Flying into the Twilight


I love my dreams, especially the flying ones. This is a really good vid I found first on Vimeo and then Utube.


I have several postings on dreams. Lucid dreams and how to remember your dreams.

You can even stage your dreams. That’s an interesting concept.


Someone Else This Day


I drink so much iced tea and eat so much ice cream, what is wrong with me ?

A few glasses of wine. The kitchen is a mess, the floors are dirty. Someone drives me cross-eyed.

I thought I saved a neat Irish song for my creations and realize I dreamed it.

This is what came from my dream…I was in a boat , the smaller attached dingy capsized and many mementos were lost. A small shark was on the bottom in the sand once we made it to shore. It was a large boat, many were on it.

“Do not linger on what you have lost in the deluge, but with delicate balance ride the oncoming waves of change with optimism.”

Flow of Tao

I was just reading some of my favorite blogs. I came across this “wu wei” again. The art of wu wei, by doing nothing all will be done. Kudos to summersaid.

Excerpt from Go With The Flow

If person canoeing upon a river is paddling against, or across the current, he must exert a lot of energy. If the person turns his boat and point to move with the river’s current, he may need no action. He moves along effortlessly with the current., as the river “happens”.
Think  of the river current as a metaphor of how nature changes or flows. In Practicing Wu Wei one uses his experiential refined ability to recognize the way nature flows, and moves with it
Go with the Flow. Action in Harmony with the Tao and no action beyond that.
This is Wu Wei

Reminded me of this dream I had a while ago.

I can’t sleep. I believe my messengers visited me.
Some person’s and Rhea (she was a baby) went to this huge beautiful lake. It was calm and serene. We launched our wooden rafts and began our journey.
I was speaking to some of the other rafters and Rhea fell off the raft. I reached down into the water and grabbed her shoulder, moving my arm so as to get a grasp on her. I pulled her back on the raft.
That is when I noticed the other rafters’ were gone. We were alone.
The water was moving faster and I had to decide if I should turn back to the familiar and fight the current to get back to where we launched and the car awaited us.
It was also dusk and the water was playing tricks on me. I could not tell if I was making any progress.
I knew fighting the current would be hard as the obstacles to get through them the first time were daunting.
I decided to let the raft go with the flow, the current moving forward.
Going back was familiar but going forward had many unknowns.
Was there a huge cascading waterfall that would envelop us and take us over the edge ?
I no sooner thought it, we were swept up in a whirlwind of liquid energy. The waterfall vortex moved us swiftly and tossed and turned us, we separated.
When I came up from the bubbles I looked up to the bank and I saw Rhea there, she was older and she was being wrapped in white warm linens by complete strangers.
I woke up.

“If you prefer to go with the flow“, slipping like water around all types of physical and mental obstacles… you might be a Taoist.”

Grandma’s Busts

The sky tram was filled to capacity. We were hopeful that we would be hired for the newest and most extravagant eatery on the mountain. As the tram pulley ascended and took us to our destination, we viewed the most exquisite scenery. We could see the new dining area in the distance located inside the side of the mountain. The palm filled terrace overlooked a huge lake that glistened like diamonds. It seemed almost surreal.


I was one of the first to have an interview. It went well and I was told to prepare for the night’s opening. Diners were already escorted off the trams and being led to there tables.

I was intrigued with my new boss. After the shift we had to wait in long lines to tally out and be cleared for tram descent. I was singled out and told to meet him at his office. Nervously  I went and spoke of the evening.  The wonderful travelers I had met and served. I told him I had confused things for myself by entering on each ticket the same group name. I was supposed to put a different name on each ticket. That helps in case a order is returned or I am to busy to deliver it myself. Every ticket I wrote at the bottom and top had the words “Grandma’s Busts”.  My boss had a great laugh from that one. He handed me a envelope and said the contents were to be used however I wished. Inside was a key with a number on it. I realized it was a dock key and he said I was too meet him at a certain time and we would have an adventure. He insisted I dress elegantly. He had also enclosed a unlimited expense credit card for me to purchase whatever I wished.

I left his office feeling very special. The others were still waiting in the lines as I walked past.

I did not know what the adventure would be but I did know it was on the water. I went to one of my favorite Vintage stores and picked out a beautiful dress. It was backless so no need for a bra. I knew the wind would catch it and show off my sexy undergarments. My knee high leather boots were accentuated with eagle metal taps and clicked every step I took. I bought a small bag that held the new bathing attire I purchased. A simple white, interlaced with fiery red chili peppers appliques on it .



I was excited. I went to the dock and searched for the key number. My eyes focused on the beautiful vessel that appeared in front of me. It was a huge boat. I stood on the dock and there he was. He was dressed in a smoking jacket and I could smell the aroma of Captain Black, the sweet smoke perpetuating the air.

