Picture Telling

What Do You See ?


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“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”
– Robert Bresson


Feeling The Spirit Within


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I am the Peaceful Warrior

My new motto is ““Yes! Thank you!”

We walked to the Baptist Church about a block away. It was a good sermon. “Troubled in a Troubling World”

Strange, but each time I enter a church I get so teary and emotional. Three people told me it is the spirit working in me.

We are going back at 6. The sermon this evening is “What do you believe and Why” That should be interesting. The thing I really enjoy is the love you feel from everyone.

I told his niece that the Baptist belief of ONE GOD being Christ and Spirit would take some serious getting used too. The way I remember God was Jehovah and Christ was his only-begotten son.The Holy spirit is God’s power or “active force” rather than a person.

She said a good way to understand it is like an egg. It has a shell, a yolk, whites (albumen)

Three parts, but it makes the egg.)

Of course had to do some research…

How does the egg analogy explain the Trinity?

For Comments

“I often hear Christians cite the egg analogy to explain the Trinity.
I get that the shell, white, and yoke are all parts of ONE egg, but they are all SEPARATE parts of one egg.
I thought each person in the Trinity was supposed to be fully God. How does that fit with the egg analogy?
Not trying to attack or anything, but this never really made sense to me.”

Against Comments

“The trinity is pagan in its origins and has nothing to do with truth in the least …. Am i the same being as my father who created me or am i my own separate being … Am i my Father at the same time i am me …… How sick mankind has become ….. Jesus never said he was his Father in heaven …. If you were God himself would you let yourself be born here , die then raise yourself from the dead even though you are dead …. Their logic is explainable only to themselves for in the understanding of it lies madness itself ….. Satan could never have hoped for a better outcome to his nonsense in the Garden of Eden….. The final outcome comes soon enough and we shall see what The father himself thinks of fools who have made his son God over him….. Remember Lots wife , the look on their faces will be the same when truth sets in and can no longer be ignored.”

My mama was on a mission search.We studied Baptists, Lutheran, Methodist at some point before Jehovah’s Wit-Lesses ???

We even went to a Holy Roller gathering, that was exciting,

Maybe that is why I feel awkward and so emotional it brings tears streaming down my face in any place of worship.

I told the Pastor God dwelled inside me and that was good enough for me.

Then again I know so little I thought The Trinity applied only to The Catholic Church.

I never paid too much attention to the basics I suppose.

Just was not interested.

When I realized I wasn’t going to burn forever in Hell, I lost interest in the do good and all that.

Life’s Highway and Byways

bike_ridingbyArt Anderson

Country photography by Art Anderson

She was off work for the afternoon, we talked. I had given her a book too read on the Nephilim. She started in on how her grandma had force-fed her the way of the truth.

I asked about the adoption and if she knew about it.

She said she had lived with mom and dad for over a year and went to school from their house. I mentioned that too a young mind it may have seemed like a year, but it wasn’t.

When I left to move further North she was with me.

She started 1 st  grade. She proved to be a handful and I was working two jobs. It seemed she was always at one or the other of babysitters.

My younger sibling left to go to West.

My roomie moved back too her family’s home.

I in turn moved to the city again.

I had taken my daughter to the farm her dad worked on.

A new love interest had recently moved in with him.

She was on some form of probation and they thought the living circumstance would help her.

I then met a LOVE BOMBER (75) and my life began to swirl out of control with abuse and disillusionment.

I decided it best to let her stay at her dad’s.

His new love did not want to be a step-Mom. They eventually married. She had a baby. She did indeed raise my child for 6 years until she left  and went back to her first husband.

He chased her and her daughter out-of-town with a shotgun when he caught her in his bed with his best friend.

In the mean time…

this is when my child stayed with Mom and Dad. Then back too her dad and finally his mother on Canberra Court.

He ran off to Key West to avoid some legal matters he had, by all intent and purposes was declared dead.

I hopped a bus and moved cross-country. During this time she came to live with me out West in Salt Lake and California.

