Painted Bells

I have only one thing to say about this. I love it! It brings back so many great memories of a wonderful time in my life.

I was so fucked up. Barely made it to the door.
They were upstairs and I put the usual album of the day,week,month,year…I played this OVER and OVER again.

In the rain I wondered nowhere at all. WHY!!!!! Can I NOT STOP ????.
Not to let the moment pass ,turn it around.

Holding my head in my hands

On one of my moves, I placed all my cherished plants and albums on top of my car. I forgot and headed for the interstate. I watched in my rear-view mirror as they blew on down the highway.


Winding down the Drury Lane
I fall with the evening rain
My thoughts with the water flow
Like steam rising off the road

Passers-by watch their step
To see that they don’t get wet
And I’ll just sit beneath this tree
Let the drops fall all over me
And watch the city lights flick on

The crowds collide just out of my reach
The taxi’s lights flash up and down the street
I sit and watch the faces go by
I don’t wonder where to or why

Cause it’s me, the rain, my warm dark pain
Alone at ease and nowhere at all
My thoughts just drift on back to you
It seems you’re here, so it must be true
We never parted, you never went away

So I order up another glass

©2012 Cynthia Martz
©2012 Cynthia Martz

Not to let the moment pass
Turning around in love with you
Oh, I know you loved me too
And it’s always been this way

Here sitting in my wet cafe
I catch a spark across the way
A string of tiny painted bells
Seem to have a tale to tell

A string of tiny painted bells
On someone who I once knew well
Is all that’s left, the rest’s not true
I smile, I see it’s really you
The rain will go, and you will too

And I order up another glass
Not to let the moment pass
Turning around in love with you
Oh, it got too hard to do
And it’s always been this way
Yes, it’s always been this way

On my second glass,not even full mind you and I am designing. I wanted an animation of pouring wine. Could find none so I took my own and recreated it.

Then, I notice the radio station and think MUSIC…Hold on one moment I have to change this horrid music !

That’s better. I happened to choose a CD I designed with a dragonfly on it and thought “well, that must be great music I made a playlist of ” NOT!

I am listening to Kitaro now “Silk Roads” but that is so,well do not bathe or drive a car while listening.

The other music was “Enigma” Until My Dying Day” or something that I really liked back in 2009. Now it disturbs me. I will never love anyone except myself to my dying day.

Hold on Kitaro has got to go…

The ? What makes a Guy a “REAL Man” ?

Owning up to whatever he produces, realize he is not all that, but he’s OK, RESPECT as Miss Franklin would holler, but Otis started it.

It is so gorgeous outside. I need to put on my walking shoes. The breeze is amazing. The sky is PINK again.

I have a pair of great sunglasses that when you look through them everything is PINK. I found them at a pawn shop. I did not pay for them. My Bad !

These are the Natives~Bolts.
Only problem, I have to wear contacts to use them. Drat !!!

Copyright ©2012~ Cynthia Martz
Copyright ©2012~ Cynthia Martz

It’s amazing what a bottle of wine can do too a person.

Well, we will not go there.

OK ?????

Albertson’s is sold out as of yesterday. Now Winn Dixie is open 24 hours . This is good because the clothing store went out, then Albertson’s ,back to Basics man. Winn Dixie is the BEST 24 Hour !

There are so many places closed down here 😦

Only the richest survive !!!!!

But, I am OK. As long as I get off the Island occasionally by way of a water craft I am a camper.

I was a bit concerned that I would be hanging out at the rift raft bars and pools this summer 🙂

But, all has changed. The BOAT is READY to run aground ( Just Kidding ) hopefully….and many SNIPES pictures will be entering your ZONE.

Ok, I think I am done !!

I am looking at this post and I am smiling. This is a great, awesome thing. Not too let the moment pass. It’s still the same. We have Loves, today my purr-fections, my singing birds in a Key West breeze are my bells.

Spread a little love today….something too remember…

But, the rest not true… so as we go.

I ordered another glass, not too let the moment pass.

