ID by Tattoo

I had a dream last night. It was disturbing. My identity had been stolen.  All of my personal information was gone. My purse, license, bank cards. I was left with nothing. Not even clothes on my back. I must have been knocked out because when I came to conscience I was naked, in a fetal position in a squalor of debris and mayhem. Nothing was familiar too me.

I pulled myself up and found a garment to cover myself. It was damp and rain was falling, a light misty rain.

I walked out into the street. Many persons were milling about. I decided I would find a police station and file a report. Without any means of identification on me they told me they could post a picture. They inquired if I had any marks or tattoos that a person might recognize. Perhaps they could acknowledge that I was who I said I was.

My name and Social Security number seemed to be of no importance too them.


I told them of my tattoos and they took photographs and posted a bulletin.

This dream validated the purpose of my inks.

In this scenario, it was used to validate who I was.

U-verse Down~Accomplished Tasks

I woke early today. I had a mental list. But, first of course I check my email.

OH NO UVERSE Internet.


Then I check the TV to watch recorded shows.

OH NO ! TV…says it is updating and seems stuck in updating void. You would think a collaborate such as AT & T would have an off line mode. At least you could watch local TV and pre-recordings on the U-verse DVR.

But NO, it’s all connected and when it goes it goes. I thought about hooking up my DVR, but just too many wires. Perhaps it is time to cut the wires that bind. Thinking about alternatives.


I was thankful for my landline. I am not digitally connected by AT&T U-verse phone. No complete bundling here.

Oh, and my trusted cell phone. Alas I am not web connected on that one…I know I am old school Smile

My friend came over and I asked her to Google U-verse and she said there was a huge outage in the lower southern states. She said it was something about the IPv6 .

I will look into that later.

I start cleaning. I dust busted the insides of my computer. Cleaned the keyboard. Organized my folders and got rid of duplicate files. I redid my media playlists.

I am listening to “Soundscapes”

Still No internet.

I called and got this message:

There is a severe Internet outage, please do not call again, we are aware of the problem and working for a speedy recovery. We will notify you when system is restored. They did call and say it was fixed, but it wasn’t fixed on my end.

My castle is spotless, it smells of Simply Green. The bird cage grates are spotless too. The fish tank is clean. My  Siamese fighting fish (Indigo) is happy, it had been over a week since I did a water change.

*Note: See further down in my post

The cats are napping in there bunks.


All is well in my world.

Even without the Internet and TV Smile


Pictures property of © Cynthia Martz 2013


7:42 AM 1/23/2013
Finally. It’s back. The communication was way off with AT&T. Down an entire day in this technical savvy age. Unheard of. Not too mention the costs of having it in your home.

Somehow I was up till almost 6 am. I was finishing up with the organizing of my computer, then reading a pile of magazines that I hadn’t gotten around to. I actually pulled out my crayons and my coloring book.

I should scan my art and post it.

Many pictures files had just numbers, NO Names and thinking up descriptions for each one was a feat in it’s self.

At time’s I said the heck with it and did a bulk naming of different sets.

I never did like that idea much.

It was kind of special seeing all the pictures I have accumulated over the years.

I ran my clean up scans. Uninstalled programs that have bit the dust so too speak. Cleaned up the register (regedit). It took me a time to remember how to even get to that little gem.

So, looks like today will be a catch up day for TV recordings and what’s happening in the world.

A funny thing happened while the internet was down all day yesterday.

I was blogging about my day. I mentioned my fish and for the life of me could not remember what they were called.

I knew “Indigo” was a Betta but the scientific name eluded me.

I said “Just Google it”
Then it dawned on me that I didn’t have that option.

I looked in my book case and pulled my dictionary out. No help there. I needed the name too look it up.
Then I called the Pet Store. She was helpful, but seemed a bit put off by my calling to ask the name of Betta fish.

At first she told me “Betta Splendens” I said no, something else.

She said “I goggled it”
Then she said “Siamese Fighting Fish ” and I said “That’s it”.

I thanked her for her time and hung up.

They are probably still talking about the strange call they got late yesterday afternoon.

Most of us have gotten so used to having knowledge at our fingertips.The WEB we frequent is a highway of news, trivia, weather. A huge digital library of what ever you want to inquire about.

