Can you hear your souls voice?

Love these writings Jax~

One Brief Moment

When your soul speaks, do you listen? The small voice that whispers to you, comes by way of your third chakra. It is not the mind speaking nor your heart. It is why we often miss it all together. It does not shout out or create emotional confusion when it speaks.

Your hearts voice comes with a bewildering set of emotions that well up within us and sets us afloat on a sea of love. It exalts and adores us in the bosom of its joy. It speaks to us of all we hold dear and for the comfort that we so long. It resonates much like an operatic aria. It is impossible to ignore. We listen to that voice because it is the voice of our mother. Loving and nurturing, always there to soothe us when we are weary and broken. Her voice sings out to us, diffuse with…

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Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight

I'm listening for the "Whispers"

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