I am very interested in this. I have always felt our World was self sustainable. The government took control, the wars of recently have all been about oil. Money rules us. This movie will wake you up if it does nothing else for you.

Understanding free energy and UFO/ET disclosure, many more of us will need to have the courage to awaken these greater truths, even if they appear bizarre at first blush. Unfortunately our culture has fragmented itself into so many fractions that do not communicate with one another, our expanded knowledge and awareness are artificially kept away from us. There are too many vested interests among scientists, industrialists and governmental officials to acknowledge free energy. Yet it exists. I believe that the awakening will require that we move even beyond the sensible democratic policies of achieving sustainability and curbing the power of multinational and governments who continue to profit while devastating the planet; We will need to examine who we are, why we’re here, what happens after our lives on Earth, and how our consciousness can heal ourselves and the world around us.” – Brian O’Leary, Re-inheriting the Earth

via The Code / New Energy Technology – In an era of oil wars, gas price manipulation, fossil fuel pollution and economic collapse, it’s hard to imagine many more provocative terms than “Free Energy.” | Thrive.


Author: cryominute

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