Life’s Canvas

I have been in a super creative mode and have neglected my blogging.

Dreams have been so intriguing. Seeing my loved ones that have passed on has been very insightful.

My design mode has set in. Birthdays, baby showers and other celebrations of life have triggered new designs and practical from the heart gifts.

I designed this for a five year old. I used rawhide for the handle, a pair of old jeans that I cut the pocket from. Added some heart beads. She loved it. I also made the little fabric lined jewelry box for her.


For the baby shower I burned a mix of lovely baby music and lullabies. I want to find the perfect frame for a photo creation I did in Photoshop. I have a few dandelion decals I will put on the frame. Sort of a 3-D effect should materialize Smile


Alice_Late_Verse copy

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I pasted the fairy on the picture and added my thoughts on blowing on a dandelion.

Source of originals unknown.

My sister is turning 67 and I designed this one for her.



Peace within, or your lack thereof, always affects those around you.
When you choose peace within, others see that they too have this choice.

This is a wonderful gift.

Open Daily.

Cramped Energies


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Photograph Source Unknown

The sounds of the old floor boards in the house creaked; as he stealthily walked to the cellar where the eerie sounds came from.

It was a old farm house with the dilapidated unused, side porch in view of our kitchen. The weed overgrowth was tangled and the vines grew uncontrollably up the sides.

We entered the house from the summer kitchen on the other side. The front entrance was in bad shape. The front door was for the most part unhinged and the porch was missing wooden planks.The winding wooden stairway from the front entrance was unstable, but sliding down the banisters was a great past time.

My sisters and I laid in our beds and watched his shadow and the gun he carried in his hands.

Earlier that evening we watched as he sit at the kitchen table with his head in his hands, depressed, thinking of the tribulations he endured in World War 11. A small glass of wine was in front of him.

He did not drink…something was different.

The house we lived in was huge. In the winter’s the entire bottom floor was seldom used to conserve heat.

On many occasions we witnessed various entities, visitors from another realm. Doors opening, lights flickering and apparitions of persons in flowing white robes.

The gunshot rang out  in the silence of the night.

Our minds went haywire thinking of different scenario’s. The after effects.

He had entered the cellar and found where the sound was coming from. The discharge of the gun frightened us. We pulled the covers over our heads and waited, shivering in fear.

What ever it was, no longer existed. Perhaps a squirrel or other rodent that had gotten stuck in the cramped floor boards.

Maybe, it was something else.

Years later the home was renovated and made into apartments. The visitors never left.

They were home.

Spirit Travelers


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….The look on my Dad’s face was stern and perplexed. My Mother had that half-smile with the bluest twinkle in her eyes.

It was mid morning. My younger sister and I had moved to New York City that summer. We had rented a small ground level apartment next to a bakery. The windows were covered in wrought iron. The ceilings were like those in a church and the huge skylights let the bright morning light shine into our realm; much to our dismay on a morning such as this.

Edie and I had went out the night previous. New York City Nights…We brought late night “Party Till” persons back to our place. The beds had been used but not for sleeping.

Going to sleep was not an option; as the parents were coming in on the morning train. Morning had already begun, as I sit on my bum in the loo contemplating the day ahead.

As I read some old news from our news rack, I heard Edie say “Do you think we could go BY a grocery and stock up on their favorites including Mom’s biscuits and dad’s sausage he loved”

This made me laugh hysterically and I replied “ Do you really think we can afford to BUY a grocery”

She did not seem as amused as I was.

The windows had all  been opened. Our over night guests vacated our castle just a few hours before. We didn’t want any lingering odors of smoke, burnt pizza or  other contraband greeting the folks bright and early.

My legs were numb. I had sat too long in the loo. The curtain to the window was blowing slightly. I could hear the street sounds and smell the bread already in the ovens. The morning rush of city dwellers and out of city subbers had begun.

That’s when I noticed Mom and Dad standing outside the window.

They had arrived earlier then we expected.

“A true spirit visitation dream supports the notion that a loved one is never far away, guiding and contributing to the life of the dreamer. It eases the longing for re-connection and inspires faith in an afterlife. Guiding souls are not on a spiritual platform above us looking down but are invisibly amongst us blessing us daily with their love and offering a helping hand.”

Quote above from unknown source.

Green Tea Blues

500 year old green tea fields, Boseong, Jeolla...
500 year old green tea fields, Boseong, Jeollanam-do, South Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just woke from an afternoon nap where I was jumping into trains filled with food.

Just before napping I was writing in my food intake journal. I write down everything I eat during the day. Eating very healthy, no snacks, no soda’s, no bread, lots of fruit and fresh veggies.

I have lost, are you ready? One pound!!!!

I went to pour myself a glass of the fresh green tea concoction I made yesterday.

I did not have my glasses on. I was so thirsty.

I poured my glass, added ice and took a huge swallow.

I nearly choked not comprehending why it tastes so horrible.

I reached into the fridge to get the full gallon out. Just before I poured it down the drain I tasted it.

It was wonderful.

That’s when the realization hit me that the glass I had poured the tea into the first time had about 3/4 of sea salt in it that I had been using for my cold with my Netipot.

Tea and sea salt is not a good taste sensation.

Recipe for Iced Green Tea Concentrate

4 Large Iced Tea sized Green tea bags (Bigelow)


7-8 Regular sized

3  Teabags of Moroccan Mint Tea (Bigelow)


1/4 cup Real Lemon juice

1 cup sugar

Several tsp. of wild honey

Bring the water to full boil in a filled quart size pan

Turn Off the heat

Place teabags for 5-7 minutes with lid on (Longer makes it bitter)

Remove teabags

Add lemon, sugar and honey.

