Maze of Dreams

A Dream Within a Dream ~ Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz

A Dream Within a Dream Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz

Going down this Memory Lane of my dreams so too speak, I realize I was always either working, flying or having to pee.


I also know my dreams were helping me.

I have read and reread these words over and over and again. I am in control of my addictions. I think dreams were giving me lessons on what life would be like if I should ever return to my old ways.

The crystals, the birds and my cats are just about the only things I would feel the need to rescue if that need should ever arise.

The face of the unknown person that cared for me and about me was I think my father who passed in January 01.

He was a morse code expert in the war (World War 2) and has contacted both myself and my sister, we both heard the distinct sounds of the morse code in our right ears within days of each other. She lives in Texas. When he first passed the visits were more frequent and I know he is in a peaceful place now because they come less often. He loved country music and more then once came to me through my PC earphones when the music was not on. It was a good thing once the oddity of it gave way with the pleasure of feeling him within me.
I have a CD that I burned a candle on the day he was cremated. I should mention that my dad had a nub for his hand. Look at the picture. The candle melted on the CD. It is safely packed away, a very special keepsake.
You can plainly see his hand.

The candle burned in the shape of a angel.

Recent Dreams:

July 30th 2012

Part of dream remembered. There was a graduation of sorts. Everyone seemed to be invited. A plane was rented. As we loaded a medium sized lizard made our acquaintance. I held it and it was so lively it got away and went under the plane. I heard a thump. I was sad, I believed it was dead. We put it in a bag and carried it on the plane with us. As we flew into the ceremony Elvis was playing the song….“I did it my way” I heard something from the bag, a sound, motion. We landed and I opened the bag and brought our little friend out. His head was moving and he looked to be OK. Evidently the thump we heard was him being stunned, knocked out. I was so happy he had made it.

The other night a man and myself were being chased relentlessly through a wooded area. The predator caught up with us. He said he was going to fuck the man in his ass and then I would be licking the shit off so he could fuck me. Then he said afterwards he would slit our throats.
The man said there would be no licking or sucking going on while he had breathe in him. He added the man might as well cut our throats now and get it over with.
I ran further into the woods. It was so dark, no light of the moon, a cold , dreary blankness enveloped me and I woke up.

From my website:

Into The Night

Dream Interpreted in Blue Text by Sunpar
“Contact is desperately trying to be made now at all levels.

Remember, your dreams may not always be a message for you but instead a message for the one you shared it with.


A Whopper of a Dream

I was asked to look at another apartment that was soon to be finished
Asked to preview the new earth, the new Authentic Self.

No problem getting there in daylight
Your energy is strong

I took a BIG yellow flashlight
Armed with inner wisdom

Patty showed it to me (The Apartment) I followed her in my car
Your personal guide to the new earth, your Authentic Self.

The Landlord said he thought I would love it
Your authentic Self – Your Overlord – You As God

The view overlooking a DEEP ravine at the foot of a huge mountain
Up on high – Deep emotions have been overcome.

The Moon I could see clearly through the pine trees.
Your emotions are well grounded.

I did love everything EXCEPT the weird people that existed around it
Weird people are your very own shadows.

Patty was dressed up to go out, red leather boots, fish net stockings
Guide was ready to party down. Guides do tend to show off sometimes. Soon it will be your chance to do the same for another.

Lots of kids
Again, your shadow selves.

It got dark, couldn’t by any means find my way alone to my car in the dark.
Momentarily, you forgot your authentic Self. (You know…. those little bumps that are sometimes a struggle to get by, but when you do you realize had you not struggled that it would have been a breeze to go over them.)

Patty wanted too leave I Went with her to her house
Your guide is allowing you to BE your authentic Self. (I can hear her saying, “You are on your own now.”

More weird people and kids that kept taking things from me. I found parts of my Moroccan Blanket faded and torn in there living room
Your shadow selves also come from your past, but they are integrating with your authentic Self. (Your shadow selves are like cookie pieces strewn over a parking lot. As you integrate, the cookie is whole again.)

They had evidently went to my place while I was gone
Shadows don’t go away, they integrate.

