BunnyTime Sunsets and Zen

I spent the day 10 miles up the Keys on a canal. I was with loved ones and friends and it was an most awesome, spectacular day.

All photography was taken by me.

Surprise Visitors are the Best

Orlando Visitors

I am feeling so blessed too have seen my dear Ladybug. It was a quickie visit, spur of the moment.

They arrived around 3 in the afternoon the 23 rd of April and left at 9:45 AM this morning the 24 th.

I was on the phone with her shortly after my daughter went to work. The phone sound was set to a special ring but I thought it was her, so I answered.

It was my granddaughter. She asked me what I was doing and I told her making a pancake and she said “make me one.”

Well, that went over my head.

A little while later while we are still on the phone

Knock , KNOCK.

Later she told me she had been knocking a long time. I must have thought it was the kids trying to place their Hamsters and offspring for the third time in a week.

I would love one of their cages and great tubing, it would fit right in Bears castle. A second floor condo.

But, the animals came with a male named Gilbert (Not the father), an all black bear female named Marie and 7-8 babies.

They were selling the babies for $1.00 a piece. I said I would love to take them, but I just do not have the space.

But anyways I am walking to the door, telling her on the phone someone is at the door and walk phone in hand and answer it.

What a major wonderful blessed surprise. I laughed, I must have looked amazed, I cried, we hugged a long time.

Many glasses of iced tea and giving her the tops I had for her. The bright red flat saddle bag. She loved everything. We both decided the giraffes on one of the blouses were so unique . We agreed she should be put in a frame on display in her crafts room. I should have taken a photo of it. (Hindsight, not enough said on that one)

So happy.

I couldn’t stop talking or smiling.

Made Coffee and French Toast for breakfast.

Lazy Dog Day kayaking through the Mangroves and then back to Orlando.

I did get some great Canon Moments.

red signature with red tan heart

On the radio with DJ freshvintage

2Cynthia_Sig_Aqua copy~says

How did we get on this subject ? Vintage is the one thing I would desire too spend money on.

Remember what is new too you today will be worth some bucks in a Vintage Way years from now.

At any rate. The subject came up because a person posted a photo of his self with his appendage draped across a towel. He advertised it as a towel Holder for females only.

Seriously, I do not recall how we jumped on these two conversations.

I really thought it was a towel holder and wondered why he hadn’t given it to my daughter instead of selling it ?


In the meantime I hung Halloween witches, ghosts, pumpkins, and skeletons. Three of the plastic cats have already fallen.

Put catnip on the fake dog and mouse that is the size of Hempy and China was in fear for her life.

Guess she favors a real cat attack.

Source: On the radio with DJ freshvintage

2Cynthia_Sig_Aqua copy~says…I love the fangs

Just a Nicks Nudge

I loved flowing skirts, boots and hats. Still do.

Watching the latest episode of “American Horror Story” instigated a memory. It was a wonderful tribute to Stevie Nicks, or “the White Witch,” as Lily Rabe’s Misty Day called her. “take flight” when she sang along to the background song of     “Rhiannon”

Flying is what I want if I could pick a personal superpower.  Flying in dreams is great, but to truly take flight. I am contemplating.

Years ago  I was living in Michigan with my daughter. We were undulated by a Northern blizzard of snow that came off Lake Michigan. No one on the roads. She asked me if we could go out and play in the snow with the car. I thought too myself, and then told her “If you can get the car out from under the snow piled up on it, then yes, we could play.

An hour or so later after acquiring the services of several neighbor boys she came to tell me she was ready.

No one on the roads. Snow and wind blowing as we carefully made our way. We did circle 8’s in an empty parking lot. When we came back, we warmed up and she said she wanted to go to a little tavern. It was in Saint Joseph called “High’s Saloon” It was always Christmas ready all year round. Lights twinkled, trains huffed and puffed overhead, many pieces of memorabilia like TGI Fridays before they changed.

We walked through the snow, barely able to see and it was so cold.

On the way back she stopped and we did a bit of Christmas shopping at a small shop that had no other customers. Walking home we realized we had left our doggy bag with potato skins, nacho’s, my mouth was watering.

A few weeks later she presented me with  my gift. A life-size poster of Stevie Nicks. She knew I loved the “Nicks”

The Nicks Spin was what it was all about.

Stevie’s fashion sense became my own. It was part gypsy, medieval, gothic.

