Chick and Chickadees



I woke this morning to a beautiful sunny day. The cats were in the window talking and chattering. I opened the door and was greeted with this beautiful site. Notice they are all black except two. I tried to get a closer shot but mama wasn’t having it.


Author: cryominute

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2 thoughts on “Chick and Chickadees”

  1. Wow! You have chickens? I love chickens. They make awesome pets and fresh eggs are the best. I had 4, Charlotte, Carmella, Hermoine and Henrietta. I got them as baby chicks and raised them in a bath tub until we built a coop, with year round lighting. Most times, they ran loose. My German Shepherd Jack loved them. They used to perch on his back. Make sure you don’t get ANY roosters though. You’ll be inundated in no time flat. ;D

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