They Come Back


The swan is in the shadows but only has to float just a bit to be in the Light.

I enjoyed this post and can resonate with his remark

“I sent the picture to my friend, to inspire and sustain her on her difficult journey, a reminder that it is often only after we travel through and leave a place of deep darkness that we enter a place of great light.”

Just earlier I was mentioning in conversation the word “Metaphor” and “Parable”

I found a picture of a huge Iguana I took a few years back here in Key West.


Many of these beautiful creatures succumbed to a deep freeze that enveloped Key West back in 2010.

“Comatose iguanas tumbled off trees. Countless native and exotic fish floated to waters’ surface. Manatees huddled at warm-water outfalls of power plants. And young sea turtles, seized by the cold, bobbed to the top like beach balls.”


The same year my special friend went to prison.

Today, I decided to print “Iggy” and send an uplifting card to him.

Comparing his situation to the strong Iguanas and how they survived and returned.

Our island is filled with baby Iguanas.

We don’t see the Dinosaur Iguanas anymore.

They do come back.

Light and Dark…Dividing the Shadows

Seeing Doubles


I should have sent this to draft. As soon as I posted I noticed the similarity in China. Of course I thought it’s Cinnamon sitting beside her. They look almost identical.

Cinnamon was put to sleep in 2010 and China came in 2011.

I was deleting duplicate pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery and came across this photograph.

A bug of some sort flew into my face while riding my moped yesterday and I woke with my eye glued shut.

I wished I had worn my goggles but I never do.

So, my vision is off somewhat.

When I opened the Gallery ,double photos everywhere.

It's China's shoulder that looks like another cat is sharing space with her

Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Martz (Click to enlarge picture)

China’s markings on her shoulder at first site looks like another cat is sharing space with her.

You can almost see a face.

My handprints, no date.

Still the same

Ready to pounce