Lost In My Castle

Well, I really can’t tell you what’s going on, but it IS very annoying to say the least. Sometimes, I think SOMEONE is REALLY playing mind games with me. For instance, I knew I had a whole bottle of Windex. I wanted to do the windows… Well, anyways I couldn’t find the Windex in its usual little place, like where all the cleaning supplies are kept (organized I am). I said well heck I’ll just make my own with vinegar and water. The windows look great. When he came home, I casually asked him if he taken the Windex to the boat. When something is missing that’s usually where it is. He said “NO”. Then today I go in the bathroom and there it is sitting pretty as ya please on the towel rack rod. Like big as life it’s self, I asked him did ya put the Windex on the towel rack and he looks at me as if I have lost my mind.

OK,  then yesterday,  we are getting ready to go to the store. The little mailbox that is a home for my stamps resides on the shelf above the computer. It fell. It is a magnet that is or rather was attached to another larger magnet.  Anywho, I find the little mailbox~ the magnet it was on has disappeared into space? I have searched this whole room …cause PC’s don’t like magnets. I even went through the garbage can thinking it may have fallen in there. Another missing and curious thing.

Ok, then now today…this is a kicker. I have this very large colorful dust buster. I use it everyday. I just used it yesterday. The perfect tool for ceiling fans and those pain in the ass venetian blinds. I cleaned both yesterday. Now, I need it and It is among the missing . I am going to make a file and call it  LOST and FOUND or lost and never found.  In my very own abode no less.

I read a article just recently that said misplaced and thought to be lost items are not really the case. The items are wherever you put them. Yeah right!

The largest item I ever lost was my car. Well, actually it was a friend’s car. I actually called the police and reported it stolen. I was very embarrassed when they called and said they had located it. They mentioned that it seemed OK. They had located it exactly where I had left it.
A few friends and I had went out partying after work. I left the car at my place of employment and rode with the others. The next morning, I was at a loss, missing CAR 🙂

My list goes on, simple things, like favorite container bowls that I watch like a hawk. I don’t do this so much anymore since most of my Tupperware has disappeared, I have replaced it with those great little use, lose or throw-away containers.
Then there’s my favorite vegetable peeler that decided to leave my silverware drawer. It’s too large to go down the drain, although missing small paring knifes have been known too. That is another story.

I decided to make candles one day. Twas the Christmas season and I thought I would create some beautiful gifts. It was my first and shall I say last attempt at candle making. The wax was very hot and dripped into the sink. I immediately ran HOT water but it just as quickly solidified and clogged my entire plumbing up. When the rotor-router plumber guy came, I of course pretended I had no idea what could have caused it. He eventually had to break the pipes; inside he found a solid mass and mess of candle wax along with my new tiny favorite paring knifes.

I know this all sounds very trivial and I should really worry about larger things, like world conditions and such. I just can’t help it.

I am obsessive-compulsive by default and fault. When I decide to do spring cleaning, I will make a list of what I discard so I don’t spend needed energy looking for it on another given day.

I wrote this years ago but am still having the same issues.

Some things never change Smile

I think my cat hides things from me also…it’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

Then of course the ever ending Missing Sock Scenario…

Author: cryominute

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