Shadow Insights One

Shadow Cards offer a refreshing way to explore not just psychic phenomenon but core emotional truth.

Welcome to the Metaphorum, a place where new horizons of coincidence and synchronicity are constantly unfolding. This site features the Shadow Cards, a psychological tool that creates random metaphors, food for thought. These metaphors can relate to what’s going on in your life on different levels and thus trigger nourishing insight from the unconscious. They spark unique personal symbolism that can help make meaning out of chaos as well as dreams. Sometimes the meaning of the metaphors is very illuminating, sometimes less so. Yet each combination offers a chance to stimulate creativity and exercise imaginative association. The process of metaphor recognition helps foster intuition, mental clarity and better communication. It may even strengthen or increase the dendrites or connections between the nerves in the brain. How does it work? By revealing how the internal world creatively corresponds with the external world, by revealing how issues, challenges and relationships are transformed when looked at from many angles. More perspective equals more understanding.

The Shadow Cards blend with the synchronicity of everyday living. They reflect the random shades of significance that characterize human existence. However, the Shadow Cards are NOT like a Tarot deck because the interpretation suggestions are not rigidly codified. Nonetheless, some people have described the Shadow Cards as a Jungian Tarot.

Carl Jung coined the word synchronicity to refer to the conjunction of “universal forces” with the thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences in peoples’ lives.

These are my notes from Shadow Cards today.This will be an ongoing experiment into my sub conscious mind.
The words in bold print were the cards that came up.

October 21,2012

BAD~What is right or wrong

DUMB~Not seeing the real HIM

MEDIOCRE~Not being able to apologize

CONFRONT~My demons and compulsions

BETRAY~My health

SHIFT~ Going with the flow

COMMUNE~ Living alone but not lonely

5 Cards






June 19 th 2012

My inner being “EXPOSE”

My “Rules” remembering to play

Five cards

Where I come from
Going with the flow

Left road is feminine
Past addiction

Right road is masculine
need to express self

Road ahead is Road ahead
remembering mama

going for the nectar of Life


understanding myself
Shedding Light
Inner wisdom

May 5th 2012

There is only one “JUDGE”

It’s all in how you “PLAY” the game

Don’t “WASTE” time

“Sabotage” goes two ways

Grow” into the light within your shadow

Remember the Om in “WISDOM”

Sometimes when you go with the flow,you have to acknowledge the “SHIFT”

April 15 th 2012

Only the “Shadow” knows

what I “Deserve”

Is the “Illusion” my reality?

“Avoid” the collision

“Dismiss” the outcome

Do my dreams “Sabotage” me?

No “Envy” in my heart

The light of my “Soul”

The “Wisdom” of my years

March 23 2012

To “Die” is the cycle of life

“Ignore” a problem only enforces facing it

There is life in “Belief”

On the “Agenda”
3 cards

“Dark Night of “Soul”

The “Good” and bad of yin-yang

What am I looking at?
On a stage
revealing shadow side
Seesaw of life

“Trust” in the Light

what is my match?
ego solitude
being validated by self
Is this a dance?

Swimming in the magic of my emotions

March 18 th 2012

“MAD” is just DAM spelled backwards

There is “MAGIC” knowing when to STOP

The maze of our “EGO”

There is No Good or Bad in “Mediocre”

Help someone if you feel “HELPLESS”

“SHADOW” around the corner

“TRUST” that you are at the right place in this moment

Do not be “ASHAMED” of sharing your soul

“Demolish” all negative thoughts

Be “YOUNG” at heart

March 12 th 2012

What you see as a “Illusion” is a glimpse at your reality

Just because you turn something off does not mean you “Reject” it.

There is only one “Judge

If you feel the desire too “Manipulate“get over it

As a “Rule” I am


Lovers” take time to Listen

Commune” is an intentional community

I only “Brag” when I find a good deal at a thrift store

Demolish” is a wreck in process

March 10 th 2012 9:43 AM

If you want your compass to guide you show more “compassion

Take “Bored” out of your Zone~Do Something Different

“Dismiss” the negative and focus on the positives

You are not “Inadequate” You are beautiful just the way you are

It’s a “MAD” world we live in

Don’t “Sabotage“We often get into trouble trying to escape intense negative feelings.

Old” is just a word,as age is but a number

March 9 th 2012 9:27 PM

Life is like a “magic” carpet ride.Unknown destinations.

You have to play life’s “game” to survive it.

Life” can be complete if you allow it to be.

It is “sacred “and full of wisdom.

Emotions play a major role,you have to understand them.

Things come to an “end” so other things can materialize.

Compassion” is a powerful attribute.

Sometimes it’s OK to “brag” about your accomplishments.

Always let your “truths” shine brightly.It’s better to hurry up and wait then to not play the game.

Control your urge to “dominate“,lay low sometimes.

Never be “ashamed “of your past,it brought you to NOW,this moment.


Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight

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