North Node Taurus

North and South Node Information

NN Taurus in 3 rd House

North Node in the 3rd House

The universe is encouraging you to play up your North node sign traits in these areas of life.

Consider the following: allow yourself room for lots of new learning experiences.

Play up anything that relates to the communication of your ideas. Gather and share information as a continuous process of learning. Become an integral part of your immediate community and the neighborhood you live in. Get yourself out and about.

Enjoy some new scenery by car, bus, train, bicycle or whatever appeals to you.
Stay in touch with and honor the relationship you have with relatives, such as aunts, uncles, siblings. cousins, etc.

HOUSE 3: The Mind

The Taurus energy you’re learning about in this lifetime resonates strongly to the old saying “What you see is what you get.” Actually, let’s tweak that phrase a little to read “What you see – and touch – and can use – is what you want to get.” That really nails down the kind of information that Taurus is best at accumulating and sharing. Not for you lots of high-fallutin’ theoretical pie-in-the-sky mumbo jumbo. The world needs that kind of thinking, but it’s someone else’s department. It also needs your kind of thinking: “how to” ideas; practical ideas; concrete, realistic and reliable ideas; useful ideas.

With your Ninth House South Node in the sign of Scorpio, you’ve spent lifetimes grappling with deep philosophical questions, diving into the core of life’s meaning, intently focused on what lay below the surface of existence.

It was hard to come up out of those waters long enough to bring what you found to light and have it have any useful application in the “real” world. If you’re not careful, the pull of that karmic past can be strong enough to keep you swimming in those dark circles in this lifetime, when what you can see and touch and experience and use is the real order of business.

What you see is what you get. And give.

The way a plant reaches for light, in our 3rd house, we reach for the world with our minds.

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The 3 RD House

Taurus is one of the fixed signs comprising the Cherubim.
The cherubim had the head of a bull (Taurus), the head of a lion (Leo), and the head of an eagle (Scorpio), as well as a human head (Aquarius).

The North Node is your “Cup Runneth Over” and the South Node is “the drain” . . or “hole in your chart” . . or more popularly known as the “Bottomless Pit”. Simply put, when you put energy into your North Node you cannot fail and your cup will run over. When you put energy into your South Node, the energy falls through like a hole in your pocket. No matter how much energy you put into the South Node it will be a drain, like the drain in the bathtub without a stopper and it will become a bottomless pit. The South Node is that which you have already done in past lives and there is absolutely no need to relive it because you already have the experience and knowledge. The North Node is that which you need to migrate to having everything you need (the South Node) to get there. While you may not feel as though you’d be successful living as a North Node (the sign below) . . believe me, you will be because you cannot fail. You can be fearful and not do it because you haven’t done it before but you’ll always feel a lack or longing to do something and THAT IS your North Node.

Relationships with someone who is the sign of your South Node will also prove to be a drain and it is certainly not a romantic relationship that I would advise. This will also explain why Sun/South Node relationships are nothing but draining to your spirit. Just knowing this information should help ease the energy and take a load off.


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