Flow of Tao

I was just reading some of my favorite blogs. I came across this “wu wei” again. The art of wu wei, by doing nothing all will be done. Kudos to summersaid.

Excerpt from Go With The Flow

If person canoeing upon a river is paddling against, or across the current, he must exert a lot of energy. If the person turns his boat and point to move with the river’s current, he may need no action. He moves along effortlessly with the current., as the river “happens”.
Think  of the river current as a metaphor of how nature changes or flows. In Practicing Wu Wei one uses his experiential refined ability to recognize the way nature flows, and moves with it
Go with the Flow. Action in Harmony with the Tao and no action beyond that.
This is Wu Wei

Reminded me of this dream I had a while ago.

I can’t sleep. I believe my messengers visited me.
Some person’s and Rhea (she was a baby) went to this huge beautiful lake. It was calm and serene. We launched our wooden rafts and began our journey.
I was speaking to some of the other rafters and Rhea fell off the raft. I reached down into the water and grabbed her shoulder, moving my arm so as to get a grasp on her. I pulled her back on the raft.
That is when I noticed the other rafters’ were gone. We were alone.
The water was moving faster and I had to decide if I should turn back to the familiar and fight the current to get back to where we launched and the car awaited us.
It was also dusk and the water was playing tricks on me. I could not tell if I was making any progress.
I knew fighting the current would be hard as the obstacles to get through them the first time were daunting.
I decided to let the raft go with the flow, the current moving forward.
Going back was familiar but going forward had many unknowns.
Was there a huge cascading waterfall that would envelop us and take us over the edge ?
I no sooner thought it, we were swept up in a whirlwind of liquid energy. The waterfall vortex moved us swiftly and tossed and turned us, we separated.
When I came up from the bubbles I looked up to the bank and I saw Rhea there, she was older and she was being wrapped in white warm linens by complete strangers.
I woke up.

“If you prefer to go with the flow“, slipping like water around all types of physical and mental obstacles… you might be a Taoist.”

Osho and Bliss

But Buddha has not talked about joy either, because there is still one thing that goes beyond joy. He calls it bliss. Bliss is total. It is neither physiological nor psychological nor spiritual. It knows no division, it is indivisible. It is total in one sense and transcendental in another sense. Buddha only talks about two words. The first is pleasure; it includes happiness. The second is bliss; it includes joy.

via Osho on Buddha sutra on pleasure and bliss, Pleasure is physical.

Buttons and Bows

Two new birdies the 9 th of April 2011…I named them Buttons and Bows.


On April 4 th 2011 an ex visited and he said  “I remembered my promise, and gave me a beautiful little yellow bird to be Sages new friend. I call her Maze because I was amazed. Sage is almost nine. Sand her partner died from lameness 3/7/2011.

I gave the birdies avocado, and papaya and learned a valuable lesson after doing research. Teal  Button was found in the food dish. Not unusual, but he didn’t seem to feisty so I got him out and he bit me. Shortly afterwards she was back in the food dish. I put seed in and she just stayed immersed in it. I got her out and she laid on her back and I knew the end for Buttons was near. I wrapped her in a towel and brought her too my bed. Her heart started beating really fast and she did the death dance and passed 7-23-11. My sweet bird.



The skin and pit of this popular fruit had been known to cause cardiac distress and eventual heart failure in pet bird species. Although there is some debate to the degree of toxicity of avocados, it is generally advised to adopt a “better safe than sorry” attitude toward them and keep guacamole and other avocado products as far away from pet birds as possible.

Terrible flutter. China had parakeet Bows in her mouth. I rescued the poor thing just in the nick of time. Feathers everywhere.
When I first heard the commotion , I thought China had a play squeaky mouse. Then I realized the little mouse had wings. That was so scary. I surely thought the worse had happened. Today Bows seems fine. I have cat proofed the cage with clips on all feeder openings and the door. Evidently that is how China got access. She is one smart cat. I had to shake her to get her too let the little birdie go. Every time the bird would get free enough to fly, China would jump so high and snatch her again in mid flight.UPDATE: Bows was dead on the cage floor three days later. Toxins from the cat saliva did her in 😦


Minnie used to corner my birds and meow until I came and retrieved them. Purrby let them walk on her back.

I guess China has somewhere acquired a taste for birdies.



Purrby and Kae