I loved flowing skirts, boots and hats. Still do.

This is all about the Spin Lady.

Gold Dust Woman


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Dylan Outtakes



The FreeWheelin Dylan


BOB DYLAN “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” record album.

This is a RARE one folks, to begin with it’s a white label PROMO radio station DJ copy that lists the four deleted tracks “Rocks And Gravel”, “Let Me Die In My Footsteps”, “Gamblin’ Willie’s Dead Man’s Hand” and “Talkin’ John Birch Blues”, but those songs are NOT on the record itself, it actually plays the songs as listed on the record album cover.


Bob Dylan
Let Me Die In my Footprints

I will not go down under the ground
“Cause somebody tells me that death’s comin’ ’round
An’ I will not carry myself down to die
When I go to my grave my head will be high,
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.

There’s been rumors of war and wars that have been
The meaning of the life has been lost in the wind
And some people thinkin’ that the end is close by
“Stead of learnin’ to live they are learning to die.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.

I don’t know if I’m smart but I think I can see
When someone is pullin’ the wool over me
And if this war comes and death’s all around
Let me die on this land ‘fore I die underground.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.

There’s always been people that have to cause fear
They’ve been talking of the war now for many long years
I have read all their statements and I’ve not said a word
But now Lawd God, let my poor voice be heard.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.

If I had rubies and riches and crowns
I’d buy the whole world and change things around
I’d throw all the guns and the tanks in the sea
For they are mistakes of a past history.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.

Let me drink from the waters where the mountain streams flood
Let me smell of wildflowers flow free through my blood
Let me sleep in your meadows with the green grassy leaves
Let me walk down the highway with my brother in peace.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.

Go out in your country where the land meets the sun
See the craters and the canyons where the waterfalls run
Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho
Let every state in this union seep in your souls.
And you’ll die in your footsteps
Before you go down under the ground.


My brother is what I like to fondly call the Mountain Man.

He camps in the great Pacific NorthWest. Pans for Gold, hunts Bigfoot and always has his dog Ripley by his side.

The man of many stories and adventures 🙂

My Bro Bigfoot Bob

Vintage Farm Revisited

All Photographs in this Gallery are the Property of Jenice Martz

Today I was thankful that I had been raised both frugally and lavishly. It taught me many life lessons. I can turn a dime and I can pinch one. The saying used to be a penny but you know inflation and all.

During my childhood we lived in a four room home with no running water and no indoor plumbing. It effected me. I was 12.

I can remember my mama making us rice and beans days in a row.
Turn that around and add a stroke of abundance.
My father was a hustler.
That entailed a hard day’s work or perhaps a win at the local pool
hall…My dad would say bring on the steaks.

I don’t remember ever going to bed hungry.I always was warm in the winter with two stoves to warm us. One was an electric gas stove, the other a kitchen wood burning stove.

I took nothing for granted because I knew of nothing better. The outdoors no matter what the weather was my refuge. Trees made to climb with nature designed limbs to get you to the top. 

Creeks to wade in during the hot summers and skate on in the frozen winters.

Perfect sled runs down hills and hills of freshly fallen snow packed by my Uncle’s snow plow and a drizzle of frozen rain.
Igloo’s of snow built into the side banks next to Grandma’s house. 

Croquet in the yard in the summer time with plenty of sweet Maryland iced tea to satisfy a thirst.

The smells of apple butter and apple cider being made at Butchering time. I can still see the huge vats of pig fat being made into cooking lard. The smoke wafting into the hot putrid air from the remnants of the slaughter. Preparing the humongous slabs of sugar-cured bacon and other parts too be cured in the smoke house.

The Good Old Days

Hidden Layers

I watched an old movie last night “Transsiberian” Filmed in Lithuania, with additional photography in Beijing and Russia.

The starkness of the black and white country side was the icing on the cake so too speak. I love suspense filled train movies. All the compartments one can hide in.

It made me realize I am missing my nesting dolls. Wonder where they are ?

In the movie they were used to transport Heroin.  I used to keep my stud earrings in them.







Love the Owls

souvenir matryoshka dolls

Favorite Quotes I liked From Transsiberian

“With lies, you may go ahead in the world, but you may never go back.”

Kill off all my demons, and my angels might die too.

The quote is from the movie Transsiberian, which mis-quotes Williams.  The original quote is:

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels” Tennessee Williams

Like an onion peel, each layer brings out another and another. The Dolls open and reveal a tinier version within until the infant appears as a single last piece.