The cyber universe decided they would “Poof” a lot of my post.

Just as well I guess.

The Universe knows best.

Remembering~ The Enchanted Forest

The Fairyland

When I grew up in Frederick,Maryland,my dad took all of us to this lovely fairy tale place. Little Toot, the seven dwarfs mine, the music , the smells of food and cotton candy. Oh that the world was as innocent as it once was, so that today’s generation could enjoy these simple pleasures and remember them 50 years later like I can.

I remember like it was yesterday. Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three bears, Cinderella,Old Lady in a shoe, the Gingerbread house~ all came to life it seemed.

Then along came developers and a new shopping mall. The Forest was not so much the attraction anymore with television,movies and Bigger and Better Amusement Parks on the horizon.

Nostalgia, melancholy…things we remember as they once were in our hearts.

Now the remains of a lost moment in time. The smiles it made, the laughter.

Cash Flow Dream

I dreamed last night that I needed a ride. Two men on a motorbike picked me up and took me to a resort and dropped me off. I needed to use the bathroom. When I inquired, they said I needed to be a paying customer at the resort, be staying there or employed there. I applied and got a job at one of the many eatery‘s. This was a very fancy resort and I knew I would make great tips so I decided to rent a small room.

As I was walking to my room, I was looking down. There on the walkway was money. Lots of bills folded and some scattered in the same area. I looked over my shoulder at the same time I stooped to confiscate the bills and stuffed them in my pockets. I thought for a moment of turning in my found windfall, and then decided I would not. They would most likely keep it, so I figured I might as well be the ecstatic benefactor.

I immediately decided not to go on any spending sprees that would bring attention to my new-found gains. This was not just a few dollars. This was thousands of dollars. There were 20’s,50’s and 100 $ bills. I needed to get too my room to count it.

The resort was very crowded and it was hard to maneuver through the maze of persons. I went into flying mode and elevated off the ground. I went in and out of the maze smoothly and arrived at my room. My pockets were bulging from the money and I wanted to be out of sight and quickly.

Once inside my room I started counting the bills. There was almost $5,000. I kept thinking of the new camera and clothes I would buy once I returned home. I would tell no one about my good fortune. I knew if my live in BF knew he would want to double it in some kind of scheme.

That was not going to happen.

As if someone whispered in my ear, I woke from my dream.

The clock said 4:44.

Meaning of Dream:

A dream of finding money suggests that the dreamer is becoming aware of their intrinsic value to themselves and others, from a spiritual, rather than a material perspective. It can also indicate a recent success or imminent achievement in their waking life in which their self-worth is visibly manifested. Often this dream indicates that the dreamer possesses special artistic or creative abilities that they are in the process of becoming aware of. Sometimes the dreamer feels guilty when they find the money which may indicate that their self-esteem is currently lower than normal, and they should value themselves more than they currently do.

Dream Message
You are worth more than you think you are, and should not feel reticent about taking the chance to prove your value to yourself and others. As you become more aware of your own self-worth, you will become more confident at exploring opportunities in your waking life that are to your advantage.

10 Insulting Words You Should Know

When I found out personally what a lying, manipulative,cheating, narcissistic, psycho ninny-hammer he is.I was DONE!


Definition: A fool or a silly person.

Analysis: The word “fool,” unless you’re Mr. T, is sometimes woefully inadequate to express the stupidity of the person you’re talking about. So use Ninnyhammer. Or at least NINNY.

via 10 Insulting Words You Should Know.

Hook Arm’s House (Urban Legends)

I remember growing up and hearing a story similar too this one. I lived in a rural area and when the neighboring kids got together for a Dwayo Hunting Party we were always warned to watch out for Hook Arm.

The story I remember was told of a young couple who were parked in an Lover’s Lane. A burly looking man came up to their steamy windows and was seen peering in at them. The young man started the car and drove off as fast as he could. On arrival at a safer spot, he found something the man had left behind..his hook arm on the car window.

Hook Arms House – Yahoo! Voices –