Doing Time

Why is Time Speeding Up?

Where did March go ?

It was just the first week of March it seems, and now here we are going into April Fool’s Day. I know my memory is going South of late. But, I couldn’t have missed an entire month.

It’s like things move around on me also. I put something in a certain space, and lo and behold the next day it is gone. Sometimes it is the same day

web graphic

web graphic

~Poof !

I actually asked the Universe to help me out here.

Did I move it and don’t remember ?

I  dropped something on my foot somewhere. I have a bruise, but for the life of me I can not remember where I was or what fell on it.

I do remember hollering.


It is due to this increasing pulse rate that we feel as though time is speeding up. Why do we “feel” as though time is moving faster than it used to be?

The reason is what we once perceived to be a period of 24 hours now feels like only 16 hours. Our clocks still move in seconds, minutes and hours and still click over a full day in 24 hours but due to the earths increased heartbeat, we perceive it to be only two-thirds as long or a perception period of merely 16 hours.

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The Truth Seeker


yin yang

Mister Max Poo

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz

Earlier today I went to the laundry. I didn’t want to do laundry.

But I had too, because I have no linens clean or blankets…thanks to Pissy China.

She seems to get a thrill out of laying on my chest on my softest of blankets.
She must be dreaming or thinks she’s in her litter box.

This is a litter tray trained cat,not sick,eats everything all the time.

Doesn’t have worms, a good wild cat.

Click to see Larger Photo~China@Key West,FL~Copyright ©2012

China@Key West,FL~
Copyright ©2012
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The past month she has done this every week , and I only do laundry once a month if I feel like it 🙂

So, before going to the laundry I  treat the linens with the Anti Icky Poo. I turned the container around and read the directions again.

There you go…DEAD BODIES!!!!

What the heck ???

I don’t know what else is in this product. A bunch of names I never heard of at any rate.

It cleans baseboards like nothing else I have ever seen.

Eats the grime and dirt.

Dead Bodies ???

I detected a certain acidity.

Anti Icky Poo

Online it says Anti-Icky-Poo eliminates any decaying organic material. So in addition to Pet Urine, it also works on Skunk Musk, decaying animal bodies, or any other decaying organic material. Anti-Icky-Poo will remove Pet Odors and Pet Stains from most materials such as carpet, fabric, upholstery, tile, wood floors, stainless steel, linoleum. It also removes all bio odor including: vomit, old breast milk, hidden food that was rediscovered, human urine smell and other bodily mishaps.

My Mom needed this stuff. She could never get rid of the cat smells from previous owners.
I dropped something on my foot today, can’t remember what or where but it will come too me.

Now, my foot really hurts and is swollen, black and blue. I know whatever fell on it, hurt it.
So,I was at K MART and the laundry.

I think it was at K Mart. I remember it hurting more when I walked back to the laundry then it did when I walked to K Mart. I waited in line over half an hour, there was one cashier.

I took pictures today of the Anti Icky Poo, wait I thought I heard a weird hum coming from the computer. Maybe it’s from typing, never noticed it before. Well,the desk is moving slightly. I put my ear to the Brains of the computer. No noise. I go back to typing and it starts again. I decide the sound is music softly playing in the front room.

The Cat Music. The meowing is neat and the cats love it. The rest of it sounds like Enigma. I like it.

Back to the Poo. I was reading the Label and directions for use and couldn’t believe what it said. I did take a picture with my Kodak, but I guess I had the camera to close because it turned out blurred. Another try with the web cam.

Another crash in Java,now I have to load page builder again and I don’t remember saving changes. darn.

Ok,I got “Twilight” updated.
Looks good.

Ok, got the picture and you know a picture is worth a 1,000 words.
In this case it is priceless.

My bottle says what it says.

Copyright ©2012

Copyright ©2012

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz

Oh blessed the night of sparkling stars

That brings forth the sun’s comforting light

Blessed and cherished sleep that renews our soul
for the day ahead~

Come what may~another darkness of night to come~another daybreak

So it continues

Order in the Court…and the Blunders Continue.


These are funny…

Order in the Court…and the Blunders Continue..

I have a attitude problem today.

Doing Time

Doing Time

5:00 PM 3/29/12

We just got back from the hearing.Judge Asshole said he was sorry he made a mistake. He acknowledged that there was only 16 points instead of 24…BUT he said he didn’t care about that, and it absolutely made no difference at all in his sentencing.

Gilbert’s sentence remains the same.He was sentenced to 42 months.He has 1 1/2 years to go.

The guy that spoke for Gilbert (Error in Sentencing Guide Lines) said Gilbert got *ucked.
He said the Judge sentenced Gilbert for the violation ( an arrest ) and didn’t give a rat’s ass if he was arrested by the Feds on charges he was acquitted on.