While there my purse and all contents gone, disappeared
You take nothing with you – You need nothing to be your authentic Self.

I found the purse or I should say one of the kids gave it back too me
A shadow self is integrating with you in the moment.

Little by little I found my keys and license and other papers that were in my purse
You acclimate to the new You as your shadow selves integrate.

Patty’s hubby was making passes and leering at me
Actually, not Patti’s hubby, but is your authentic Self peering back at you in a way that only You understand. Still it seems strange to have You looking back at YOU, but the realization that that is all there is is unnerving. You will get used to it.

Trying to get away from this madness I found myself in
You momentarily feel you are not ready and want to go back. (As Oliver Wendell Holmes says, “Once you’ve been stretched, you can never go back.”)

I tripped and fell
You grounded yourself again. (Sometimes pain grounds you, but is not necessary)

Something stung me
You felt emotion.

In the darkness I saw a glowing iridescent Scorpion marching away…they called it the
Emperor Scorpion
You could see the old earth passing away as your emotions passed away as well. (You are glowing like a glowworm!)
The King has died – A Queen is Born.

My leg is now swollen the size of a balloon
You are pregnant.

It is painful
Coming into labor.

I am determined to find my way back to my car
You are determined to be your authentic Self.

I told Patty I would get back to the place and she could meet me there and we would get my car
You try to communicate with guide. The car represents your authentic Self in the new earth.

The Yellow flashlight was GONE now also.
You know longer need the old inner wisdom to guide you.

I left walking, kids jumping in and out scaring me
Your shadow selves have all integrated, although you are still adjusting to the authentic Self integration.

Amazing~ found the apartment again, it was pitch blackness out, just a glow from the moon through the trees.
You found your strength in the new earth darkness of your inner emotions. You have successfully “birthed” your Self.

Patty came and was laughing at me, saying she couldn’t believe I had passed the test
Your guide???? Well, let’s just say all that is heard in the neighborhood is, “Job well done – system go.”

The Test???
Welcome to your 4D body.

I woke up shaking….cold
Often when in contact with Authentic Self, you will feel cold. There’s no blood in the soul. Soul is cold. *S*

Dream interpreted by Sunpar. You are most welcome. Welcome home Authentic Self!


dreams~  corncobs, hostage, drugs, barely alive pets, cats and birdies.  Chaos, pain, vindictiveness, belongings (mama’s  rose blanket) scattered, wet and torn, stuffed in  bird cages with barely alive birds. Birds  eating charcoal. Unable  to escape


“Look inside your heart,what seems so wrong just might be right.

I dreamed that.


I DREAMED I was in a car with Nes’s brother, Roo was in the back, Rhea and Georgia and Gibs. The car was going onto a bridge, right at the corner the driver (Cook) lost control and the car swerved and was sent spirling, which eventually found us all going down down down until a big splash.

On the way down I heard Roo say “grandma,in a small voice”

I said as soon as we hit water open the doors and swim free of the car.

Everyone did this and we found ourselves in a very HUGE body of water under a HUGE bridge high above us.


This is what came from my dream…I was in a boat , the smaller attached dinghy capsized and many mementoes were lost. A small shark was on the bottom in the sand once we made it to shore. It was a large boat, many were on it.
“Do not linger on what you have lost in the deluge, but with delicate balance ride the oncoming waves of change with optimism.”


I dreamed I was working and serving food. Better then the previous dream where all my remaining teeth fell out in my hand and turned into fingernails.


I dreamed of working with Bill again at the Greek resturant. We stayed late and worried others who came to check on me. Elio was carrying a pet raccoon and it was so cute. He looked so like my Marlboro man so healthy and muscular. Karen had brought him because she knew I was working there again.


Angel visitors in my dreams, mama, dad, Elio and Ron. Don’t know his stats, haven’t seen or heard from him since he left in 1995. He was in my dream as a angel. The house was empty, just walls painted with fresh white paint.


A few nights ago I dreamed me and Rhea and a friend were sitting on a field of grass. It got late and I remember thinking Rhea was sleeping too long. She had fallen a sleep on a cot on the grass. When I went to wake her the grass was no longer there. It was flooded from the rain. I looked down into the crystal clear water and there she was still on the cot at the bottom. I dove down and went to touch her, I brought her up, she was stiff  like a board. She was gone.

