Homemade Yogurt (frozen) à la Française

Must try this. I love frozen yogurt. I even froze Activia

Becoming Madame

A little ‘coucou’ from the Dordogne!

I couldn’t resist to head over to an internet café this afternoon to share an experience I had last night. We made our own yogurt! For those of you who are like me and have never ever made anything from scratch, much less something as simple to buy as yogurt, you might get a kick out of this too.

My belle-mère is, as we know, one of the remaining traditional homemakers – in the whole sense of the word. She honored her title once more this break by serving small cups of homemade yogurt after dinner last night.

Intrigued as I am by everything homemade and traditionally French, I asked if I could try it too and I took some pictures. She recently bought a yogurt making machine (which you can find at Sears), which makes the whole process even easier. Before buying the…

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