He reached out his hand and helped me onboard. The table was set. Wine ready to be poured and enjoyed in the finest crystal goblets. A soft tempo of music played throughout the quarters. He complimented me on my style of dress for the evening. He reached under a table and removed a box. He gave it too me and requested that I open it. Inside were the most beautiful black velvet slippers. They were called “Cynthia “ slippers. They felt like heaven on my feet.

The boat was in motion, as the pink and lavender hues of sunset were filling the evening sky. He said dinner would be served when we arrived at our destination. He handed me a chilled glass of Indigo Moon Pinot Grigio vintage wine and offered me  hors d’oeuvres.

The first taste reminded me of the aromas of apple, sea breeze, and pineapple. My favorite things 🙂

For some reason my thoughts kept repeating over and over, as the saying goes “its not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean”

This man was making all the appropriate motions and I was impressed.

It was dark now and the faint glow from the boat chambers was very romantic. He led me to another area of the boat. We entered a room with a lovely Jacuzzi bubbling over. Rainbow lights accented the ambiance. We sit on the edge and continued drinking our wine and communicating.

I excused myself and changed into my new fiery bikini. We lowered ourselves into the warm and soothing water.

I am now wondering about our destination. I hear persons talking. We are docking. There is a helicopter awaiting us. We go on aboard and are situated for take off. It is a short trip as we are now on a runway and a jet is being fueled for our continued adventure.

The jet is a private one. We settle in by watching a movie on the full screen. Of course more wine and various snacks are offered and consumed. It is dark as I look out the windows of the aircraft.

He shows me to my sleeping area and says a nap might be good for us. I love naps. Napping on a flight to an unknown destination is an interesting concept.

The bright sunlight awakens me. It looks amazing from my perspective.

I hear the planes gears go into action and know landing is on the agenda.

We are in France.

A car awaits us and we travel through the wine country and towering fields of sunflowers  and full blooming lavender.


Champ de lavande, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France (field of lavender in Provence)

We stop at a winery on the outskirts of Providence. Our dinner consists of freshly baked breads, cheese, more wine and local delicacies.


Afterwards we are off to Paris and the Eiffel Tower.


The Vintage shopping spree in Paris was unbelievable.

At my request he took me to

Didier Ludot : Didier Ludot is worldwide famous for his selection of (well-priced) Vintage including big names like Chanel, Balenciaga or Hermès. His impressive store, set in the historic galleries of Palais-Royal, can be intimidating. Prices are not for the faint-hearted, with tags reaching the thousands.

Vintage is basically recycling clothes, so on every level it’s clever, cheaper and better for the environment.

Besides Vintage never goes out of fashion.

What an adventure…

Oh by the way, this was but a dream Smile

Cash Flow Dream

I dreamed last night that I needed a ride. Two men on a motorbike picked me up and took me to a resort and dropped me off. I needed to use the bathroom. When I inquired, they said I needed to be a paying customer at the resort, be staying there or employed there. I applied and got a job at one of the many eatery‘s. This was a very fancy resort and I knew I would make great tips so I decided to rent a small room.

As I was walking to my room, I was looking down. There on the walkway was money. Lots of bills folded and some scattered in the same area. I looked over my shoulder at the same time I stooped to confiscate the bills and stuffed them in my pockets. I thought for a moment of turning in my found windfall, and then decided I would not. They would most likely keep it, so I figured I might as well be the ecstatic benefactor.

I immediately decided not to go on any spending sprees that would bring attention to my new-found gains. This was not just a few dollars. This was thousands of dollars. There were 20’s,50’s and 100 $ bills. I needed to get too my room to count it.

The resort was very crowded and it was hard to maneuver through the maze of persons. I went into flying mode and elevated off the ground. I went in and out of the maze smoothly and arrived at my room. My pockets were bulging from the money and I wanted to be out of sight and quickly.

Once inside my room I started counting the bills. There was almost $5,000. I kept thinking of the new camera and clothes I would buy once I returned home. I would tell no one about my good fortune. I knew if my live in BF knew he would want to double it in some kind of scheme.

That was not going to happen.

As if someone whispered in my ear, I woke from my dream.

The clock said 4:44.

Meaning of Dream:

A dream of finding money suggests that the dreamer is becoming aware of their intrinsic value to themselves and others, from a spiritual, rather than a material perspective. It can also indicate a recent success or imminent achievement in their waking life in which their self-worth is visibly manifested. Often this dream indicates that the dreamer possesses special artistic or creative abilities that they are in the process of becoming aware of. Sometimes the dreamer feels guilty when they find the money which may indicate that their self-esteem is currently lower than normal, and they should value themselves more than they currently do.

Dream Message
You are worth more than you think you are, and should not feel reticent about taking the chance to prove your value to yourself and others. As you become more aware of your own self-worth, you will become more confident at exploring opportunities in your waking life that are to your advantage.

Safe in My Cocoon

I am so glad I saved those two videos.The Phoenix and The Dark Night.

I sit here. I am relaxed enjoying a cup of chai tea and listening to the music.

Thinking of how we never see the beauty of the butterfly until it emerges from the safety of its cocoon.

Flying in the clouds @ Key West,FL

It’s so warm inside the cocoon. Like a mother carrying her child under her heart for nine months. Safe and protected.

The metamorphism of the butterfly takes place and the wings slowly open and there she is in all her glory.

New Life Cocoon


The woman goes into labor, a labor of love and pain. She delivers a child who cries out. Is the child crying because it no longer feels safe?

Of course not,the child cries for the life-sustaining air that we breathe.

Her tiny fingers and toes are fingerprinted and all vital statistics are recorded.Time, date, weight, general health.

The thing is she has already been fingerprinted from her creator. There is only one of her, unless of course she is an identical twin and that’s another one of life’s seemingly unanswered questions. Are twins fingerprints identical?

The world is her stage and now she has a major part in it. She is a lead role player in every scenario she creates.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

~ William Shakespeare

As she grows; others will create acts for her and she will have to make decisions as to participating.

Sometimes, I feel I am still in a cocoon. I retreat there sometimes, when I need to recharge my batteries. When I am in my space, my creative juices start flowing. So many thoughts, ideas go off in my head it feels like someone has turned the light switch on.

When I sleep, I still feel as if I am in this amazing place, where my dreams can take me away to far away lands and I can fly over oceans and mountains. My favorite dreams are dreams within a dream; as in lucid dreaming.


“Your mind is apt to be challenged, Dear Scorpio, by a strong force that is calling on you to lift off the ground and take flight. More than likely there is a strong person or situation that enters the scene today to remind you of the importance of the imagination. Don’t get so fixed in your position that you fail to see the benefits of other ways of looking at the same thing.”

Sometimes I plan my dreams. Ok, I have pulled up the elusiveness now and I just wanted to add that before sleep I asked the universe for dreams to come and I was thinking about kissing and relating on a more feeling mode instead of sexually.

The dream came…


I went to sleep at 4 am with Purrby cat by my side. Inside my dream I was awakened to a room full of persons that I had no knowledge of ever seeing or meeting. The window was wide open and the curtain was the only pertinent thing in the room, it was here (my apartment) but it had been totally transformed.

There was emptiness to the room as in pictures and material things, very plain. The persons were beautiful in form and small kittens were scattering about. They were not in good health from being outdoors and were cuddling with Purrby.

On a whiteboard the words, “Welcome to Sunpar’s Journey to Jupiter ” in 3-D was written. The crop music was playing. I was being touched and caressed simultaneously by many hands. The touch filled me with intimidation and I was told to relax and enjoy these things bestowed upon me.

One man in particular was a leader of sorts and in my mind I assumed that he at some time had been with these other woman. I remember hovering over the group in suspended animation and being moved in different directions by persons moving there hands. My ex was here and at first seemed to be upset that so much attention was centered on me; until a lady chose him and they melted into a long kiss, a passionate one.

All the while my interest was in wanting this man. Everyone said I was holding back that I had to give in to my feelings but that it was not time for this specific man. He touched me in ways that consumed and absorbed my soul, I felt very connected to him. Then all of a sudden we were in time transported to another place. It was like a big yard and I had to winky tink. I walked to the canal and he was there and we winky tinked together.

He held me and told me to release my desires and then he gently kissed me. I desired more but not yet were his words. Everyone had laptops and were connected to a site that said the words about Sunpar and Jupiter, many zillion of years (2165) into the future.

There are messages that I am trying to remember that concerned me. Look inside is coming through and don’t hold back, go.

The dream is fading now but remnants of me coming back here. The apartment was all cleaned up and no evidence of my past life was here. It was clean and functional yet very basic. The door opened this time as the window had been sealed off to outsiders and he walked in. He took me in his arms and told me to CRY, to let everything fall on his shoulders.

It was not to be sexual in nature, but about feeling and touch. Then slowly a new group of persons that had gotten news of this group came in the room, they came in through unknown portals.

The kittens, slipping in under the door stripping were back all clean, playing and scattering about as kittens do. Like wee children let loose at the playground. It was a reunion again and even though I did not KNOW these persons they felt like my family and we connected on all levels of communication and oneness.

Dream Ends

I love my dreams 🙂 They are always in color. Years ago I was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and I had the worse nightmares imaginable. I quit taking that crap.

What the Bleep Do We Know ???

That was an extraordinary movie. I have not taken prescribed meds since watching it.

That’s what the Bleep I know.