Elephant dream. I was drowning and the huge creature lowered his trunk and lifted me to safety.


Last night mama came  to see me in my dreams and gave me a handful of beautiful  wildflowers.


I dreamed I was working as the only waitress in a BZ resturant. I woke tired as crap.


I dreamed It was like I was in a computer, and I could escape and delete people. it was cool. someone drink all my wine, they were in small bottles; I couldn’t
get the door open and I knew someone was inside. it is evading me like an elusive butterfly.

I dreamed this morning that I needed to go too the bathroom. In my dream state…The family had returned from a long trip and I was late for work.
Around this time many women started showing up showing off there tattoos of his name on there body and they presented me with there stories both past and present that went with them.

He confessed to me and even added that some deeds had been completed in my own bed in my father’s house. I told him he should leave as my father would kill him.

Then with the urge too pee getting very strong I woke early today and stared at my oil portrait.
See portrait thoughts… Jus saying

I woke up tired as I was in a dream where I kept making hot chocolate w/whipped crème over and over again.


I was in France. Rhea was a naked little baby. These people took us. They kept Rhea and put me in a room. They took my money and my clothes and said I was a spy.

2nd one
Food in cupboard, all lids were off, drawers full of old fried fish and chips. Working in a restaurant with Ron’s sister. Bill was the manager. Very busy.

Last night I dreamed a man was suddenly standing in front of me naked. Others were coming in the back where he had broken in. They wanted things from my place but were not forceful. I knew Dad was on his way back. Next thing a truck full of them is careening out of control, dad shot a gun too scare them and the truck exploded with the persons including children in it. They were burning up and screaming in pain.

Last night or early this am I dreamed I was working in a restaurant and I had made a 40 $ tip and some change off a huge table. It was 2 20’s.

I went to pick up my food order and had everything on a tray.I paid almost $20 for it.Three different items to share with my sidekicks.I came into the dining area and tripped over a small flaw in the carpet; the tray went airborne and everything seemed to fly off it in slower motion.
I bowed and clapped for the rest of the people in the dining area.


Last night I dreamed I was in a new town. Got a job off a fish wharf serving food. The boss was intimidating and made me take off my earrings and wear a hairnet. I had the cook prepare me a hamburger and then I had to go too the bathroom. Another employee said we could not use the bathroom there so she took me too the other side of wharf and I went. I also pooped and there was no tissue and she said you said you had too pee.
I thought I am not going to last too long here at this job.

I just had the worst so real horrible nightmare.

Those skins were so tough the huge butcher knife blades barely dented them.

I had to stab and stab again, over and over. There were several young men in my apartment. They came in with my grandson of all people.

They were cleaning my apartment or actually now I guess you could call it ransacking it through to see what they could steal.

I seen my Kae bird hanging first. I picked her up and she was still breathing. I put her to my chest, then my little bird Sage, and I held him too while they both gasped for air.

Just a hour or so before they were all singing so beautifully.

Then I go into Rhea’s room and I notice her putting something in a bag. I grabbed her and the bag, there in the bag were all my other birds.


I took them out for a moment and held them and suddenly I realized I would never hear them sing again.

That’s when I went ballistic.

I ran too the kitchen and opened the kitchen drawer. I found the largest knife I could and started thrusting it into anyone near me. I didn’t care who they were.

I woke up.

I went in the bathroom and I was nearly sobbing.

Rhea was in the shower and did not say anything. It’s not like I woke her from her sleep as she does me when she has had nightmares.

I told her about the dream.

Still nothing; so I let her have it too.

I told her that I had always been there for her nightmares, comforting her and asking if she was OK.

I told her never to bother me again, I didn’t care who died in her dreams or how bad they were.

No compassion; yet always wants it for herself.

I am done with being compassionate too her. The next time I am just going to tell her to shut up, I am not interested in her zombie fueled nightmares.

I do not have any clue why I would have such a nightmare.

None at all.

