Ready or Not 2016



Merry meet and Merry part and Merry meet again.The dance of life’s intricate moves are more pleasing since I have you for my friend.

I did my RUNE reading the other day.


As the UNKNOWABLE card says it is a beginning, it is a end.
Perhaps a new beginning and an end to the way things were.
I AM in the moment and nothing can keep me from the experience of making an effort in understanding another human being.
And learning what I need to learn.

The last Rune card I faced up was “The Unknowable”
This card is the blank card…Blank is the End, Blank is the beginning.

This card rises like the Phoenix from the ashes of what we call fate.

The card says that a willingness and permitting are what is required~the empty-handed Leap into the void.
So, as my day continues I remain open to the possibilities, I also remain open to the realizations that THIS MOMENT is good.
And this is the Only Moment !

That undeniable force that makes you realize no matter how down you get that there is always a sun that will come out. It is there to brighten our days. Even when it rains we know that perhaps a rainbow will show through the clouds and the air will seem fresher after the storm.

Occasionally issues are Under the carpet, brushed aside so too speak.

The Time to face the reality of a through cleansing.

The carpet has been lifted and the multitudes of debris is being cleared.
I actually did do under the rugs today when I vacuumed and it was amazing the things I found.

Yesterday I  went to a Celebration of Life event and was surrounded by the most wonderful persons.

I made new friends of like mind and it made me think of something I had written way back in 2004.

If  I could think of  just one something I would like to have right at this moment it would be a like minded companion.

Someone that has grown through there previous relationships and also at the same time learned from them.

This is most important.

If you haven’t learned the lesson the lesson will keep coming over and over until at some point you say ahha. I got it. By George I think I got it. 

I wish I understood what in the heck I am doing.

My feelings flip faster then pancakes.


Author: cryominute

In my mind are the castles of a realm unseen Come, join me on my flight

I'm listening for the "Whispers"

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