The Shadow: Our Darker Side

I was researching”Gold in our Shadow” and this came up…

Another search and I found some more gold~ this interesting article where the author mentions that “Most often the shadow comes to be seen as entirely negative and its recognition is resisted. If a person strongly denies the shadow then he may be overly focused on the persona. He may only know himself as this persona and this is all that is shown to society.

The Shadow.

and more>>> “Gold in its Shadowy Inheritance”

Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight

One thought on “The Shadow: Our Darker Side”

  1. Oh wow I love what it said about the resistance. I feel like this is the root of the suffering within the dark night. Kind of what Burt said in his interview. We fear losing the ego by surrender because we were conditioned to believe we were the ego and we resist what we feel is real. When we remember we are Spirit then all is allowed and the shadows dissolve in our Love, but we also finally learn the lesson the shadows came to teach us in order to get back to our true nature of Love and Light. Thank You! I feel a blog post coming from this in reference to the Dark Night! 🙂 Peace and Love!

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