Full SuperMoon in Scorpio | Astrolosophy™ Blog

As the SuperMoon climbs into the sky on May 5th and 6th keep in mind the three-dimensional persona of Scorpius: The Scorpion, The Eagle and the Phoenix. The Scorpion represent that raw part of emotions that causes us to react strongly and protect ourselves and loved ones in tough situations. The Eagle is the aspect of Scorpius that is a born hero. This is the part of our personality that wants to save situations and people from the “bad” things out in the world. It is the part of human beings that can lift cars off the ground to save infants, run into a burning building to save others and step in front of guns to protect loved ones and children. But one of Scorpio’s undervalued gifts is that of the Phoenix.

The mythology of the Phoenix is that of a firebird that arises completely in flames from its own ashes. But the lesson beneath the story is the re-birth or transformation. This cycle of crashing, burning and getting up to continue to fight is a story that connects everyone on earth, regardless of social or economic class. This full moon in Scorpio is an invitation to re-learn that lesson. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and often times smart and wiser. So if things seem tuff between Wednesday and the weekend while the moon is becoming full, stop and ask yourself if you are in a situation where you can transition or transform the moment into an opportunity for growth and wisdom.

Full SuperMoon in Scorpio | Astrolosophy™ Blog.