In OTHER WORDS, if you are on probation for five years,and almost finished it, with an exemplary status from the Probation Department…
Do not get arrested, even if the charges which caused you to be in violation are proven false.

Then we have those that violate their probation,not once but three times and seemingly nothing happens too them.

Karma is going too hit down the road folks, and it won’t be pretty.

Hidden Agenda’s


You Only Have One Heart

I am now going within and with great intent forgive all those who treated me unkindly,said nasty things and betrayed me in ways that have effected me too this day.

I learned so much from these persons.I feel it wasn’t so much the feeling of being used,as it was feeling I am someway contributed too it.


I am a very giving spirit and will help in any way I am able. When this backfires you feel like you have been taken advantage of.The old adage “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” comes to mind.

A truly kind heart is an attribute. It is not made to be broken, walked on and misled. It is meant to be loved and cherished.
Positive relationships bring meaning to our lives and provide the love, support and encouragement for us to make it through this ongoing journey.
The toxic ones, leave our hearts wounded. When you are in pain it is difficult to remember what truly brings us joy.

Only when we remember, can we celebrate the wonderful moments in life. A picnic on the beach, dancing in a summer storm, playing in rain puddles, the feeling of a big bear hug.

You only have one heart. Be selective who you share it with.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” – Henry David Thoreau

I just checked my home mailbox.I love my HUG!


Hug_Mail_From_SIL~Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz


The Sensitive Dragonfly

They say that as a creature of the wind, a dragonfly represents change. Its wings are sensitive to slight breezes, so we too should heed where the wind blows us in life.

Funny, I am forever saying “However the wind blows is OK with me”

Dragonflies also live near water, which in and of itself is symbolic of the subconscious mind. Dragonflies symbolically carry a message dealing with deeper thought, reminding us to pay attention to our own deeper thoughts and desires.

Finally, a dragonfly lives a short life, so it must live life to the fullest.

Keeping these thoughts in mind as one progresses through life may be a source of focus for meditation, improving one’s life choices in the process.

I live with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and The Gulf of Mexico on the other,a little Island Stream.

I am surrounded by water and lots of dragonflies.

Water and Ocean salty Air~ what more could a person need ?

Fire to keep our inner light burning and Earth to ground us.

Earth~Air-Fire-Water…the elements that sustain us.

Web Graphic

Web Graphic

Urrrgg~Yellow Pages

Flag of the Conch’s @Key West,FL

Yes,folks we have a our very own tiny “The Conch Republic Yellow Pages and Business White Pages for Key West and the Lower Keys. The print is in gray ink and so small you need a magnifier glass to see it. Unless of course you have a young child close by who has great eyesight.

I think I will make a door stopper out of it. Then again it’s so small, maybe I will just use the pages to clean the bathroom mirror after showering.

I will find some use for it 🙂

I have been beating my head against the wall all morning. Looking for numbers and finally finding them only to hear “We’re sorry, this number is no longer in service.”  Thinking I must have dialed wrong or possibly written the number down wrong, I redialed.  Same results.  Hearing that horrid sound in my ear whining or the screaming Fax machines persons leave on…URGG!  is so annoying and frustrating.

Then resorting to a call too 411 that they will charge me for. Then having them give me the exact numbers that are longer in service. The annoying thing about this, these are important numbers having too do with government offices, health clinics, etc, etc.

Immediately calling 411 back and demanding credit for a wrong number.

Someone needs to redo the Key West Yellow Pages.

One listing says  “Care Center for Metal Health”…Really!!!
Can we say TYPO ?

Then of course you have the numbers that do answer. You hear that lovely elevator music in the background that is either obnoxious or deafening…

1. If this is an emergency please go to the nearest hospital

2. If this is not an emergency, we are busy now and can not take your call

3. Please leave your name and number and a brief message

4. If you would like to speak with a representative,please stay on the phone,someone will be with you shortly

5. We are having an unusual amount of calls, if you do not want to remain on the line please hang up.

6. If you remain on the line, there is a wait of approximately 10-15 minutes.
After waiting, if no one has connected with you, please hang up and try your call again

I just said the heck with this, and rode to the places I was trying too connect too. It is a 2 x 4 Island. Oh and I filled my moped up (Cost $4.17 ) Price of a gallon of gas.
When I arrived everyone was out to lunch or had taken the day off.

It is a gorgeous, palms swaying day out, a sunny, warm 79 °.

At any rate I did accomplish today what I planned doing yesterday. It was so nice out I took the day off.

Seemed like a good day to feed the ducks.

Just Ducky

@Key West,FL