I can’t sleep. I believe my messengers visited me.
Some person’s and Rhea (she was a baby) went to this huge beautiful lake. It was calm and serene. We launched our wooden rafts and began our journey.
I was speaking to some of the other rafters and Rhea fell off the raft. I reached down into the water and grabbed her shoulder, moving my arm to get a grasp on her. I pulled her back onto the raft.
That is when I noticed the other rafters’ were gone. We were alone.
The water was moving faster and I had to decide if I should turn back to the familiar and fight the current to get back to where we launched and the car awaited us.
It was also dusk and the water was playing tricks on me. I could not tell if I was making any progress.
I knew fighting the current would be hard as the obstacles to get through them the first time were daunting.
I decided to let the raft go with the flow, the current moving forward.
Going back was familiar but going forward had many unknowns.
Was there a huge cascading waterfall that would envelope us and take us over the edge ?
I no sooner thought it, we were swept up in a whirlwind of liquid energy. The waterfall vortex moved us swiftly and tossed and turned us, we separated.
When I came up from the bubbles I looked up to the bank and I saw Rhea there, she was older and she was being wrapped in white warm linens by complete strangers.
I woke up.

More Dreams


Dream last night…Me, mama, dad, Bro as a toddler and the two girls from Maine in a car, snowy weather.

Dad wanted to go out with the girls, mama had a meeting to go too and Bro was passed out on the floorboard of the Toyota (the green one). I was driving too fast for the conditions and in front of me were a lot of children who looked like deer caught in headlights. I made a fast turn and noticed I did not feel any traction under rear wheels, we were under a bridge.

I tried to speed up but the car made a rear in dive literally into the cold icy water. Down we went. I remember pulling Bro up by his pants and then thinking if I pulled hard on the steering wheel it would help. The car stretched and the sound of metal was eerie. The car surfaced and we all got out and swam for the bank and got too safety.?

huge gathering

park like surroundings

weather warm worth a zephyr breeze

many old friends

ice crème
candy cotton

dream was in Color

very happy

smoking pot

passing bowl; with no cares

had a good bit of money on me to pay bills

and then

2 policemen


arrested me and Barb


the women that frisked us said we were being used

I gave Rhea all the money except $20.00 to give to Ron?
I would need a toothbrush and candy in jail

watched like hawks

somehow one of the women guards hid inside my body to help me

I had to go to the bathroom and they said wait

I peed down my leg


they laughed

I told them to lick it

and humped one of the men guards

they said this was a lesson for me

something I needed to learn

it was getting dark

we still had not been processed

I had to go to the bathroom again

one of the lady guards gave me a key and told me to cut cross the secured zone when the lights went the other direction

Barb came with me

a car


sitting in the middle



yet walked towards it

Ron, said get in quickly, cover the window and get under the seat in the sleeping bag

I kept saying

“I Love you so much Ron”

He said nothing

Barb and I were tight in our hidden spot

and then

we heard

“Stop the vehicle”

Ron said be very still, do not move

suddenly the seat fell
through to the underbelly with us in it

we felt lifted up into another area of the car, very dark

we felt the seat that we had been on move from under us and back to it’s original position.

we could see the faint beams of light coming from the policemen’s nightstick

like magic we were hidden from there eyes

I felt something moving around my temples

I realized it was the lady guard that had helped us

Turns out she was a prisoner dressed as a guard and had been in contact with Ron

We were on the road now, out to the far-away parts of the city


I could hear Ron’s jubilant laughter

the car stopped

A lock, a bolt kind of noise was heard

he had released a switch and freed us from the hidden part of the car

the guard released herself from me

we all got back into the car

with Ron’s arms safely around me

comforting my nerve wrecked body

we drove on

First I had went to school and ran into Polly sitting at a cafe having chili. They didn’t have iced tea so I said I would ride on my bicycle and get us two glasses. I went to another cafe and asked for two glasses of ice with sweet and low…2 packs each. The lady hesitated but gave them too me. I put the sweet and low in and she realized I wasn’t buying so she kept them. I told her it was a fucking retarded world we lived in.

