Key West and Corona

Haven’t posted for a while

Key West opened up our main Highway 1 as of June 1st.

We now have over 230 cases in Key West alone.

A mandatory face mask has been amended and states they must be worn at all times and all places.

No one likes it, especially the tourists.

We were in Lockdown mode for over three months and had just 41 cases.

Wildfire is upon us.

We are so small a Island.

Just a 2 x 4 with the Gulf and the Atlantic surrounding us.

We care about our home.

Others visiting should honor and respect our guidelines.

If not, another closure is inevitable.

Our grocery shelves are still rather bare.

We do have toilet paper.


“Did you hear the ice is melting? It’s fallin’ into the sea

And the oceans are rising Little by little by little

I just want to ask you Where do you want to be when Those waves come crashing down?

A big change is comin’ A big change is comin’ I can feel it comin’ on”




The Simple Ways

Time is but an illusion.
Blessings ❤️🐾
Stay safe and well

Much Love and Compassion to those who are suffering now.

The families who have lost loved ones without being able to say proper goodbyes.

May a greater understanding come of all this pain we have endured and may we continue to always have hope in our hearts that this too shall pass.

The Simple Way
I don’t know if I dreamed it, but I woke up and turned the local Keys News on.

I must have been dreaming because I do not even have that station.

The alert said that they were closing off Key West Old Town for repairs.

Only persons on bicycles and mopeds allowed.
The City bus that makes the Duval Loop would be rerouted.

It would actually be like back in the 70’s and before.

Larger motels off Duval would be renovated and become rentals for our locals who keep this Island going.

Restaurants of every known cuisine would prosper.
No more rip off stores.
No more endless displays of novelty shops. The ones that charge extravagant prices to persons that want a piece of Paradise.

Spring Breakers and the constant influx of Snow Folks..
Miami folks would find it a less desirable destination.

Fantasy Fest would go back to what it actually was meant too be.
Something to look forward too during slow revenue times.

Children could once again have a park and swimming pool.a skating rink and things to do here.

So many Mom and Pop stores, small businesses could open again and thrive without having threats of foreclosure looming in the future.

Yes, I suppose a Utopia, a pipe dream of the old Key West.

Where everyone knew your family name.

No more homeless laying on Duval, panhandling is a lucrative enterprise.

One Human Family would take on a new and welcome
We have a rich and diverse population.
Conch’s, Fresh Water Conch’s, Cuban, Latino’s, Bohemian, Jamaican, Haitian.

Key West has so much unique history.

The stories.

Pirates to Graveyard.
They stack persons now at the Key West Cemetery that do not want to be cremated. Above ground.
There is no more room at the Final Inn.




The Grotto

The Overseas Flagler Station Railway to Key West

Postcard Collection

We have to many accidents now.
Too many deaths.
Too many cars.
If things stay the same, their will be only the very rich that will have a place here.
Where we all relocate too is the ?

Ghosts that still linger.

New Town has new roads and traffic lights along with numerous new hotels on the Blvd.

In the interim Stock Island would now be called and known as The New and very much Updated Key West.

Key West downtown will be Old Town reinvented.

New Town will be known as in The In-Between

New extravagant hotels at the marina, new roads and new greenery planted and thriving in the medium strips.
More traffic lights and stop signs at various intersections.
A brand new CVS just a shot away with free delivery.
It has been renewed so much the past few years even Old Town delivers to higher end establishments in Stock Island.

Not mentioned in the news is the rise in murders, drug overdoses, missing persons.
We are a money making tourist industry.
Bad news vs publicity does not make for lucrative tourism.

Just Saying

Cynthia J.
April 16 2020

My thoughts:

Maybe going back in time too the way Key West was is not such a bad idea.

Our 2 x 4 Island has become even more greedy than ever it was.
It is overcrowded with the influx of Snowbirds and Tourists from everywhere in the world.
Cruise ships that pollute our waters.

We use to have so called Seasons, not like your regular Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall.
We planned for them by saving up for the lean times.
I was a server here from 1992-1998.
Than I worked at Publix Deli and Home Depot.
I retired in 2011.
I can not afford to go out too eat or enjoy any of the many activities here.
But, I am happy and content in my piece of Paradise.

I still have my cat China. Hamster MuMoo, Guppies galore, and 5 birdies.
The smell of the blooming flowers, fresh mangoes this time of year, the water, the cool breeze.


The Iggy’s.

The Roosters.


