Freemasonry, or Christianity? (Part-II)

I found this interesting. I was infiltrated into Baptist,Methodist,Protestant,Jehovah Witless… forced too listen to hours of John Bircher and told the perks of being a freemason as my grandparents were under the guise of the Baptist affiliations.


Strangers and Aliens

The Myth of the Christian Lodge

Many who have attempted to lead a “Christian” Mason away from the Lodge (that is, they have tried to lead him to repentance and into fellowship with Jesus Christ) have heard Masonic defenses which they know are untrue. Probably one of the most absurd claims which “Christian” Masons regularly make is that they are members of a “CHRISTIAN Lodge.” “All of the members in my Lodge are Christians,” they claim; “Prayers in my Lodge are closed in the name of Jesus.” “There may be some bad things about Freemasonry in other states, or in foreign countries, but none of that goes on in my Lodge.”, they explain.

Many mature Christians are able to see that any claim that all the members of a Lodge are Christians must be doubted, based on common sense. In Matthew 13, Jesus spoke of the wheat…

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