Cat~Zen Moments

In my feline mind I smile
and wonder why you took so long
too clean my ears

It was a ZEN moment.

Famous Cover Girl Cats

Minnie was chosen in 2006 to be the Cover Girl for Catnip Chronicles. She was three years old, now she is nine.




Minnie Sweet Aquarius


Aquarius cat has a difficult character, pretty often she may even disagree with herself.

On one hand, she wants to be loving and affectionate, on the other – she would not mind to show her claws.


Aquarius cat always requires a lot of love and attention.

If you yelled at her and she was injured and hiding, it’s enough to tease her curiosity or appetite – and she will pop up, playful, as always, as if nothing had happened.

Despite the fact that the Aquarius cat likes to provoke you from time to time and to try your

patience, she really admires everything about humans.

Maybe you did not notice, but your cat does everything to be like you.

Aquarius cat does not like visitors in her home and she will hiss and spit at them until they leave.

“At night all cats are gray” – this proverb is not for him.

I am Aquarius rising, a lot like me.Ymmm


Aquarius: The Hip Cat

Whether sitting in the rain or pouring cold water on an owner’s ideas, the Aquarius Cat will be an unconventional sort of soul, easily bored and constantly seeking change. Watery at times and elusive at others, this feline is an exceedingly kind and honest cat…when he or she happens to be in the vicinity. Indeed, the Aquarius Cat is like no other in the Zodiac. Very independent and, at heart, a loner, this feline is infamous for being more than a little eccentric…often preferring chocolate to fish, choosing to sleep in the dog’s basket, or even displaying great enjoyment in taking a bath. If permitted, the Aquarius Cat will spend hours exploring nature. Deep down inside, this cat is a tomboy…regardless of gender…and adores anything that requires running around. The Aquarius Cat also loves to climb. Physically, the male Aquarius Cat usually has a noble profile, tending to be tall for a cat and pale ginger in color. However, regardless of gender, this cat is prone to poor circulation and cold extremities, which could prove to be a problem for everyone in the Winter when he or she attempts to snuggle up under the comforter at night. This circulatory condition can also lead to varicose veins which, if not caught in time, could develop into a major ailment. Plenty of exercise is needed by the Aquarius Cat, being the best natural answer to this feline’s health troubles.

In general, the Aquarius Cat is reliable, good-natured and intelligent enough to recognize the advantages of sharing life with humans. He or she will be around much of the time…watching but unseen. The tendency to be aloof is a quality often associated with the Sign of Aquarius, but there will be occasions when this feline becomes worried that the owner may not continue to provide if he or she does not appear more dependent upon human generosity and any owner should make the most of it when the Aquarius Cat comes down to play and amuse…these will be rare occurrences and practically the only quality time an owner will ever have with this feline. Contact with humans (albeit from a distance) is more important to an Aquarius Cat than the time spent with other felines and his or her best friends are likely to be birds. This cat will attract people with an incredibly strange allure until he or she has a battery of acquaintances of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. The Aquarius Cat needs a large extended family in order to satisfy social needs, but an owner should be prepared for this feline to organize gatherings. Luckily, there are peaceful times since the Aquarius Cat does enjoy paying visits to others in their own surroundings…just as much as he or she delights in running an open house.

Blessed with the ability to get along with almost everyone, the Aquarius Cat truly comes into his or her own with a Libra native. This combination is the closest thing to a perfect human/cat relationship, the pairing being completely content together. Gemini subjects may also develop an intelligent relationship with the Aquarius Cat, based on reason and mutual understanding. Like all those governed by the Sign of Aquarius (regardless of species), this feline is drawn to performing for the masses and the cat on television who is happily munching on a bowl of Meow Mix is, more likely than not, a native of Aquarius. This cat rarely displays emotions and is not inclined to sulk or complain unless truly bothered by something.


Picture of Minnie when I adopted her. January 2004. She was almost one.



Minnie Now



China Doll who just turned one will be the Cover Girl of the Chronicles in August 2012.


As a adopted kitten in August 2011

China_Top_Pillow_Tower  [800x600]


China Now


China_Sunning [800x600]


Taurus cats will be happy to have the same kind of cat’s food for many days, if you will always offer it at the same time.


Taurus cats love to nap and sleep during the day, and even if they wake up, they still do not like to be disturbed.


They can sit for hours, thinking of life and existence or solving the age-old question of the absolute uselessness of having dogs in this world.


So be careful, try not to interrupt their train of thoughts.

Ymmm, a lot like me.

Taurus: The Earth Mother

The Taurus Cat is totally unflappable…most of the time. This feline is impossible to shock and well able to hold his or her own in the face of danger…usually due to the fact that he or she is far too idle to get up and move out of the way. This cat’s straightforward approach to life will be easy to understand.

The Taurus Cat is steady and dependable…always where the owner expects this cat to be and doing what is expected of him or her. In short, the Taurus Cat is a creature of habit and routine who will never…ever…do anything unpredictable and to whom catnaps are the breath of life. Physically, the Taurus Cat will be a large specimen…the kind of feline whose size is often a conversation piece and one remarked upon by all. He or she will also possess big, beautiful eyes and an equally huge appetite, which results in the health problem eventually experienced by most Taurus Cats…obesity. Food can prove to be the downfall of this feline, even if the owner is extremely careful and strict with diet. Lack of sustenance may be the only thing that will motivate the Taurus Cat to get up, go out and complain to the neighbors about the cruelty of his or her owner. This feline will also be adept at fooling everyone who enters the kitchen into thinking that nobody has remembered to feed him or her. When the Taurus Cat is awake, he or she is an amiable companion, well aware of which hand does the feeding…and determined to ensure that whoever owns that hand continues to be so generous. If it were not for the fact that this feline will spend most of his or her life dead to the world (rather like an inconveniently-placed ball of fur), the Taurus Cat would be the almost perfect cat. Laid-back, calm, tolerant and near impossible to ruffle, this feline could be described by some as boring and dogmatic. On the other hand, some believe that being around a Taurus Cat can lower blood pressure, cure migraines and add years to the life of an owner.

It will be necessary to vacuum around, dust around and step over this feline. The Taurus Cat sleeps most of time and during slumber, nothing will awaken him or her. This cat rarely allows paws or torso to lose contact with a solid surface…partly because he or she will be too heavy to move very far, but more so through a genuine need to be in constant touch with the ground. The Taurus Cat has an innate affinity with the earth and will spend hours studying wild life, lying in the sun and not moving a muscle. It is foolish to expect this cat to become a “mouser” who will actually help out around the house by keeping down the number of unwanted intruders. To this feline, such an activity would be far too much like hard work. The female Taurus Cat truly comes into her own when she is allowed to breed…a life surrounded by kittens is her idea of bliss.

Natives of many signs are appreciative of the more elusive yet finer points of the Taurus Cat…most notably Capricorn, Cancer and Virgo. Owners governed by any of these three Zodiac Signs will find the Taurus Cat to be ideal and have little problem in curbing the desire to hurry or chivvy this feline along. Since this cat tends to radiate peace and contentment, the Taurus Cat is a perfect companion for seniors and individuals troubled by illness or bouts of depression. In short, the Taurus Cat thrives in an atmosphere which is familiar and built upon routine.