She had a diary. I was looking through it one day and noticed entries about her dad and realized he was very much alive. She had planned on going there too live with him.

This is when I decided to try to catch her in-between her moves.

I drove to Michigan from California.

Within a few days I had changed the bald tires and was heading for Maryland.

When I arrived I was informed my girl was gone.

Her grandmother (Dad’s Mother ) was vague about her whereabouts, but I knew.

She had lived with me in Michigan for almost 2 years.

At first she was in regular school and then after her return I found an alternative school in St.Joseph (mostly uppity white girls) that she managed to get kicked out of.

Before that she abruptly took her SELF out of school around Thanksgiving and got a bus back too Key West.

I had expected her back within two weeks and remember calling. I located her by phone at a local arcade.

My phone bill was astronomical. She had run it up prior to leaving and then my trying too locate her added to the expense.

I paid for her to come back on the train after a few months.

This is when she came back with quite the stash.

Mind you she was supposedly being threaten by drug lords in Key West.

Two years of total chaos, me working three jobs and her left to her vices.

I had given her the entire front room and I took the small bedroom.

She had Parties in the house, drank all my hidden liquor, smoked up all my cigarettes. Had her friends eating out of my cupboards.

I remember it had snowed so much and the car and everything else was buried.

She wanted to go to this quaint little place  in St.Joseph that had trains and other Xmas festive things all around.

I told her we were snowed in.

She said I will shovel out.

Not thinking that she could I agreed.

Next thing I know she has about five guys all with shovels in hand and I had to concede that possibly we would get be getting out and about.

No one was on the roads and we had so much fun.

We went to the mall and did circle 8’s in the snow. We came home and ended up walking to High’s for dinner.

It was beautiful with the snow falling and I felt so close too my daughter.

I met someone, another LOVE BOMBER (85)

She said she was moving back to Key West too become an escort.

I guess I had LOST the rights to be in control and everything was spiraling.

She stayed with her friend and her father, because her dad and his new friend were too strict on her.

She met her future husband and the rest as they say is history.


Inside Out


This picture (Alexandre Laurin) brought back a bit of nostalgia.

[Note: Photo has no direct affiliation to this post and is being used for artistic purposes only]

How many of us remember sitting in a room like this ?

A place where we felt confined day in and day out. Five days a week.

School Days.

Thank goodness for the windows, where our minds could wander and we could silence the drill of whatever the teacher was projecting to us.

The knowledge we would need to survive what was waiting outside the windows.

Life, with IF always in the middle with all it’s twists, turns, ups and downs

Comparable to a favorite roller coaster ride at the County Fair

Everyday we are constantly learning, we never stop

School is in recess

We continue to play the game

Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Martz

Hologram State of Mind

Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing. —T. H. Huxley



Every cell in our body enfolds the entire cosmos. So does every leaf, every raindrop, and every dust mote, which gives new meaning to William Blake’s famous poem:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.


Dreams and daily thoughts on the perception of reality; is after all our very own seasoned views in a hologram state of mind.

What IF Everything is a hologram ? Just a projection of our Universal reality.

Thinking about the Nasa Christmas lightshow that no one has mentioned in any way.
Did anyone see it ?

Was it Nasa’s very own Hologram?

The strangest version of all parallel universe proposals is one that emerged gradually over 30 years of theoretical studies on the quantum properties of black holes. The work culminated in the last decade, and it suggests, remarkably, that all we experience is nothing but a holographic projection of processes taking place on some distant surface that surrounds us.

You can pinch yourself, and what you feel will be real, but it mirrors a parallel process taking place in a different, distant reality.

Movies and other media associated with Holographic themes:

Among the more easily recognized are The Matrix (Illusion)

 The Thirteenth Floor (Simulation)


the Holodeck (Grids) in the TV series Star Trek

 Second Life an Internet game

and The Holographic Universe a 1991 book by Michael Talbot

Movies with Holographic themes:

What Dreams May Come

Vanilla Sky

The 5th Element

The Minority Report

Dark Man



The Time Machine (Remake)

The Dark House

Iron Man 3-D

Total Recall

Blade Runner

Star Wars

Source of references:

Shift of Consciousness

Browser Updates~Be Ware or you may be Weary



Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95 m

Chrome and Firefox Browser updates.

