~Om~my poetry



Like now I get up,it’s 4 am.Because I can


I stay in bed all day under cover so too speak,turn the phones off and the messenger too,because I feel like it and I can

I put on my night shades and pretend I am in a deep,dark and mysterious cave,I am in my world,my sanctuary


I feel drawn to a full moon on a clear night and look up in wonderment at how bright it is

Stars twinkling off and on like a night switch in the sky


I greet the morning sun as it comes out to play and the moon fades away


I take my shoes off and ride to the beach.I park and walk,feeling the warm sand drift through and in-between my toes

and Listen too the music in my mind

Sometimes I go to the bridge and look into my reflection in the water
I talk to the ripples cascading over the stones


I get melancholy and regret not asking my beloved parents,grandparents questions I can never know the answers to…
they are gone,into the mist,around the bend


I dwell on too many things and know everything has reasons we know not of…


I feel the unconditional love of my animals more then the love of a human heart

and ask WHY?


My dreams are so real,I don’t want to wake


I see the injustice in our world

and ask what makes a wrong ever seem right


I see the simplicity of life

other times I see the strife

they both have IF”S

If we don’t Listen,we can not hear

If we don’t look,we can not see

If we don’t try,we never know

The Lightness of just being

and the “OM” in sOMetimes

by Cynthia