Just type a few chosen words or question and with a simple mouse click pages are presented us.

We choose.

I feel great with the way I relaxed when it all stopped abruptly.

My computer has never been cleaner and more organized. My home is spotless.

I have new playlists that I made with music I forgot I had.

I made a few new creations in Paint Pro and Photoshop.

I took a walk and took some great photography.

I created a few new UTUBES to upload at a later time.

I did two posts in my writer to edit later and blog on word press.

Connection, I was connected to Life,and it felt really good.

Just Fly

Just close your eyes and Fly

I found this photograph on this blog post…click it to visit

Just Fly

She said “Now I know there isn’t enough love on the planet to change someone who isn’t ready to change.

Now I can stop dreaming, wishing, hoping and wanting and just go ahead and fly!”

My comment:

I resonate with that one. You can’t change people. It has taken me a very long time to realize that statement.

The only person you can change is yourself.

Sometimes, you have to walk away from persons that you felt were the love’s of your life.

They proved me wrong, time and time again.

Life’s Highway and Byways

bike_ridingbyArt Anderson

Country photography by Art Anderson

She was off work for the afternoon, we talked. I had given her a book too read on the Nephilim. She started in on how her grandma had force-fed her the way of the truth.

I asked about the adoption and if she knew about it.

She said she had lived with mom and dad for over a year and went to school from their house. I mentioned that too a young mind it may have seemed like a year, but it wasn’t.

When I left to move further North she was with me.

She started 1 st  grade. She proved to be a handful and I was working two jobs. It seemed she was always at one or the other of babysitters.

My younger sibling left to go to West.

My roomie moved back too her family’s home.

I in turn moved to the city again.

I had taken my daughter to the farm her dad worked on.

A new love interest had recently moved in with him.

She was on some form of probation and they thought the living circumstance would help her.

I then met a LOVE BOMBER (75) and my life began to swirl out of control with abuse and disillusionment.

I decided it best to let her stay at her dad’s.

His new love did not want to be a step-Mom. They eventually married. She had a baby. She did indeed raise my child for 6 years until she left  and went back to her first husband.

He chased her and her daughter out-of-town with a shotgun when he caught her in his bed with his best friend.

In the mean time…

this is when my child stayed with Mom and Dad. Then back too her dad and finally his mother on Canberra Court.

He ran off to Key West to avoid some legal matters he had, by all intent and purposes was declared dead.

I hopped a bus and moved cross-country. During this time she came to live with me out West in Salt Lake and California.

She had a diary. I was looking through it one day and noticed entries about her dad and realized he was very much alive. She had planned on going there too live with him.

This is when I decided to try to catch her in-between her moves.

I drove to Michigan from California.

Within a few days I had changed the bald tires and was heading for Maryland.

When I arrived I was informed my girl was gone.

Her grandmother (Dad’s Mother ) was vague about her whereabouts, but I knew.

She had lived with me in Michigan for almost 2 years.

At first she was in regular school and then after her return I found an alternative school in St.Joseph (mostly uppity white girls) that she managed to get kicked out of.

Before that she abruptly took her SELF out of school around Thanksgiving and got a bus back too Key West.

I had expected her back within two weeks and remember calling. I located her by phone at a local arcade.

My phone bill was astronomical. She had run it up prior to leaving and then my trying too locate her added to the expense.

I paid for her to come back on the train after a few months.

This is when she came back with quite the stash.

Mind you she was supposedly being threaten by drug lords in Key West.

Two years of total chaos, me working three jobs and her left to her vices.

I had given her the entire front room and I took the small bedroom.

She had Parties in the house, drank all my hidden liquor, smoked up all my cigarettes. Had her friends eating out of my cupboards.

I remember it had snowed so much and the car and everything else was buried.

She wanted to go to this quaint little place  in St.Joseph that had trains and other Xmas festive things all around.

I told her we were snowed in.

She said I will shovel out.

Not thinking that she could I agreed.

Next thing I know she has about five guys all with shovels in hand and I had to concede that possibly we would get be getting out and about.

No one was on the roads and we had so much fun.

We went to the mall and did circle 8’s in the snow. We came home and ended up walking to High’s for dinner.

It was beautiful with the snow falling and I felt so close too my daughter.

