The Rainbow Colors of Phoenix

The © image above was created by myself personally.

Excerpts by Diane Fast taken from Kamric-Astrology:-The-Karma-of-Scorpio

The spiritual path that Scorpio’s find the most difficult, more so than other signs

They all still have the same bag of tricks associated with being a Scorpio, but they refine their tendencies and put them to good use, the very definition of transformation. Instead of digging out other people’s secrets, they turn their investigative skills inward and pursue self-knowledge.

Instead of expressing their power over others, they practice power over themselves.

They pursue spiritual evolution with all the passion and intensity with which they once chased after sense pleasures.

When they are stung by someone’s remark, they take the opportunity to examine why that is a trigger for them.

They take up the practice of forgiveness.

They learn transparency, and they begin to use their ability to ferret out another’s weakness to protect and be of service to that person.

All of these changes are hard-won.

Refined Scorpio has been to hell and back.

They have burned in the fire and risen from the ashes.

Now, as birds of transformation, they soar in the highest reaches of consciousness and can help the rest of us to embrace the process of radical, evolutionary change.


Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight

I'm listening for the "Whispers"

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