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My mama used the green syrup. I remember she needed a bit of it. This article speaks of those days when she lost her dream and was in another reality. That of being married and raising a family. Religion knocked on her door and she was never the same. Her husband provided everything else and felt great about it. So, different from this age we are in. Babies having babies and so much more dysfunction and mayhem. Probably was just as much dysfunction back then. We can only wonder of the secrets.

Now, it’s the Born This Way People being there selves. No matter what.

As the saying goes “We’ve come a long way baby”

Looking for the probability of cleaning a silver ring that got iodine on it. I found this a long the way. It is a great blog about our ancestors and how they lived with the light they had. Can’t ask more than that of anyone.

If you remember this era was the time of the influx of Valium ‘mothers little helpers’. Women felt lost in this day-to-day programme and other than playing bridge and going to a business cocktail party she felt she was missing something.

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