And So Be It


Oribel’s divine “Freedom Pegasus” watercolour


Rhea is on a rant. She waited in line to vote.

They said she was not registered and could not vote. The reasoning was she had not voted for two elections.

Arissa is stuck registering for school and is too late to vote and it’s her first time and she is upset.

It says I am not registered and my foot is so swollen I didn’t want to wait in the long line.

I hope we do not have the Florida Voting Fiasco that put Bush into office.

So much drama here.

She said Arissa is dramatic like her and that I must not remember when I was dramatic because I am old now.

I told her I do remember, it’s just that it is not something to get so worked up over, it doesn’t help.

The office did inspections and promised to look into my AC problem.

It looks like Alaska’s frozen tundra with melting glaciers.

The windows are still open and Rhea says it is so hot. I am comfy.

I didn’t make it into town to mail June’s package, nor go too the bank. My foot hurts.
Perhaps tomorrow.