Love~So Easy to Make~So Hard to Forget

Total Eclipse of the MOON

27th of August 2007


He had his daughter call and say he was going to visit his son and then would be here. He came around 7 PM. He brought a bottle of sprite and a pint of rum. We watched some TV and I was getting ready to fix our dinner plates and he said he was not very hungry. He said he needed to tell me something. I smiled and asked if he had dessert elsewhere.

Then he tells me that 3 weeks ago he was with her and the condom broke. At first I said “You are kidding” and then realized by the anguished look on his face that indeed he was telling me the truth and being HONEST. I had requested he be upfront after the Friday (24th) Drama.

It did shock me; but with all the dreams of mama and dad of late; and his saying he felt the impression of my mama sitting beside him as he laid in bed. He just had to tell me and get it off his chest.

I am hurt, confused as to the why?

He says continuously that it is just moments with her and that his heart is so full of me and how much he loves me. I told him this am before he left that this was forever the last time he could expect much in the way of trust and confidence from me.

That we would go on and if he felt that NEED again to not hide it; to be open and communicate his feelings too me instead of putting blame, accusations and insinuations on my plate.
I then told him I would release the need for him and he could move on; as I would know that is what his intention was and is.

I mentioned what he had said to me Sat when he called. He said how sorry he was about his words to me and his asking me again to marry him. He said “What about the ring ? ”

He said of course he remembered.

I then said I was in No way going to jump from a very cool spot into a HOT inferno with him.

So this is how it went and how it goes, the ball is in his court.

He can bounce and screw us up or he can play straight with me.

I told him I would survive no matter.

So that is THE WHY of the bladder infection on the 2nd of this month, docs on the 6th.

That would have been 3 weeks ago but he went out on the 10th?  So me tinks it has been more than three weeks ago?

His daughter seen her number on her dad’s phone and she asked what about Cyndi dad?

I told him he tells me whatever pops in his head and it is getting very one-sided.

We even discussed the three-day waiting period sexually that I told him I had already noticed and was up on.

I called him as he asked and his daughter said he was sleeping. I said is he really sleeping?
The reason I said that was because when he spoke with her Monday evening before the NEWS;  he told her IF anyone calls tell them I am sleeping.
She said yea the baby came over and he drank a lot and went to bed. I said well I am told you know about the other issue and the possible pregnancy and she said she was clueless.

So what the heck.???????

Earlier he called me to wake me up from my nap. I was telling him about my dream and he started in with he had called her and told her to come to the park. He asked her again about the so-called pregnancy and said she needs to find out because he does not want the kid and will pay for her abortion.

My back hurts, this drama kills me. I do not know if I can deal with the drama this time around. I really do not.

The deceit, the lies, the half-truths.

He told me her birthday was Sunday the 26th, he was supposed to take her out and he came here instead. She called the next day and said she was riding up the keys and did he want to ride, he said NO, oh really ?
The cake in his fridge that I asked about was from her sister’s Birthday. He also said that when she picked him up they had sex in her back seat at the beach. Then changed his story and said it was at her trailer and that he came quick, it was nada and she had to pull the rubber out of her. He also said that she liked it rough when he had told me sometime ago she couldn’t handle him and that he hurt her.

Why is it so important that he tells me this crap ?

Like I say he says what suits him, I am over it.

He also told me he had told her we were not together, and that he loved her and told me it was not her.
That he had led her on and it was totally his doing.

I would like to say that was the end of it. She wasn’t pregnant. We continued on.

Then his next conquest entered the picture.

She got pregnant, lost the baby. I paid for her hospital stay…he said it was over between them and I believed him.

He said they had nothing in common. That she was rather cold, and nothing like me. Four months later she is pregnant again. The baby will be two in November this year. He moved in with her. She has a daughter who is around eight by another man. She lives with her parents.

I stopped all contact with him in December last year. I told him do not call, do not come to my house. I even told him to forget the large sum of money he still  owes me.

This man has seven children by five different women. He never married any of the mama’s.

I am free of him.



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