The Pond

I was talking too Minnie in bed. Telling her how she has been there through thick and thin, never wavering. She had jumped up on me and I sounded like Katherine Hepburn in “On Golden Pond

Freaked me out. Sounded just like her. Her knight in shining armor. That movie reminds me of my mama and dad. They could still roar.
Suck face. I loved it when Henry Fonda says that.

The Pond


I signed up for an internet dating site called seniors meet. I never do things like that. The first time. Yea! free to sign up. OMG, I did not pay the premium because it said it was free. Now I am undulated with hits, flirts, pictures, favorites. The only way I can see them is to pay. NOT! I am going too close it out. I seen the link on Facebook of all places. Like I said I seldom click such links. Maybe I needed a HUG even if it was from a stranger on the internet.


China had a birthday yesterday. She is one. She has changed so much. No longer Miss Pissy Pants thank you  universe, she isn’t climbing as much, only occasionally do I see her tight rope walking.  The girls got me up at 7 am, they are back to their naps and I am thinking that sounds like a good idea.

Made two trips for groceries.I just finished packing the meats. Out of a  9 pound slab of hamburger for $21 I made 12  1 to 1/1/2 pound packs. I am tired. Eating a cucumber. Gave the birdies some too. Broke down and made iced tea. Gotta have it !

Also bought a huge bag of cucumbers and green peppers. I want to freeze them after I make my stuffed peppers dish  w/jasmine rice. I use stewed tomatoes and shredded cheese on top. They are so good. So, Taco’s, meatloaf , stuffed peppers, plain broiled hamburgers, Tilapia, and BBQ Ribs are on the menu this month. Yummy.

Time for a Epsom soak w/ very hot water.

Will post pictures

My foot is down yea. My ankle has been swollen for months. My kidneys hurt, I have low blood platelets. No wonder I am on the pond.

Going to make blue cakes and bacon. Oh, and fried eggs in the Smithfield bacon grease.

The birdies love Blue cakes as much as I do .

I just went looking for my extra set of moped keys. I don’t know why I thought of them. I have the spare from the BLUE one that was stolen with 86 miles on it. But, I can not find the spare to the Phoenix Black. Then I can’t find my bank bag that has all my health reports from the past few years. Blood tests and such things. I need to organize again… how do  things keep moving around ???


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