“Life is like a onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep” Carl Sandburg

The onion metaphor has often been used to describe the process of delving into a person’s psyche. Layers are removed to reveal what is beneath, toward the core. The metaphor reflects the many layers that we have inside us. Most who use this metaphor suggest that peeling away the layers of the onion is the complete story. The assumption seems to be that the awareness that happens as the layers of the onion are peeled away changes people. Is it the tears? Is it some magical healing factor that happens by exposing what was hidden to the light of day? Is it revealing the possibilities waiting for expression in the undamaged inner core? Certainly knowing what is within is useful, but usually insight alone is not enough to make real change and to sustain it.

Rich Liotta ©2010

Strangers in a deranged land

By Roger Ebert
“Transsiberian” is (how shall I put this?) one hell of a thriller.

It’s not often that I feel true suspense and dread building within me, but they were building during long stretches of this expertly constructed film. It takes place mostly on board the Transsiberian Express from Beijing to Moscow, at eight days the longest train journey in the world. And it uses the train as an asset: The characters all have to be on here somewhere, don’t they?

The movie stars Emily Mortimer as Jesse and Woody Harrelson as her husband Roy. They’ve just finished working with poor kids in China on behalf of their church group. Roy is a train buff. I’ve known a couple, and they’re exactly like this: Thinking nothing of going out in the minus 23-degree cold of Siberia to check out an old steam engine. Emily, we learn, was a wild child when younger, is now clean and sober. Roy is a straight arrow. They love each other.

On board the train they meet another couple. Abby (Kate Mara) is confused 20-year-old runaway from Seattle. Carlos (Eduardo Noriega), 10 or 15 years older, is a charming Spanish traveler, who knows a lot about customs and passports.

From the moment Carlos sees her, he has his eyes on Jesse. She knows this. When they all get off the train, Roy and Carlos go to look at the steam engine, and Carlos fingers a long iron rod. Back on the train again, Jesse is startled to find her husband not in board. In a panic, she gets off at the next stop to wait for him, hoping he only missed the train. Carlos and Abby get off to be with her.

Already I’m feeling the fears of a stranger in a strange land. Tourists in Russia are welcomed where tourists go, but the Russians they meet in this movie are poor, bitter and hostile, starting with the venomous woman who is the “hostess” on their rail car. While they’re all waiting together at the next town, Carlos persuades Jesse to take a bus ride with him. Then they trek through a deserted snowy landscape to see an abandoned but indeed pretty Orthodox church. What happens there you will not learn from me, nor will I say much about later events.

Turns out Roy did merely miss the train. While laid over, he made friends with the Russian narcotics detective Grinko (Ben Kingsley, expanding his repertoire of ethnic characters). Grinko is friendly and confiding. But then certain questions arise, and Jesse is shaky at answering them.

The movie, written and directed by Brad Anderson (“The Machinist,” “Next Stop Wonderland”), is constructed with many of the devices and much of the skill of a Hitchcock. There is an interesting twist on Hitch’s “The Lady Vanishes.” Instead of one or more passengers disappearing, most of the train disappears. Jesse gets up, heads for the rear of the train, and almost falls out the back door to her death. From overhead shots, we know the train is very long. What happened to all the other cars?

This is one of those trips after which you post dire warnings on the net and file lawsuits — if you survive. The movie’s secrets are manipulated into a clockwork mechanism that grinds to crush Jesse and Roy, and Jesse keeps right on saying the wrong things.  She hangs onto her sobriety like a life raft, but she still has a reckless streak. Harrelson, an actor of so many notes, is here earnest and sincere, and too trusting. Kingsley bites like a knife. Noriega persuasively plays Carlos with all of his secrets, and Mara is a wounded runaway who Jesse believes is a “good person.”

Although the movie has several action sequences, not one is put in for effect. They all grow from the plot, and drive it — even, I would argue, the concluding train sequence, which is certainly improbable but makes a certain sense. Like all the best suspense movies, “Transsiberian” starts in neutral, taking the time to introduce its characters, and then goes from second into high like greased lightning. I was a little surprised to notice how thoroughly it wound me up. This is a good one.

Cast & Credits

Roy: Woody Harrelson
Grinko: Ben Kingsley
Jesse: Emily Mortimer
Abby: Kate Mara
Carlos: Eduardo Noriega