My Kind of Dream


I dreamed of a man that looked like Jafar in “Alice in Wonderland~Once Upon a Time”.

He was a Doctor, very intelligent and well spoken. He had a mysterious air about him that intrigued me.

He requested I visit him after meeting him at a cafe he frequented in the States.

He lived in Bolivia. I flew there into an unknown world. It was beautiful. He whisked me away on a romantic view of the city by way of his magic carpet.

I realized I had no interest in him and it seemed the feeling was mutual.

When I ready to leave I mentioned that we had not so much as kissed let alone been intimate with each other.

He told me to sit on the carpet and he began a story.

He said that LOVE was like building a house. First you laid a foundation which we had completed when we met and he invited me to fly too see him.

Second, the foundation must be secure, not flimsy made of sand that would easily crumble come the first storm.

Third were the floors of the house.They too had to be built very sturdy with beams of strong enforcers that would hold the house together no matter what troubles fell upon it.

Fourth the wiring. It had to be connected. This was one of the last things completed and it had to have enough spark to light the entire house from foundation too the roof.
The roof was the covering that protected the house. Without it all inside would deteriorate and dissolve.

He said Love grows, it reaches it potential over time like a beautiful work of art or musical soundtrack. It is not built over night, nor fast and furious. It is not a short-lived sexual escapade of lustful desires demanding fullfillment.

He looked off in the distance for a moment and then continued. A house can be filled with the most exquisite treasures found all over the world. It can have a tapestry of fruit trees, flowers and Cabana’s surrounding beautiful pond’s of Koi fish.

All these material things.

Still the house sits empty of respect, love and laughter.

He then asked me if I would like to build a home.

As I boarded the plane he said by the time the house is completed we will know if we shall live in it together.

The Green Man

A package from a friend came in the mail yesterday. In it were beautiful handmade items and a very RARE Tarot set called “The Green Man Tree Oracle” I was not familiar with it, so I decided to sit back, do some research and read the book before “Hugging The Trees”so to speak with a card reading.

The Green Man challenges us to respect this planet and all its creatures and plants.  He is happy to work with us, but equally will attack us if we do not heed his blazing stare

Later in the evening I decided to watch several TV shows I needed to catch up on and one of them was “Alice In Wonderland (Once Upon A Time)

Who’s Alice?  There in the forest where Alice found her self spell-bound and mesmerized off sparkly HAPPY dust were lots of “Green Men

The trees seemed alive, they talked and moved.

Green_Tree_Man Green_Tree_Man2


Birch                                 Scot’s Pine                                 Oak

(Click to Enlarge) Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Martz

Birch ~ The death or end of something

Scot’s Pine ~ The higher you climb the clearer you see

It never sheds it’s leaves, it is forever Green

Oak ~ No one knows their fate

More information on “The Green Man

The Enigma of Green Man

Icy Blue~Green Rock Candy


The Masterpiece

My 65 th birthday is today. I decided to bake a cake and put blue rock candy on top. “Breaking Bad” style.

Oh, and my alias has on occasion been “Lady Blue”

I will enclose some pictures. The hammer is ready to crack the Blue Sky stash and put into baggies.


My Incentive:

I miss “Breaking Bad” too much.

A beautiful Pyramid Crystal. My Crystal Lady gifted me with. I tinted that Blue too 🙂

I decided on a tribute to Crystal Blue Persuasion, although even with using sky blue jell drops it looks more green. I am counteracting that by putting ICY Blue tinted creme’ cheese on top before adding the glass crystals. Last night’s batch was sticky and gooey. I could have waited weeks and it would never have hardened 🙂

I assume the thermometer was off kilter. Then again it was my fish water thermometer, they do not work.


First Batch (Never Hardened)

Another batch of Sky Blue Rock. This time with peppermint extract. It looks like it just might crack. I made sure to buy the correct candy thermometer.

Here are the results.


It turned out greenish so I tinted the picture blue


Final Result with my Heisenberg Hat.

I put the leftovers in a glass jar and added powdered sugar to keep it from sticking together. I visualized Christmas Nibbles.  A pretty jar with bows and bells  would make great gifts.

Everyone loves Peppermint breathe.

Icy Blue Rock Candy

Shut The Door

Commenting on this web-blog

I seem to go around in circles when I wake up. Even if a good night’s sleep has rendered me a good 8-9 hours. Naps, really have me discombobulated. I decided to go back to my Dream journals over the years and just made two new pages on the subject of dreaming~lucid and otherwise. Then I searched Dreaming blogs and yours caught my interest. On a added note, Caribbean Blue by Enya has always been a favorite song of mine.


