Mind Maze


I am so feeling so much. I went too see my friend, we drank and listened to music, I couldn’t stop thinking. Everything came back, all the loves, the memories of hot lusty connections, The reasons why and the reasons.

A good thing, it makes me realize how life is a continuous motion. How people we care about continually somehow integrate in our lives.

They are a part of us, they never leave


Do we actually dwell on these past histories?


I would like to too have an occasional intoxication where these things do not occupy.

I am content, so why hash over what if’s and what has becomes?

I am feeling good about my openness, someday my great grandchildren will know me.

I am so unique, that is so special.

I have no regrets.

Regrets mean you did NOT learn and I learned.

I used and abused as I was used and abused.

Goes two ways.

I really don’t care who reads this and who may be helped by my words in some form or fashion.

We are here on this planet, in this life.

Our life goes on day by day.


I Feel.

I experience newness  in every day I am blessed with.

I want too live to be a 100 or more…and I want my words and wisdom to survive me.

Bless anyone who reads this…always.