local bar that is in close proximity to Publix. The parking at the Pub is very narrow and she has a large mini van. She parks at Publix to avoid someone side swiping her vehicle, or worse busting out a tail light or two while backing up to leave.
She has been doing this along with every other person she knows for years.
It’s after the store is closed at 10 PM and few cars are in the lot.

When the Pub closed she noticed her van was gone. She immediately assumed it was stolen and called the police. The police said it had been towed by so and so company. She called the towing company and they were very rude too her and said she needed $300.00 to retrieve her van. Each day it was left there would accumulate more charges.
She asked why her van was towed and the other ten or so vehicles were left. They told her it was her “Unlucky” day, not to bother them and hung up. The police said it wasn’t something that concerned them and for her to deal with Publix and the towing company.
I did some research. These towing companies make so much money off of hard-working individuals. We have no recourse but to pay if we want our ride back. Several complaints insinuated that The store (Publix) and the towing companies are in the game together. They profit, the person towed suffers.
Ok,I just called Publix. As an onlooker. I asked why cars were not towed and certain ones were. She said there are signs and the towing is strictly enforced. Once the store closes at 10 PM anyone parked there after 11 PM is considered illegally parked and can be and most likely towed.
I asked how would they differentiate employees that work the 2nd shift as in stocking after regular store hours.
She said several of her employees have been towed and the towing Company had to return the vehicles with no charges incurred.

I guess the moral to this rant is; just because you have done something the same way for over 20 years doesn’t mean someone, somewhere doesn’t have the means to rock your pocketbook when you least expect it.

Author: cryominute

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