Then another lady that worked there told me to meet her at the ice container and she gave me two glasses of ice but then after leaving remembered I didn’t have any sweet and low. I rode back to the cafe Polly was at and she had already left. I borrowed a cell phone and she said she was at Bradley’s. I started riding and ended up topless in a odd part of town, dark and scary. I came out finally and headed up a grassy muddy hill and realized I didn’t know where Bradley lived. Another biker on a motorcycle tried to run me off the road into the lake. I could not get to another pay phone or cell so I decided to ride back to the school and tell them I would not be in class today. I took a top from a side vendor on the street.



I woke my self laughing out loud. As I remember it it does not sound all that funny. Rhea was little and sitting next too me and the lil couch I use for a pet bed was right beside her. I noticed it was all dusty and gave it a quick blow and the dust settled all over Rhea and she said mama, you made me dusty.

I was laughing so loud I woke her in the other room.

The other night I had a great dream. We were all going to a huge game of sorts and Rhea was dressed like a lil indian. Dad and mama were in the front seat and the car was old and we got stopped and they said dad could not drive the car because it was not in good shape. They took us to the game and we had a good time but then did not have a way home.

Another dream was one was of being posessed. Not me but someone in my dream.

Funny how dreams seem so real and then drift away. It seems we are awake and possibly we are in some form or fashion.

lucid dream is a dream in which the person is aware that they are dreaming while the dream is in progress, also known as a conscious dream. When the dreamer is lucid, they can actively participate in and often manipulate the imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can be extremely real and vivid depending on a person’s level of self-awareness during the lucid dream . A lucid dream can begin in one of two ways. A dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) starts as a normal dream, and the dreamer eventually concludes that they are dreaming, while a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) occurs when the dreamer goes from a normal waking state directly into a dream state with no apparent lapse in consciousness. Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established


Dreams of pulling bunches of ragged hair out of my bag.I was waitressing and trying to put myself together.I was off the floor without permission in this huge swanky place.


If your hair is knotted or tangled, then it is symbolic of uncertainty and confusion in your life.
You may be unable to think straight.

Weird ass dreams about mama living in a bare bones dirt flat in a sci fi Key West.


I remembered strange dreams that I could not piece together so I forgot about them and went on to work later in the afternoon.

Tonight Rhea says mama you scared me so bad last night. I was going to take you to the hospital I thought you had a stroke. She said I was sleeping, it was around 3 am and she heard me moaning and then she came into my room and I was in distress of some sorts.She said I was talking in a foreign speech outloud. She said she did not know the lanquage but it wasn’t babbling it was clearly another dialect.
She said she watched and listened and I started snoring again.


Got up late after dreaming I was cinderalla incarnate. I could sing, dance and swing. In my dream I was to locate Martin at the Las Vegas strip with my act. Along the way I was attacked by bears, dogs and lions. I remember doing the shark tip by butting there noses. I was under a sort of canopy and I was screaming for help. I found something to scrap the liner with and seen a room full of people above me which sent a help crew to my assisitance.


I have been unable to connect with my dreams when I wake. They are like the elusive butterfly, gone with the night.

Dreamed all night of flying with strangers and then helping a little lady drive a cab that was NOT meant to be on the road, her or the car.


I slept good but had dreams of getting fired and defraging a restuarant which I got in trouble for. Also I was naked and all my teeth fell out in my hand.


I dreamed the other night that someone or persons stuffed hay, fiberglass mixed with tar down my throat. I kept reaching in as far as I could and bringing these huge chucks of the mix up and out but there always seemed to be more. Like it was expanding the more I took out. I woke up actually clearing my throat and getting a huge bit of muscous out.

UCK, craziness dream.

Then last night I dreamed once again which seems to be a recurring dream. I am working in a restaurant and it is very busy. Everything I try to do spills and has to be reset up over and over while the people continue waiting for bits and pieces of there meal.
Then I opened a small storage area and three large heart shaped cakes came tumbling down. Cherries and toppings spilling over much to the dismay of coworkers you were screaming to late “Do not Open that door”
I had watched the Cake Boss before sleep last night :)


Dreams of strange things. When I wake I feel mind boggled and out of it. I wonder around in a daze. Coffee does not help the fog I am.
I feel like my mind has been taken from my dream. Can’t pinpoint the dream. It felt like my mind was being controlled by other forces.


