The Simple Ways

Time is but an illusion.
Blessings ❤️🐾
Stay safe and well

Much Love and Compassion to those who are suffering now.

The families who have lost loved ones without being able to say proper goodbyes.

May a greater understanding come of all this pain we have endured and may we continue to always have hope in our hearts that this too shall pass.

The Simple Way
I don’t know if I dreamed it, but I woke up and turned the local Keys News on.

I must have been dreaming because I do not even have that station.

The alert said that they were closing off Key West Old Town for repairs.

Only persons on bicycles and mopeds allowed.
The City bus that makes the Duval Loop would be rerouted.

It would actually be like back in the 70’s and before.

Larger motels off Duval would be renovated and become rentals for our locals who keep this Island going.

Restaurants of every known cuisine would prosper.
No more rip off stores.
No more endless displays of novelty shops. The ones that charge extravagant prices to persons that want a piece of Paradise.

Spring Breakers and the constant influx of Snow Folks..
Miami folks would find it a less desirable destination.

Fantasy Fest would go back to what it actually was meant too be.
Something to look forward too during slow revenue times.

Children could once again have a park and swimming pool.a skating rink and things to do here.

So many Mom and Pop stores, small businesses could open again and thrive without having threats of foreclosure looming in the future.

Yes, I suppose a Utopia, a pipe dream of the old Key West.

Where everyone knew your family name.

No more homeless laying on Duval, panhandling is a lucrative enterprise.

One Human Family would take on a new and welcome
We have a rich and diverse population.
Conch’s, Fresh Water Conch’s, Cuban, Latino’s, Bohemian, Jamaican, Haitian.

Key West has so much unique history.

The stories.

Pirates to Graveyard.
They stack persons now at the Key West Cemetery that do not want to be cremated. Above ground.
There is no more room at the Final Inn.




The Grotto

The Overseas Flagler Station Railway to Key West

Postcard Collection

We have to many accidents now.
Too many deaths.
Too many cars.
If things stay the same, their will be only the very rich that will have a place here.
Where we all relocate too is the ?

Ghosts that still linger.

New Town has new roads and traffic lights along with numerous new hotels on the Blvd.

In the interim Stock Island would now be called and known as The New and very much Updated Key West.

Key West downtown will be Old Town reinvented.

New Town will be known as in The In-Between

New extravagant hotels at the marina, new roads and new greenery planted and thriving in the medium strips.
More traffic lights and stop signs at various intersections.
A brand new CVS just a shot away with free delivery.
It has been renewed so much the past few years even Old Town delivers to higher end establishments in Stock Island.

Not mentioned in the news is the rise in murders, drug overdoses, missing persons.
We are a money making tourist industry.
Bad news vs publicity does not make for lucrative tourism.

Just Saying

Cynthia J.
April 16 2020

My thoughts:

Maybe going back in time too the way Key West was is not such a bad idea.

Our 2 x 4 Island has become even more greedy than ever it was.
It is overcrowded with the influx of Snowbirds and Tourists from everywhere in the world.
Cruise ships that pollute our waters.

We use to have so called Seasons, not like your regular Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall.
We planned for them by saving up for the lean times.
I was a server here from 1992-1998.
Than I worked at Publix Deli and Home Depot.
I retired in 2011.
I can not afford to go out too eat or enjoy any of the many activities here.
But, I am happy and content in my piece of Paradise.

I still have my cat China. Hamster MuMoo, Guppies galore, and 5 birdies.
The smell of the blooming flowers, fresh mangoes this time of year, the water, the cool breeze.


The Iggy’s.

The Roosters.


Everyday is almost always the same.
Mostly sunny and warm, with an occasional rainstorm.
Now it all seems to blend.

Cross_Sky_Shot_WM copy

It is rather eerie here now.

On lock-down with the Corona 19 Virus.

Streets are empty for the most part.

Kots Homeless Shelter is like Hotel California. If you enter you can never leave.
It is nearly empty.
The homeless wonder the streets like zombies in the Walking Dead.

Bodies found on main streets. Only locals have privy to this. It is never in the mainstream News. With no tourists, panhandling has come to a complete halt.
They refuse to be in lock-down. Even with three meals a day. Most say it would be as if they were incarcerated.

Long time Conch’s have been literally forced out.

Rent is so high for regular folk they need three jobs or three roommates with three jobs to even contemplate staying.
Where there is Water the developers come and take out what affordable housing is left.
One bedrooms $$$ usually costing nearly $ 3-4,000 just to secure it.

First, Last and Security. If you have a pet another $500 upfront
Than add on utilities.

No one ever said living in paradise was cheap, but it has gotten so greedy even businesses close after a few months of struggling to stay a float.
There is no more housing available.
The wait list is 5 years or more from the time you sign up.

On Saint Patty’s Day I walked with my daughter and a friend around the area of the Hogfish. It was right before the City locked down.

I thought this photo made a unique point.

It.s like WTF is happening to our World ???

right_Before_lockdownSaint Patty day