Troubles abound with UTUBE downloads in Chrome, Real Player updates and ADOBE Flash.

I first noticed there was a major problem when I clicked on the Download This Video in Chrome while browsing in UTUBE.

It sorta of popped up and just as quickly disappeared with no download screen in site.

Nothing I tried worked and then I read posts where it mentioned it would NOT work in the latest Chrome update. They are working on it and yep the check is in the mail somewhere scenario.

Google “what happened to Download this video in Chrome” and you will see I am not the only one with a few more gray hairs.

I got so frustrated that I uninstalled Real Player and now I am going to uninstall the REAL PLAYER downloader bullshit.

UPDATED OCTOBER 11, 2012: Chrome 22 (released on Sept. 26, 2012) does not currently support our Download This Video feature. At this time, the only solution is to use Internet Explorer or Firefox for downloading videos with RealPlayer.”

Disabling the pepper flash from Google did nothing. It still does not result in a “do you want to download this video” window.

It  worked before the latest update. You just went to your plug-in page and disabled it and wala, it was back.

Not happening this time around.

Back to Firefox for download helper which I have a registration key for~ dewelper, the best. No more balloons in the left hand corner of downloaded video.

I can live with no UTUBE video downloading in Chrome as long as it works just dandy in Firefox.

I did find another site that lets you copy the URL of any video and then download it from there. I tried it and it does work.

You can check that out here.

Keep Vid

Problems with Java after update. Tried updating my web pages in Page Builder and it kept telling me Java was not seen on my computer.

Uninstalled old Java sources.

Went into the register and cleaned any remnants of Real Player, Real Player Downloader, Java OUT.

Ran CCleaner again.

Reinstalled the latest Java Updates again.

Enabled in extensions and plug-ins in both browsers.

IExplorer is not EVEN in my zone.

All is good for now.

Oh and Click and Clean which has been my mainstay for browser cleaning along with CCleaner didn’t want to show options until I got the Java situation worked out.

Two days of bull crap all because of Chrome 23 and Firefox 17.01 updates.

I wish someone would get with the programming.

My head is spinning and my eye lids are drooping 🙂


Countdown to Christmas


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The lights do not twinkle in the snip…shucks

This is a Jacquie Lawson Alpine Advent Calendar. A special gift from my friend.

I posted it on Facebook as my cover picture and she asked how I did that. The following instructions instigated this blog post.

It won’t let you start the Countdown to Christmas till tomorrow. I did decorate my tree and do the puzzle of the village.

I love the Snow Globe Smile

I love the snipping Tool.


Ok, first there is a little tool called the Snipping Tool. Just go to START and type snipping tool in search in your computer and it will come up. I have mine handy on the bottom cause I told it too stay there. Then you have your picture of the tree and all and you do a Window~Prt Scr.

Window is the keyboard symbol that looks like a flag. The Prt Scr-SysRg is at the top of the keyboard on the right. Nothing at all will happen. Go to Paint and open it. On the left is a paste option, paste it, and there is the desktop picture. If it says Paste From you did something wrong. Go back to beginning.

You can do this with anything, web pages ,text anything. Make sure to save it with a name you can remember or a place in your computer like Christmas Pictures or something.

This is funny, you have indirectly gave me an idea to blog. I put a RSS feed from Feed-burner on my blog and I need to post a new blog too check it out. I subscribed to my own blog so it will show in my Google reader and will come in my email.

I made three iced coffee. Hand pressed, cheesecloth filtered, marinated 15 hours Cuban Bustello gunpowder java.

I mix sweetened condensed milk, half and half and some extra sugar for  added sweetness.

Ice and Shake.

Some body will be super charged tomorrow.

Rhea goes into work early.

Off to blog and then off to bed.