Thankful For all my Blessings

Back in 1994, I over indulged and with the add on effects of cold remedies I had taken all week for a lingering cold. This was NOT a great combo. A recipe for mayhem.

Their was no snow on the ground since this is Key West, but I think I did get thrown from a moving truck after a bit too much E&J and eggnog was drank before dinner was served.

I remember we had a beautiful Pineapple Ham,Turkey and all the trimmings. But alas I missed it.

The next morning I woke and realized I had a broken foot in not one but three places.

So, this song kinda reminds me of me back when.

Christmas isn’t JUST about receiving gifts

It’s in the Giving of our Time and gifts from the Heart

A tin full of homemade cookies

A decorated jar of homemade bath salts to sooth someone’s weary bones

A phone call to let someone know you’re thinking of them

The Spirit of the Holidays should be everyday

No one is guaranteed tomorrow

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

Be Thankful for each and every blessing

Keep your stress levels low and evenly balanced by being focused and positive

Shelter from the heat and cold

Food in our tummies

Music too sooth us

Animals (Especially Cats) to love and cherish

Love, Health and a Bit of Abundance
with Time to Enjoy

© Cynthia Martz 2013



Author: cryominute

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