I woke up from a dream where I was serving people up high (80) feet and there was a ladder I had to climb up and down after getting orders and retrieving food. It would rain and people would move the ladder and sometimes I would just slide down the ladder steps and hope for the best.

I am so TIRED!

I dreamed a huge piece of block was removed from my body via my ass. They said it had been left from a prior surgery.


I had a great dream last night, It was so great I can’t remember it at all :)

I hate that, I used to be able to rethink the dream and continue it like a soap opera. Oh well.



I dreamed all night of scorpions,they were all very BLACK and all had there tails held high. None tried to bite me, but they were in every corner and hidden away everywhere I looked.


SCORPIONS : Scorpions are quite like snakes in that they link to problems of all kinds.

They can link to stinging comments and poisonous attitudes.

They can link to traps and  troubles.

Most dreams will refer to the previous day.

Try to see what bad thing during that day that the dream could represent.

Some dreams are premonitions of the actual day of the dream. So look for traps and problems that spring up out of nowhere or to problems which you are worried about. 

“There are some things that I need to face yet do not want to.”

To see a scorpion in your dream, represents a situation in your waking life which may have been painful or hurtful. It is also indicative of destructive feelings,“stinging” remarks, bitter words and/or negative thoughts being expressed by or aimed against you.

Your dream forewarns of a self-destructive and self-defeating path. The scorpion is also a symbol of death and rebirth.

You need to get rid of the old and make room for something new.

Alternatively, the scorpion may also represent a person who is born under the astrological sign for Scorpio. 

To see scorpions floating in water, suggests that you need to let go of some pain and learn to accept the situation.

You may be going through the three-step process odenial, acceptance, and finally moving on.

I slept well last night and had such neat dreams about two mice, two cats and two people coexisting with them. It was a nice dream story.


I had a dream about a accident with a car that then turned into my moped. I had squeezed through two vehicles trying to get breakfast back to loved ones.
Then R was sitting with Lee and she had on my old emerald ring that was given too me years ago.
It was the second one as mama had given me a emerald before that was lost.

Both mama and Papi have been in my dreams singular but not together.


I had many dreams. The dream catcher did it’s job. One dream said over and over “ASK DONNA”


Dreams last night of sled riding at Old Home down into the frozen creek, cold and rosey cheeks aglow.


I was harrassed by vampires and monsters all night.


Seeing a vampire in your dream, symbolizes seduction and sensuality, as well as fear and death. The vampire represents contrasting images of civilized nobility and aggression/ferocity.

It may depict someone in your waking life whose charm may ultimately prove harmful.

Deep down inside you know that this person is bad for you, yet you are still drawn to it.

Alternatively, to see a vampire suggests that you are feeling physically or emotionally drained.

The vampire may also be symbolic for someone who is addicted to drugs or someone in an obsessive relationship.

Dreaming that you are a vampire means that you are sucking in the life energy of others for your own selfish benefit.

I woke up at 5 am, I do not know why. Well, actually the fact that I felt a presence. mama and dad on my bed again, asking me “what is going on? And then last week the vampire dreams. The meanings of them.


many dreams of flying

R.D. and I were in Bed, a big sunken hole appeared in the bedroom that filled and drained rushing water.

When it was filled all kinds of huge fish were swimming in it.

When drained and upon exploring, it was a interior dwelling in tact with many of my belongings settled at the bottom.

I got a panic attack of sorts and he reached over and touched this woman’s hair that was sitting on the bed. I think she had came with the ambulance to check on me.

Anyways I started screaming at him how would he like if I touched another’s man’s hair right in front of him. With his excuses and such I went into a full blown what seemed like a heart attack and they rushed me too ER.

They gave me a purple jell and it tasted horrid and then I saw it was grape jelly.

I said but I love grape jelly.

They released me and I had already called (Carmen) from Perry’s and she was like uncaring and told me to get to work.

When I got there, a little boy I knew kept calling me Shirley. I asked why are you calling me Shirley and he giggled.



