Phoenix Mask Ramblings

The mask we wore oh so well.

The tracks of the tears,fears and years that led me here.

“Hello darkness my old friend,I’ve come to talk with you again”
Simon and Garfunkel “Sounds of Silence”

Ok, Osho on my brain.

Wonder if they will finally be legalizing the weed? It does help many people and it is after all a god grown herb in the wild.

It is also used for everything from fabric and rope to ethanol fuel.

Unfortunately, The government makes so much money off of it. They allow it.

Then they arrest you and put you into over crowded prisons because they have to keep those people employed. Reminds me of the 7 prisons closing here in Florida.Now,when they transfer to a new prison it is packed to the walls.

There are so many dust bunnies here, under the bed in the corners.China Kat (almost 1 years old) eats them. Lord knows what else she eats.

She is a maniac. No, not like crazy, just hyper as hell. Hope she outgrows it just a bit.

I probably should be using my journal, or wordpad. Oh well.

Oh, and I am a fanatic about hair balls, dust bunnies, dust. Where does it come from?

Oh yea, birds,cats, the wind from outside. The screens are in a bad need of saying”Clean me” but hey the electric bill sure looked a lot better this month, no AC running, running, and running higher and higher.

I thought that kept the dust and dust makers at bay but I believe the AC ducts are saying “Clean me” too.

Is not finding something that is supposed to be where you left it last considered losing it ? I suppose for a time it is lost. It will reappear some time, because I know it’s here. Just a another incident of a reality shift.

It’s my eye-glass cleaner too and you just don’t get rid of that. Then again the bottle was the same size as the cat nip spray bottle.

I thought I threw that out but it’s here?

I just rearranged the wiring that has taken over my wall area behind the desk of wonder. I love the internet. News,at a click.Fast too.

I have a great system and since I am not using the scanner or printer, holidays are over 🙂 I unplugged them and had to get the wires out-of-the-way of China who likes to eat anything as I mentioned earlier.

I went to Office Max. Rhea took me since I am on lockdown with the moped. The officer that stopped me said it was a $106.00 fine if I drive without tags and get stopped again. I bought a new mouse pad with a huge sunny flower on it. While I was unplugging the scanner I see my post-it container underneath the photo paper. Those refills are astronomical. Anyways, the cover is the same except flower. In 3-D too. That won’t be getting a refill anytime soon so I hung the cover with the flowers on my ladybug.

Tags, why does a moped that does not need insurance have to pay for tags?

This was the first year I didn’t renew. Last year I had too because my license had expired also and I just did both at the same time.

I sure liked the tag number…11-11.

Now it will be 11-12. Just not the same.

Today, I removed the CD covers from the Betta Castles. I decided to use the netting from a bag of “Cuties”and then each rubber band I found was so old they broke when I stretched them.
“Cuties” are a form of a tangelo with no seeds and very sweet.They can only be bought February through March.
They make great blender smoothies because you don’t have to worry with the seeds.
My last batch wasn’t sweet so I complained and I got my coupon worth a free 5 pound box of them. They are not inexpensive. A 3 pound bag is around $6-7.

I made a smoothie today that taste like an orange dream cycle. I can’t find the popsicle anywhere.

Back to the Betta’s.

I ended up using hair ties. The thick ones. Worked perfectly to hold the netting on the tops of the vases. Since Betta’s are air breathers. They need access to the top without a cover denying them there oxygen. They have a special breathing apparatus. Even though I had made the holes larger in the CD covers by carefully cutting and breaking off pieces till I had a perfect circle as before only bigger.
At any rate after reading about how they breathe I decided to go with the netting instead.

“Bettas have a special respiratory organ that allows them to breathe air directly from the surface. In fact they inherently must do so. In experiments where the labyrinth organ was removed, the fish died from suffocation even though the water was saturated with oxygen. For this reason, Bettas must have access to the water surface to breathe air directly from the atmosphere.”

Phoenix crowntail was here 11 months. Now, it’s Cosmo and the new one “Aqua”

I have read Osho’s “No Water, No Moon” and still have many others I want to read.

I made a new playlist for the computer and the TV’s through Uverse.
Haven’t played it yet.
Tonight,before sleep.
It is mostly Manose wooden flute, Deva and Miten,a lot of message and relaxation,Zen, Moroccan, Indian music.

I am playing it now.It is amazing.
Wish everyone could hear this.Earphones make the experience magnified.

Everytime I hear this specific one, a rendition of the Gayatri Mantra. I feel like dancing.
It would be great to play early in the morning as the rainbow prism sunbeams are dancing on my walls. I might even clean house.

Looking for the eye lens cleaner. I did find the missing battery charger.

I fly in my dreams and float without using a mat in regular or salt water.

I play in RAIN puddles every chance I get 🙂

I love walking in the Rain and Full Moons.

Persons may think I am bored,not boring mind you…I am far from it.
I have my amazing thoughts, memories and creativeness whirling in my brain

I have had the fever and furious lovemaking,the lies,the betrayal,complicated maze

Nights of undeniable bliss

I have witnessed many an azure sky with winking stars and mysterious neighboring mists

In too many cities wandering and erratic in between the twilight shadows

My journals speak of days and nights
sometimes blended as one
Kaleidoscopic pictures of the Maze in fragmentary facts

Raised on religious rhetoric
Isolated and Detached
Waiting for an END that never came
Disillusioned youth, fractured family

I have no interest in babbling gossip
He said,she said,they said,who cares
But seriously speaking, what is the use of it?

Ex friends that remind me of sandpaper
with their critical judgment, vigorous invective

They rub the wrong way
No time for the maddening monotony

by Cynthia Martz


Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight

I'm listening for the "Whispers"

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