2014 The Year of the Green Wooden Horse


2014 The Year of the Green Wooden Horse

Scorpio 2014

The Green Horse

The Fourth Horse of Revelation is Islam.
It is one of four prevailing spirits in the world.
It is identified in Bible prophecy in Revelation and Zechariah.

This is an amazing subject!

SO, THESE ARE THE FOUR HORSES of the apocalypse. 

They are also the FIRST FOUR SEALS of the Seven Seals of Revelation 5. 

SEAL ONE – White horse – Catholic Church had a bow and a crown (the pope wears a tiara – triple crown) conquering globally. (Read the history of the RCC and the Crusades.)

SEAL TWO – Red horse – Communism – took peace from earth, killing with a great sword. Red Communism  killed more people in the twentieth century than any other power at any time in history. Lenin, Stalin and Mao killed about 55 MILLION PEOPLE.

SEAL THREE – Black horse – Capitalism – (a pair of balances and a commodities report – measure of wheat for a penny, barley, wine and oil at a price.) 


SEAL FIVE  is a pronouncement concerning those who must be martyred during the Great Tribulation. 

SEAL SIX  is the earthquake and other natural phenomenon that accompany the Battle of Armageddon. 

SEAL SEVEN is half-hour of silence in heaven at its conclusion.

Just Food for Thoughts


Ken Raggio


Nina The Parakeet

Check it out , the amazing story. Just makes you smile.

You can smile knowing that someone — your ruckus-causing parakeet — is feeling pretty good at the moment.


A heart warming story.


My granddaughter has not had very much good fortune in keeping pets. She has had many, parakeets, sugar gliders, baby rats.
She is working full time as a nursing assistant and going to college to get her RN Nursing degree.
She is in love. He’s a Keeper.

All her friends are having babies. Her babies are parakeets. They acquired Nina and Raspberry as their first ones back in August 2013. The cage is a beautiful, clean castle.


Click to Enlarge

© Cynthia Martz 2013

A few days ago she posted a video of Nina and Raspberry loving on each other and said Nina was a good bird, she will be missed.
Then I found out Nina didn’t die, she flew away. She had recently gotten her wing feathers.

The door was opened slightly, the birds were free flying and out she flew.


She said the bird flew so far and then she saw it again in the trees in the back.  Her dad, boyfriend went to get her, determined and armed with nets, whistles, bells and anything they thought would get Nina’s attention.

Darkness came and they had to sadly give up. The next day at work she was just getting ready to print out a memory of Nina. Her boyfriend called and said “She’s back, we got her. “
Actually he said they put the cage with Raspberry and the two new birds they had just gotten (Miley and Cianna) out on the balcony and Nina flew right to it. Those two were mates, always kissing and preening each other.

I guess Nina had the experience of her life. Flying free and then back safe and sound with her mate. Too think of her being out in the darkness, alone all night. Hungry, scared of the wide world consisting of the other animals looking for something to feast on.

But, she survived.

Of course she is wondering who in the heck  these other birds that look just like us are.

The Quads


Funny thing though I think one is a bat bird. Cianna hangs upside down all the time.




Her boyfriend said he wasn’t giving up and he was bringing their baby home.

Like I said A Keeper.

Sea Oats


© Cynthia Martz 2013

Sea Oats

The recesses of my mind
linger on the sounds of wind in the trees
I close my eyes.
I am warm on my blanket in the sand

Reminding me of days in Fall at the beach
Sand dunes drifting and piling up like snow avoiding the sea oats that protect them

The coolness of the air and the salty sea
Fresh scents that come and go

whiffs of memories on the boardwalk
popcorn, candy apples, freshly baked pretzels, hot dogs and fries

Fading as the wild wind carries it

Like a teenagers first kiss

Lingering memories brought back to life

The Band plays on “under the boardwalk”

© Cynthia Martz 2013

Candid Canon~Take13

Hope you enjoyed a HAPPY HALLOWEEN



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All Photographs Property of © Cynthia Martz 2013


Birthday creation for granddaughter


Apples and Oranges and of course the Pears.


Guard Cat of the Birdies


Minnie Napping


Indian Corn


Plastic Bugs on top Do Not Eat


Mango’s and Avocado’s


Pineapples and Kiwe




Yummy Papaya’s




I Melted