Around 12 this afternoon I fell into a deep sleep. I had awakened at 7 am.

I am shaken to the bone.

I had went too Publix too get a few things and it was getting late so I knew I had too get back home and get ready to be back too work at 4.

Some how it was already quarter till.

A young lady had taken my attention by asking for a ride,I tried explaining too her that I would but I just did not have the time.

Then slowly all my groceries,my watch, purse~ everything started disappearing.

I still had my moped keys in my hand and made it to where I had parked it.

It was gone and there was a red car there with the keys in it.

I started it and locked all the windows as I saw several young men approaching saying cut the tires. I drove away as I heard them say she will crash and that I did.

Out of control crashing over several cars and into the frozen wintry pond, where the ICE broke and down I went.

I reached over too the door and freed myself into the icy waters.

Most of my clothes had vanished off me and I ran to people for help and since I was so shaken garble came from my lips.

At that specific moment I felt warm hands surround me and comfort me.

He told me too close my eyes and ask for help silently.

I woke up startled and shivering.

All I could remember, as it is fading away as all nightmares do.


My Dream

I was in bed sleeping, R.D. beside me. I was awakened within my dream by the sound of the chimes in the living room

(Still in dream state)
I heard persons mumbling, could not make out what they were saying other then it was at least four different sounds.

Then a form (female) drifted into my bedroom and walked to the window.

In my dream state I became agitated and frightened.

She said “To bad about the other one” She left and closed the bedroom door.

The music got louder and I knew they were in my living room dancing and being Merry.

Too me I envisioned Pilgrims, older souls.

I followed out into the living room and my hands turned into a form of a skewer and I skewered them up and pushed them into the chimes and out the window.

I tried shaking R.D, still in my dream state, he would not wake up.

I was awake, wide awake. I kept whispering, be quite, they are in the living room. Someone is here.

His take.

He said he woke up and heard the chimes in the living room louder then usual, actually they seldom chime with all the windows shut tight.

He said I was moaning loudly and saying , they are here. They’re here, be quite they will hear you. He said I was pushing with my hands and saying you don’t hear me.

He checked my heart and woke me.

I still was in the dream and when he stood up, I said , they are here, listen, don’t you hear them. He said my eyes were wide open but realized I was still in the dream.

I started waking up…

He said are your windows locked. I knew they were shut but No in fact they were all unlocked.

He said it was a warning too me and that they did not want too harm me but that I feared something from them.

He said when the lady said “Too bad about the other one” it meant that he was sleeping and was not aware of there presence.

He said he was at the time dreaming he was in Rome in a great burial ground and everything was in bright vivid colors.

Strangers….interpreted by Sunpar

The interpretation of seeing and interacting with a stranger, or strangers, in your dream depends on the details of your dream and on your personal belief system. Some Eastern cultures believe that the strangers in your dreams are spirits from another dimension.

These spirits may be teaching you lessons or giving you specific messages.

The more modern approach to interpreting a dream with strangers in it is that they represent different sides or unfamiliar aspects of our personality. The best way to tell is to “check inside” of yourself and simply try to understand the message of this dream.

Whether the message is coming from your unconscious or from a different reality might be irrelevant.

The lessons gained through a dream are far more important then where they came from.

Just remember:

The mind that dreamt the dream also knows its source and meaning (and that is YOUR own mind).

A false awakening is a convincing illusion of having woken when, in fact, you are still in dreaming sleep, so the imagery – although seemingly real – is artificial.

Sept 15 2007
We were surrounded by a huge gathering in a very large compound of sorts where we all lived.
Everyone was there, all of our descendants, family, those that have we have loved and that have passed on including all animals.
All there in this beautiful surreal surrounding.

You were the main focus.
Your words were being passed around for all to see and read.

You were not there with all of us but in another room. The room was glowing, persons were singing and crying and then someone told me that you were dying.

Seems I was the last too know.

I pulled myself away from those holding me back and ran too your room.
The top part of your head had been shaved and the rest of your hair was beautiful and so long.

I kept asking them when the last words had been written and I told them over and over that I read your words daily. I informed them that I knew the “Unhidden Self Within”.