I met someone, another LOVE BOMBER (85)

She said she was moving back to Key West too become an escort.

I guess I had LOST the rights to be in control and everything was spiraling.

She stayed with her friend and her father, because her dad and his new friend were too strict on her.

She met her future husband and the rest as they say is history.


Don’t Fear The Onion

I  am making a big container of potato salad tomorrow and using a huge onion. The remains of the onion will be refrigerated for another day.





The Real Deal on Onions


I swear everything you read on line has to be thoroughly investigated

I really thought the ONION thing sounded legitimate.

Don’t believe everything you read online, especially about the most recent hoax suggesting onions are magnets for bacteria…

As in the claim that onions are bacteria magnets, the claim that onions can rid a room of the flu virus is utter nonsense.

Some versions of this spurious “health advisory” package both these onion myths into one message


Thus, the claims in the message have no factual basis.

According to this widely circulated health warning, people should not eat raw or left-over onion because onions are “poisonous”. The message claims that, according to a food chemist, onions are regularly identified by authorities as the cause of food poisoning. The message warns recipients that onions are actually magnets for bacteria and can therefore attract and grow bacteria faster than other types of food.

However, the claims in the message have no medical or scientific basis. Onions feature a variety of sulphur compounds that have antibacterial activity. Furthermore, cutting an onion triggers the release of enzymes that initiate a chemical reaction producing propenesulfenic acid, which in turn decomposes to yield sulphuric acid. It is the sulphuric acid that makes you cry by irritating the eyes!

But sulphuric acid also inhibits the growth of bacteria. Also, a cut onion’s surface dries out quickly, reducing the moisture that is needed for bacteria to multiply.

Lastly the terminology that onions are “bacterial magnets” makes no sense. No food attracts bacteria, although of course some are more likely to support bacterial multiplication once infected.

Nothing is a bacteria magnet. Firstly, bacteria have minimal mobility. They usually travel in water droplets, if at all. Sneezes, for example. Molds can release spores which get blown around but bacteria usually grows in moist environments and are slimy, making getting airborne difficult. Secondly, if there was such a thing as a ‘bacteria magnet’ it would be enormously useful in the medical field for drawing bacteria away from the ill and infirmed.

In truth, onions do not possess any special property that enables them to somehow magically collect bacteria from the air around them. Moreover, the claim in the message that “when food poisoning is reported, the first thing the officials look for is when the ‘victim’ last ate onions” is not supported by any credible evidence whatsoever.

Moreover, onions do not appear in any lists of foods identified as being most likely to cause food poisoning. Onions are not featured in the list of Common Sources of Foodborne Illness featured on the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse website. A New York Times report that discusses the Ten Common Food Poisoning Risks does not mention onion. A report about food poisoning on the NSW Food Authority website lists common food poisoning pathogens and the types of food associated with them. Onion is not on the list. The World Health Organization has also published much information about Bacterial Food Poisoning, none of which singles out onion as a high risk food. In fact, although I checked a great many credible sources of information about food poisoning during my research for this article, I could find none that specified onion as being a common cause of food poisoning.

Of course, if onions are handled or stored in unhygienic conditions – for example if they were touched with dirty hands or sliced on a contaminated cutting board, then they may pass on dangerous bacteria that could make a person sick. However, this is true of virtually any type of food.

Onions are probably less likely to encourage the growth of bacteria than many other types of food.


Listening to “Taken by Trees” Dreams~ from Other Worlds
I made a new playlist called “Scapes” 🙂

I know it’s Not a dream

The Sound of the Trees

I WONDER about the trees.
Why do we wish to bear
Forever the noise of these
More than another noise
So close to our dwelling place?
We suffer them by the day
Till we lose all measure of pace,
And fixity in our joys,
And acquire a listening air.
They are that talks of going
But never gets away;
And that talks no less for knowing,
As it grows wiser and older,
That now it means to stay.
My feet tug at the floor
And my head sways to my shoulder
Sometimes when I watch trees sway,
From the window or the door.
I shall set forth for somewhere,
I shall make the reckless choice
Some day when they are in voice
And tossing so as to scare
The white clouds over them on.
I shall have less to say, But I shall be gone.–
Robert Frost


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©2013 Cynthia Martz