Stir well

Combine with water to fill a gallon container.

Ice and Enjoy!

ID by Tattoo

I had a dream last night. It was disturbing. My identity had been stolen.  All of my personal information was gone. My purse, license, bank cards. I was left with nothing. Not even clothes on my back. I must have been knocked out because when I came to conscience I was naked, in a fetal position in a squalor of debris and mayhem. Nothing was familiar too me.

I pulled myself up and found a garment to cover myself. It was damp and rain was falling, a light misty rain.

I walked out into the street. Many persons were milling about. I decided I would find a police station and file a report. Without any means of identification on me they told me they could post a picture. They inquired if I had any marks or tattoos that a person might recognize. Perhaps they could acknowledge that I was who I said I was.

My name and Social Security number seemed to be of no importance too them.


I told them of my tattoos and they took photographs and posted a bulletin.

This dream validated the purpose of my inks.

In this scenario, it was used to validate who I was.

U-verse Down~Accomplished Tasks

I woke early today. I had a mental list. But, first of course I check my email.

OH NO UVERSE Internet.


Then I check the TV to watch recorded shows.

OH NO ! TV…says it is updating and seems stuck in updating void. You would think a collaborate such as AT & T would have an off line mode. At least you could watch local TV and pre-recordings on the U-verse DVR.

But NO, it’s all connected and when it goes it goes. I thought about hooking up my DVR, but just too many wires. Perhaps it is time to cut the wires that bind. Thinking about alternatives.


I was thankful for my landline. I am not digitally connected by AT&T U-verse phone. No complete bundling here.

Oh, and my trusted cell phone. Alas I am not web connected on that one…I know I am old school Smile

My friend came over and I asked her to Google U-verse and she said there was a huge outage in the lower southern states. She said it was something about the IPv6 .

I will look into that later.

I start cleaning. I dust busted the insides of my computer. Cleaned the keyboard. Organized my folders and got rid of duplicate files. I redid my media playlists.

I am listening to “Soundscapes”

Still No internet.

I called and got this message:

There is a severe Internet outage, please do not call again, we are aware of the problem and working for a speedy recovery. We will notify you when system is restored. They did call and say it was fixed, but it wasn’t fixed on my end.

My castle is spotless, it smells of Simply Green. The bird cage grates are spotless too. The fish tank is clean. My  Siamese fighting fish (Indigo) is happy, it had been over a week since I did a water change.

*Note: See further down in my post

The cats are napping in there bunks.


All is well in my world.

Even without the Internet and TV Smile


Pictures property of © Cynthia Martz 2013


7:42 AM 1/23/2013
Finally. It’s back. The communication was way off with AT&T. Down an entire day in this technical savvy age. Unheard of. Not too mention the costs of having it in your home.

Somehow I was up till almost 6 am. I was finishing up with the organizing of my computer, then reading a pile of magazines that I hadn’t gotten around to. I actually pulled out my crayons and my coloring book.

I should scan my art and post it.

Many pictures files had just numbers, NO Names and thinking up descriptions for each one was a feat in it’s self.

At time’s I said the heck with it and did a bulk naming of different sets.

I never did like that idea much.

It was kind of special seeing all the pictures I have accumulated over the years.

I ran my clean up scans. Uninstalled programs that have bit the dust so too speak. Cleaned up the register (regedit). It took me a time to remember how to even get to that little gem.

So, looks like today will be a catch up day for TV recordings and what’s happening in the world.

A funny thing happened while the internet was down all day yesterday.

I was blogging about my day. I mentioned my fish and for the life of me could not remember what they were called.

I knew “Indigo” was a Betta but the scientific name eluded me.

I said “Just Google it”
Then it dawned on me that I didn’t have that option.

I looked in my book case and pulled my dictionary out. No help there. I needed the name too look it up.
Then I called the Pet Store. She was helpful, but seemed a bit put off by my calling to ask the name of Betta fish.

At first she told me “Betta Splendens” I said no, something else.

She said “I goggled it”
Then she said “Siamese Fighting Fish ” and I said “That’s it”.

I thanked her for her time and hung up.

They are probably still talking about the strange call they got late yesterday afternoon.

Most of us have gotten so used to having knowledge at our fingertips.The WEB we frequent is a highway of news, trivia, weather. A huge digital library of what ever you want to inquire about.

Just type a few chosen words or question and with a simple mouse click pages are presented us.

We choose.

I feel great with the way I relaxed when it all stopped abruptly.

My computer has never been cleaner and more organized. My home is spotless.

I have new playlists that I made with music I forgot I had.

I made a few new creations in Paint Pro and Photoshop.

I took a walk and took some great photography.

I created a few new UTUBES to upload at a later time.

I did two posts in my writer to edit later and blog on word press.

Connection, I was connected to Life,and it felt really good.

Inside Out


This picture (Alexandre Laurin) brought back a bit of nostalgia.

[Note: Photo has no direct affiliation to this post and is being used for artistic purposes only]

How many of us remember sitting in a room like this ?

A place where we felt confined day in and day out. Five days a week.

School Days.

Thank goodness for the windows, where our minds could wander and we could silence the drill of whatever the teacher was projecting to us.

The knowledge we would need to survive what was waiting outside the windows.

Life, with IF always in the middle with all it’s twists, turns, ups and downs

Comparable to a favorite roller coaster ride at the County Fair

Everyday we are constantly learning, we never stop

School is in recess

We continue to play the game

Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Martz