Everyday is almost always the same.
Mostly sunny and warm, with an occasional rainstorm.
Now it all seems to blend.

Cross_Sky_Shot_WM copy

It is rather eerie here now.

On lock-down with the Corona 19 Virus.

Streets are empty for the most part.

Kots Homeless Shelter is like Hotel California. If you enter you can never leave.
It is nearly empty.
The homeless wonder the streets like zombies in the Walking Dead.

Bodies found on main streets. Only locals have privy to this. It is never in the mainstream News. With no tourists, panhandling has come to a complete halt.
They refuse to be in lock-down. Even with three meals a day. Most say it would be as if they were incarcerated.

Long time Conch’s have been literally forced out.

Rent is so high for regular folk they need three jobs or three roommates with three jobs to even contemplate staying.
Where there is Water the developers come and take out what affordable housing is left.
One bedrooms $$$ usually costing nearly $ 3-4,000 just to secure it.

First, Last and Security. If you have a pet another $500 upfront
Than add on utilities.

No one ever said living in paradise was cheap, but it has gotten so greedy even businesses close after a few months of struggling to stay a float.
There is no more housing available.
The wait list is 5 years or more from the time you sign up.

On Saint Patty’s Day I walked with my daughter and a friend around the area of the Hogfish. It was right before the City locked down.

I thought this photo made a unique point.

It.s like WTF is happening to our World ???

right_Before_lockdownSaint Patty day



4 20 Wedding

It’s been a whirlwind of activities.Trips from Key West to Orlando.The Bridal Shower back in Feb,than the Rehearsal Dinner,Prep Day,Wedding and reception in April.

The most beautiful and extremely planned wedding in all it’s details and grandeur.

My Granddaughter took the reigns and did such a awesome and wonderful job.

I made several videos on my UTube Channel

This one is amazing.

April 20 2019 Trailer from Cristian Osorio on Vimeo.

Mile Marker 0

Or add hard times to hard times and being kicked out of hotels here paid by Fema because incoming tourists have reservations. Doesn’t matter that they still have no place to go.








Who is going to be here to serve these Tens of thousands visitors ?

Who wants to be served from someone who doesn’t have bathroom facilities to shower before work; after sleeping here and there.

Most have nowhere to live, other than their car or a tent.

Or add hard times to hard times and being kicked out of hotels here paid by Fema because incoming tourists have reservations. Doesn’t matter that they still have no place to go.

Persons are leaving in Droves. The service industry especially. Makes you wonder what  they have in mind for that issue ?

Oh Right,tourist dollars.

It really is a CRUEL world we live in at times.

Everyone out for themselves.

Seems like the bad guys always make out like thieves in the night, and the good guy always gets the bad end of the stick.

Some call it GREED.

Some call it BUSINESS


Irma~Gone With the Wind

The Featured Image has changed a bit. After IRMA I have just one beautiful Palm to appreciate from my kitchen window.

Today marks an entire month since Irma hit us as a Category 4 Storm. She didn’t just smack, she destroyed.
The Grotto of Saint Mary’s in Key West,Florida is said to protect us.

I now am a firm believer of this.


Photo by Cynthia Martz


Court House Photo Credit ~ Shaun Wilson

The Linesman from many States including Colorado, Michigan were Here and got us up and running within 8-10 days. Very thankful for all their hard work and dedication.

On the Blvd (North Roosevelt)


Those from MM 10 and straight through the rest of the Keys Island Chain on into Georgia did not take IRMA as easily as we did.

Houses were completely blown off their concrete bases, cars floated upside down in the storm surge. Trees totally uprooted, debris scattered hither and yond.

The State Parks especially Bahia Honda took major devastation. It is a void wasteland with huge boulders hindering the roads to see the damage it done.
Such a beautiful park that I have spent many Sunday’s at over the years with my daughter and grandkids. Extended family and friends.





It will take some time to repair this beautiful sanctuary.

Photos from Key West.


Little Dove Photo by Cynthia Martz


Iguana Trees


The recently renovated Dion’s on the Blvd.

Two tornado’s made a path down North Roosevelt.

True, we were spared much devastation but it did in deed put a dent in the Ole Conch Shell. We lost some of our oldest Banyan and Gumbo Limbo Trees.


Photo Credit by Captain Tony’s daughter

“The Giving Tree”   is one of Silverstein’s best-known children’s books became a “Taking Tree,” destroying one of Key West’s literary landmarks.


Martello Towers on the BLVD left a shambles.

