I have opened up.

I am healing my world and hopefully in some way healing others with my insight.

I am writing more than ever, more dream notes, poetry,thoughts.

I am involved in a court proceeding,a battle with bias and corruption

I am not in the dark land of secrets…

I ponder DEATH

Scorpio will provide you with exactly what you thrive on: Deep meaningful transformation. Scorpios are good at recreation. Scorpios know how to tear it all down and start from scratch.

The phoenix rising from the ashes is one of your symbols, along with the scorpion and the Eagle.

You are no stranger to the dark side of life. You are drawn to the crises points as this is where true growth occurs. It is likely that you will engage in some kind of battle for a higher cause.

Fighting for the underdog or children in need of protection. You may meet a new partner that excites your mind with their authentic honest nature. The new you is learning to live a life without secrets. Surrounding yourself with people you don’t need to hide from. These times are not easy; you will be stretching yourself leaving the comfort zone.

Jupiter is in your eleventh house of friends, humanitarian causes, and your hopes and wishes. The eleventh house relates also to you within a group. With Jupiter here your involvement is certainly expanding in some way. Maybe you are joining a new group with big ambitions. Mars is opposite Jupiter in your fifth house of creativity – this creates a situation that causes you to feel you need to fight for a cause.

You will feel much passion about the cause you are involved in.

Be careful to avoid any possible physically violent situations.

You could find it tricky to relate within the group in a harmonious way. Your individuality my feel stifled in uncomfortable ways that cause you to want to rebel. The “no one tells me what to do” issue.

Deep down you know you need to compromise in this situation, the very act of compromising is what will cause your growth. Expect your routines to completely change, as will your beliefs about things you never even thought about before.

An opportunity or a blessing.

You will have to coax yourself along, all the while knowing this opportunity is a true benefit to you. Your individuality is important here, any artistic abilities you have could be recognized in some way.

All sorts of writing would be likely.

Is there something you’ve been meaning to write? A Novel, your will, or a how to manual. Now is the time to take your ideas and run with them. Work your magic and make the dreams real. Time is short. Or an illusion.

An illusion that seems to fly by.

All Scorpios ponder death. You keep the topic close to your heart, and pull it out often and try and figure it out.

Scorpios love a mystery to solve, a secret to dig up. Death really has been a great mystery to most humans. It is the domain of Scorpio to witness the darkness, to be with the difficult stuff in life without running. You may be just as terrified as the next guy, but you want the truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly truth of it all.

Being witness gives voice to the unexplainable. With Neptune, your connection to the cosmos, in your eighth house, you will likely be pondering the deeper issues of life.

Perhaps you will gain access to other people’s resources, or be focused on your will and what you have to leave behind.

You could also get involved in some kind of court case.

It’s impossible to predict how the scenario will play out. We are the creators of our reality so keep clear and focused on what outcome you prefer. With Neptune here you may have a deeply spiritual experience- A visit from a long gone loved one or an introduction to your faithful spirit guides.

You are open to more- life is getting richer, there are more textures and layers.

Change is happening in deeply needed ways.

You will make discoveries and experience revelations that shake it all up.

Change is the only thing that can be counted on. Be honest in your communications. This authenticity is what creates trust, and trust is something you can have if you open your heart.

Take emotional risks and while you heal your world you make it easier for others to heal theirs- no effort goes wasted Scorpio.

Stand tall in your power.


Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight