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This is too funny.Checking your blog out.

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I have OCD. I know ive had it for sometime now but it seems to get worse and worse.

Found out today that one of my colleagues was leaving early cause he had sore eyes. Everyone was feeling sorry for him and what do i go and say to him “did you touch the door handle?” I didn’t mean for it to sound rude. I’m just extremely paranoid. Hubby is leaving on a business trip for 3 weeks tomorrow and the last thing I want to pass on is sore eyes.

So now everyone is office thinks I’m nuts but I could care less. I’m waiting for the cleaning lady to swing by to wipe down my table with dettol and all the door handles in office. Think im going into panic mode cause my eyes are scratching and ive just discovered that my hand sanitzer bottle in nearly over!! Argh!!

Photo Credits: http://ocdinformation.wordpress.com/2010/09/http://tigre-lys.deviantart.com/

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