The Bat Tower, gone.
The spirit of the locals (Key West) and the ones that evacuated and came back are persons that truly care about their little piece of paradise.

One day at a time.

After the four Storms that came back to Back in 2005 we have been spared.

Our Lush foliage and green trees were just coming back. Twelve years later we begin a new.

Others lost their entire homes, possessions and years of struggling. Gone with the Wind. Their homes were not so fortunate.


Big Pine Key MM 30-32


Trailer in Big Coppitt Key MM 10

So many effected by earthquakes in Mexico, savage storms in Puerto Rico and neighboring Islands.

Thankful for all the lives spared.

Blessings to all of those who lost a loved one.

Mother Nature.

No matter where you live, there is always something that concerns us weather wise.


It is cycles the Earth passes through, a cleansing of sorts.

Doesn’t make it any easier to cope with the aftermath of such onslaughts.

Source of quote

“Is global warming a natural cycle? Or is global warming affected by human influence? What does the science say? Both are true. In the natural cycle, the world can warm, and cool, without any human interference. For the past million years this has occurred over and over at approximately 100,000 year intervals. About 80-90,000 years of ice age with about 10-20,000 years of warm period, give or take some thousands of years.”

Irma Key West Sept 9th 2017

This unbelieveable
One bank open, and now this
KEY WEST- Points of distributions for food and water will close after tomorrow.

Our Blue is ONE of the Best for getting The True Blue Out.

This video was excellent footage and you just don’t really see it on the news.

I seen it with my own eyes.

I have lived in Key West for 25 years.

I did not evacuate.

Several vids I took of the storm from my bedroom window with hurricane proof windows. The structure is able to sustain wind power up to 150 miles per hour. The two tornadoes that came with added to the nightmare.

Been through many Hurricanes and this one has put a BIG dent in the Ole Conch shell.

Crop_Conch 1

When I see the destruction starting at MM 10 I can only feel tears streaming down my face.

These persons worked their entire lives for just a small piece of Paradise.

Three Facebook pages stood out, “Key West Hurricane Irma,” “Key West Watch Media” and one titled simply “Hurricane Irma” kept the local information flowing.

It is day 11 after Irma hit Key West as  a Cat 4. It than proceeded to devastate every Key after us and all the way up, left a path of destruction,chaos,and mayhem.

They are calling it the Storm of the Century.

You would have to have evacuated very far North . Out of Florida entirely to have not felt the effects one way or the other.

The worse part.

We had no communication with the outside world.

It was as if Key West no longer was here nor the 8-10,000 that did not evacuate.

Family and friends left voice messages that went unanswered.

No way to let them know we were alive.

The only source of information in the Lower Keys was US1 Radio, which had taken several precautions to remain on air.

The radio station gets its name from the 113-mile highway connecting Key West to the tip of Florida; Irma damaged the road so badly that portions weren’t passable for days, cutting off Key West and other keys from the mainland.

The ONLY Local station (shoutout to 101.4 )and their remarkable and diligent team kept us tethered to battery-powered radios. They kept us in the Loop running on generator power.

Gas was running out quickly. Shelves empty, even if they were or could open.

gridlock on the roads throughout the State of Florida.

A massive evacuation was ordered from Miami and the Gulf coast. Nothing could reach us in the form of needed water and supplies. Nothing open, gas out.

The Navy ships set to be our Lifesavers were unable to safely bring supplies in. Hindered by all the debris and destroyed boats in the Port of Key West.

The State of Florida is declared a disaster area.

Huge Kudo’s to the Red Cross, City Electric and the Linemen that came in from Michigan and Colorado.

We as ONE HUMAN Family gets the biggest shout out of all.

Everyone banded together. What one person needed another had ; it went both ways.

Curfews and our diligent Police Force kept issues to a minimum.

Those that evacuated Key West were allowed to come in this past Sunday the 17th. They were told to be self-sufficient, bring what they needed in daily upkeep supplies. The agenda involved inspecting their homes and make decisions on the options available.

Temperatures were in the 90’s almost everyday.

Today almost fully charged in the City of Key West. Water still has to be boiled.

Some photos I took.


On the Blvd


Linemen in force and ready


Stock Rock trailer


Cow Key Bridge into Key West (Snapped concrete pole with rebar. Amazing storm power…


Uninhabitable trailer

The Photo of the Court house

(Credit Shaun Wilson)



They even evacuated some special roosters

(Source Unknown)

Than I put my camera away, it was just to depressing to see our tiny 2 x 4 Island I have called HOME for 25 years so devastated.

