Perfect Feline Deserves Perfect Food

I have been on a mission to find a healthy choice for my oldest cat Minnie. She was a petite cat at 11 months when I adopted her. Very few health incidents other than a fairly bad Upper respiratory infection a few years ago. She has lost all her large canine teeth.

Minnie will be 13 in February. She’s my heart.



Adoption Day (11 Months old Feb 2004)


Before China she was getting Fat (2011)



Minnie at 12 years of age

China, my youngest having found at my door step 4 years ago is a very robust, beautiful coat and literally will eat anything she finds. She especially likes dust bunnies Smile


China at 4 years of age

The problems with Minnie started around the same time as China’s arrival. Stress related IBS.

Can you imagine having the runnies every day for all these years?

I have been keeping a journal on my mission.

She seems much improved.


No wet food for three days and I notice with just the Science diet for sensitive stomachs she has less runnies and not as many crying scenes nor vomiting.

Than I read that it is one of the worse foods for a cat.
So my research is back in full swing.

Anything that will help my Minnie.

I tend to favor products that are made in our country (USA)


8:56 AM 10/23/2015
Vomited this am.
Feeding more often but less at each feeding.

2:25 AM 10/25/2015
Pudding Plop Puddles =   Runnies and crying

She is very fastidious and never leaves any messes for me to clean up.


7:28 PM 11/2/2015
Minnie seems to be doing a bit better, she still weighs barely 10 pounds.

8:12 AM 11/6/2015
She loves the Natures Variety.

Licks the bowl clean and isn’t demanding to be fed constantly.

The BEST Canned Foods for your Cat

Top brands that I use include


Tiki Cat – the kinds with NO FISH

Pure Vita

Hound and Gatos

Soulistic, some grain free Wellness and some Merrick Pate Perfect Bistro.

Please note that not all of these are carrageenan free, and most have BPA in the can linings.

This is my  go too when funds do not allow the quality foods I have starred here

Fancy Feast Classic


Sheba Pates


Nature’s Logic – All canned formulas

*Nature’s Variety – All “Instinct” formulas

From “Four Star” Grain-Free

Newman’s Own Organics Grain-Free Canned Cat Food – All “grain-free” varieties
Note: The “Newman’s Own Organics” non grain-free formulas DO have both carrageenan and guar gum

Weruva – Cat’s In The Kitchen pouches
*Party Animal Organics “Tom Cat Turkey Recipe


Cat Obsession


© C. m ART z  2015

It’s easy to see why someone as obsessed with cats, music, art, dancing and drumming feels drawn to Bast.

“Are cats lazy? Well, more power to them if they are. Which one of us has not entertained the dream of doing just as he likes, when and how he likes, and as much as he likes?”
–Fernand Mery

“It is easy to see why Bast the Cat Goddess has been associated with pleasure, music and dancing for millennium. Just think of your own sensual, comfort-seeking cat who loves to be stroked and petted, gets tipsy on catnip and can often be found curled up in the coolest places in the house! Cats also love to play, their graceful movements resembling lighthearted dancing with their purring as musical accompaniment. Bast offers to teach us to refuse to take things too seriously, to luxuriate in our grace and sensuality, and to never waste our energy.”


Thoughts on a Special Day

Today (Heart Day) Minnie  will be 11 years old. I adopted her in January 2004 , two months after Master Purrby (1994 – 2003) went to Rainbow bridge.

The Cat that listens

When I say”Come, Minnie” she appears in moments

If I say “Are you hungry” she says “meow”

I say “Let’s Go” she “meows” and meets me in the kitchen.

She sprawls her fluffy self over the center of my chest and lays still

Our hearts beat together and feelings of contentment wash over me

She hums her perfect purr.
© Cynthia Martz 2014

Her adoption picture 2004



Today 2/14/14


Heart Day Pies and a Full Moon too



Nina The Parakeet

Check it out , the amazing story. Just makes you smile.

You can smile knowing that someone — your ruckus-causing parakeet — is feeling pretty good at the moment.


A heart warming story.


My granddaughter has not had very much good fortune in keeping pets. She has had many, parakeets, sugar gliders, baby rats.
She is working full time as a nursing assistant and going to college to get her RN Nursing degree.
She is in love. He’s a Keeper.

All her friends are having babies. Her babies are parakeets. They acquired Nina and Raspberry as their first ones back in August 2013. The cage is a beautiful, clean castle.


Click to Enlarge

© Cynthia Martz 2013

A few days ago she posted a video of Nina and Raspberry loving on each other and said Nina was a good bird, she will be missed.
Then I found out Nina didn’t die, she flew away. She had recently gotten her wing feathers.

The door was opened slightly, the birds were free flying and out she flew.


She said the bird flew so far and then she saw it again in the trees in the back.  Her dad, boyfriend went to get her, determined and armed with nets, whistles, bells and anything they thought would get Nina’s attention.

Darkness came and they had to sadly give up. The next day at work she was just getting ready to print out a memory of Nina. Her boyfriend called and said “She’s back, we got her. “
Actually he said they put the cage with Raspberry and the two new birds they had just gotten (Miley and Cianna) out on the balcony and Nina flew right to it. Those two were mates, always kissing and preening each other.

I guess Nina had the experience of her life. Flying free and then back safe and sound with her mate. Too think of her being out in the darkness, alone all night. Hungry, scared of the wide world consisting of the other animals looking for something to feast on.

But, she survived.

Of course she is wondering who in the heck  these other birds that look just like us are.

The Quads


Funny thing though I think one is a bat bird. Cianna hangs upside down all the time.




Her boyfriend said he wasn’t giving up and he was bringing their baby home.

Like I said A Keeper.