Manic China

My cat China (10 months) is driving me bonkers.

She is so hyper. She bounces off walls, climbs everything, eats all the time and totally makes me think she may be possessed.
She loves any and all bugs and small lizards that may get under the front door.

I did not sleep well last night. She burrows under my covers and attacks my feet, but mostly enjoys nibbling my toes and licking and suckling my hair.
She will not allow me too cut her nails and this seems to be a major insult too her if I should so much as pull the clippers out.

Everyone says “Welcome to the Kitty stage, before long she will be napping all day and night.”

I have an older cat also. Her name is Minnie and I got her from a shelter. She has been golden and well-behaved since the moment I brought her home. She was 11 months old when I adopted her in 2004.

Needless too say they did not like each other at the onset. They barely tolerate each other now but things have calmed down a bit. There were moments when I thought there were two wild animals living under my roof.

My main concern was my birds. I have 2 Cockatiels and 3 parakeets. They have separate large cages. China terrorizes them on a daily basis and I have to keep a keen eye on that drama. Then there are the Beta’s.

China and the birds

Sage the yellow one on the left died last March from foot lameness. Then Sand, the other yellow one got the same ailment but seems to be hanging in there. He is almost 9 years old. A long life for a parakeet. After Sage died I got another pair (Buttons and Bows).

I regrettably gave them a bit of avocado not realizing the dangers of that and Buttons had a massive heart attack at 3 months of age.

China had Bows for a snack and I darn near opened the front door and said “Outta Here”

I started out with 4 teils. Raine was 15 when he passed and dear Jesse was almost 11.


Now there is Baby K (almost 10) and Jesse’s mate Jack, who is close too 18.

Jack and Baby Kae

I started out with 12 parakeets 🙂

The Dozen