Icy Blue~Green Rock Candy


The Masterpiece

My 65 th birthday is today. I decided to bake a cake and put blue rock candy on top. “Breaking Bad” style.

Oh, and my alias has on occasion been “Lady Blue”

I will enclose some pictures. The hammer is ready to crack the Blue Sky stash and put into baggies.


My Incentive:

I miss “Breaking Bad” too much.

A beautiful Pyramid Crystal. My Crystal Lady gifted me with. I tinted that Blue too 🙂

I decided on a tribute to Crystal Blue Persuasion, although even with using sky blue jell drops it looks more green. I am counteracting that by putting ICY Blue tinted creme’ cheese on top before adding the glass crystals. Last night’s batch was sticky and gooey. I could have waited weeks and it would never have hardened 🙂

I assume the thermometer was off kilter. Then again it was my fish water thermometer, they do not work.


First Batch (Never Hardened)

Another batch of Sky Blue Rock. This time with peppermint extract. It looks like it just might crack. I made sure to buy the correct candy thermometer.

Here are the results.


It turned out greenish so I tinted the picture blue


Final Result with my Heisenberg Hat.

I put the leftovers in a glass jar and added powdered sugar to keep it from sticking together. I visualized Christmas Nibbles.  A pretty jar with bows and bells  would make great gifts.

Everyone loves Peppermint breathe.

Icy Blue Rock Candy

Author: cryominute

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