Like a beautiful canvas that Mother Nature deluged with  water and wind.

Hearing so many heartfelt stories of rescues, of human and animal life.

The good yet with so much sadness and loss.

I just took the garbage out. It is overflowing at the dumpster and stinks so bad you have too very quickly close your front door. The odors come right on in and make your nose go into overload. Seriously it smells so bad, rotting food, possibly animals.

Mail and needed care packages from family and friends hopefully will be delivered by the 25th. One bank open.Other Banks will open soon, some ATM’s working. Some places accepting only the green.

I did not evacuate because of my love for all my animals. The unbearable thoughts of leaving them behind. I was SUPER prepared but I found I wasn’t as prepared as I will be for the next one.

I precooked everything in my freezer before the electric went out at 11:04 PM September 8th .

Takes less propane to heat.

After the gas, propane and brisket were used up we used twigs and made fires.

I am considering relocating, too where and how I have no clue.

I survived this Beast. Two  purr babies, 7 birds and my Hamster Black Bear.

Blessings and renewed hope for all that are effected by this storm. The ones before and the ones too come.

The Ones that are putting the Conch Shell back together.

The Aftermath is on a new Path

Latest Update September 19,2017

Source Monroe County BOCC


Much Love, empathy and concern.

Hurricane Andrew ~25 Years Ago Today

On this day 25 years ago…

On the evening of August 24th 1992 Hurricane Andrew Category 5 hit hard and relentless. It missed Key West by about 60 miles. The devastation and death toll was highly underscored by the government.

The hurricane also tore through aviaries, Miami MetroZoo, Monkey Jungle and businesses that peddled exotic animals. That damage unleashed hordes of monkeys, wild birds, llamas, vipers, cougars, gazelles, and, according to some reports, one lion

Today 25 years ago, exactly a month after my arrival in the Keys.

Hurricane Andrew devastated the lower Florida coast, notably Miami and Homestead, missing us by a mere 50-60 miles.


Source: Miami News


Key West Grotto
Personal Photo Collection

They say 65 person died in the storm of the century.

A storm of such magnitude and devastation, such catastrophic destruction only killed 65 persons.

Not believable any way you may look at it.

Guess they did not consider all the illegal persons, undocumented farm workers in the Everglades and surrounding area’s that were missing.
The minimal caretakers of hospitals, zoos and so forth.

I will never forget the stench of death as we drove my grandson to the Miami Hospital for his surgery.

Driving through Homestead it literally looked as if a bomb had been dropped.
Everything was barren of life, just flattened out like a pancake.

My grandson was only 5 years old.

The hospital was empty of persons and personnel, like a tomb of sorts, a hollow echo.

The papers filled with page after page of missing loved ones.
1,000’s and even double, even triple that were gone in a flash, blown and swept out to sea, the Everglades.

Those that were found never had a proper burial and were disposed of in mass graves.

The Media will say anything as their comments in the news “Florida sunshine is open,we are still here.”

This regrettably contradicted and misaligned with the Billboards signs asking “Have you seen my Loved one?”

Those that hunkered down and did not heed the evacuation orders were left on their own. Everything closed. The hospitals, police protection.

We belonged to that group.

A bit of wind that knocked several coconuts to the ground.
Loss of electric, phone service was our fate.

After an amazing four hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Jeanne, Ivan) hit Florida in 2004, you would think the following year wouldn’t be as bad.

Then Dennis, Katrina and Wilma all made landfall as hurricanes in Florida during the historic 2005 Hurricane Season.

Rita passed south of the Florida Keys that year, but did produce significant storm surge flooding in Key West.

Hurricane Wilma was quite the experience. No electric for 9-10 days. The Storm Surge brought massive Flooding from the Gulf and The Atlantic saying a Howdy Do.


Source: Keys News

Many of our beloved trees were ripped apart during 1998 Hurricane George.


Personal Photo Collection

and Hurricane George took out Houseboat Road, which made the City Government of Key West very happy indeed.

Clip from the Keys Newspaper

Summer SnowCones

drizzled in coconut and a splash of strawberry.

Feature photo I call Google Earth Shattered.

Time to Reboot.

A very hot day on the 14th of June at 6:10 PM and still 86 °

Calls for :

(Hopefully no more rain and lightning strikes)


A shaved snow cone from “The Rock” drizzled in coconut and a splash of strawberry.