Feeling The Spirit Within


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I am the Peaceful Warrior

My new motto is ““Yes! Thank you!”

We walked to the Baptist Church about a block away. It was a good sermon. “Troubled in a Troubling World”

Strange, but each time I enter a church I get so teary and emotional. Three people told me it is the spirit working in me.

We are going back at 6. The sermon this evening is “What do you believe and Why” That should be interesting. The thing I really enjoy is the love you feel from everyone.

I told his niece that the Baptist belief of ONE GOD being Christ and Spirit would take some serious getting used too. The way I remember God was Jehovah and Christ was his only-begotten son.The Holy spirit is God’s power or “active force” rather than a person.

She said a good way to understand it is like an egg. It has a shell, a yolk, whites (albumen)

Three parts, but it makes the egg.)

Of course had to do some research…

How does the egg analogy explain the Trinity?

For Comments

“I often hear Christians cite the egg analogy to explain the Trinity.
I get that the shell, white, and yoke are all parts of ONE egg, but they are all SEPARATE parts of one egg.
I thought each person in the Trinity was supposed to be fully God. How does that fit with the egg analogy?
Not trying to attack or anything, but this never really made sense to me.”

Against Comments

“The trinity is pagan in its origins and has nothing to do with truth in the least …. Am i the same being as my father who created me or am i my own separate being … Am i my Father at the same time i am me …… How sick mankind has become ….. Jesus never said he was his Father in heaven …. If you were God himself would you let yourself be born here , die then raise yourself from the dead even though you are dead …. Their logic is explainable only to themselves for in the understanding of it lies madness itself ….. Satan could never have hoped for a better outcome to his nonsense in the Garden of Eden….. The final outcome comes soon enough and we shall see what The father himself thinks of fools who have made his son God over him….. Remember Lots wife , the look on their faces will be the same when truth sets in and can no longer be ignored.”

My mama was on a mission search.We studied Baptists, Lutheran, Methodist at some point before Jehovah’s Wit-Lesses ???

We even went to a Holy Roller gathering, that was exciting,

Maybe that is why I feel awkward and so emotional it brings tears streaming down my face in any place of worship.

I told the Pastor God dwelled inside me and that was good enough for me.

Then again I know so little I thought The Trinity applied only to The Catholic Church.

I never paid too much attention to the basics I suppose.

Just was not interested.

When I realized I wasn’t going to burn forever in Hell, I lost interest in the do good and all that.

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