You heard me telling them this and as I got too your room you were in this HUGE bed but the bed was kind of slanted (Like when it fell at the old apartment)

You had such a pretty smile and said You were happy and everything was going too be all right.

You asked me not to be angry at those that did not forewarn me.

The WORDS  had already done that.

You can purchase my sisters (Sunpar’s Words) 

An Excerpt from the book:

“Ice Rose will always be a part of you even though understood and transformed.

Ice Rose…

becomes warm, then hot, and then drops her petals so as to open your ability to again smell or detect what is real for you.


Love it and the syncronicity of it.


Had a dream where myself and another lady were running from strange people.
Seen a huge wall of stone with Indiana Jones written on it.
We continued to run and ran into a fence that when we hit it we were carried forward like a slinky down, down and down into a very large ravine.

She was stopped by the ground but I missed and continued falling on down into yet another deep cavern.

I landed on a huge boulder and realized I was in a dump of some sort.

The top was miles high and no one could hear me yell.

I sit there looking at the debris in the murky water and then heard voices.

These people were in a sort of boxcar coming into work the fill.

They seen me, they were not of this world and I woke up.


I dreamed the other night I was sitting in a huge sink way up high and I was on my period, the strange thing I was on view at a convention of JW’s and the blood was so bright red.
nOah’s interpretation~in color

This is what I see from your dream.
…sitting in a huge sink…. prepare for a major cleansin’…but you have to do the work by yourself.
….up high…. I think this is connected to Spiritual cleanse.
…on my period….and the blood was bright red…. Put a stop (period) to something that has/ will gift you with disappointment…it will be followed with a bright outcome.
….on view at a convention of JW’s …. you feel like you’re bein’ watched/observed by others for whom you have a strong difference of opinion, and although a (family…or long taught) connection with them, you have already been disfellowshipped…. disappointment in them or their viewpoint~actions, followed by you detachin’ yourself again, and a brighter outcome.

In this dream I lived in the Township in a beautiful cared for home with lots of land for my animals. I awoke to find many persons of different nationalities sleeping everywhere in my house. Ron had left to go to work and told me to wisely deal with it without upsetting them. As I was trying to find out why they had picked my home in the middle of nowhere land I saw out the corner of my eye my young ducks all in a line quacking merrily and being led into the city by the Humane Society. I grabbed Rhea and let the people be as I ran after my ducklings. I had raised these little ducks and they were getting away from me into the BIG City. They were free roaming, coming in and out of my yard as they pleased, well fed and happy.

I couldn’t get them back and threated a HUGE  lawsuit against the Humane Society and the entire LOT. They laughed at me as if I had lost my mind over 10 or so ducks.

We left and I ran into Buffy and told her the details of the event and we ran into several English students who agreed to help me. We walked up a tiled walkway, it was like a rainbow of colors and suddenly it started to roll as in a domino effect taking us back down.

Buffy had made it successfully to the top and was looking down at us. She motioned that she would wait for us back at her house. The man that was designing it said he was going to sue the LOT of us for destroying his daughter’s bridal pathway. We apologized immensely saying we hadn’t realized and thought it was a PUBLIC path to the TOP.

We caught a trolley and the girls, Rhea and her new friend jumped on board and were immediately strapped in. We hadn’t finalized the fare and the man grabbed the English currency and would not let the girls go and took off. The rest of us grabbed on to a cable that seemed to stretch while the trolley moved. It somehow got entangled around a innocent bystander and he was yelling that he was going to sue the TROLLEY as he was being transported to the hospital.

OK after screaming at the intruders nesting in my home, my ducks being taken away, falling down a domino effect tiled pathway my nerves were on edge, I could barely speak.
I went to where you press charges and file complaints against the CITY. There was a kidnapping of my daughter, theft of my ducks, intrusion in my home of squatters and theft of money on the trolley. I wanted to try and call Buf and Ron but the cell phone would not work. I also had to pee really bad. I left while the guys were giving there statement. I had retrieved Rhea and we walked around several buildings trying to find a restroom.

My face was swollen and my red spot very dominant on my forehead. The result of crying and screaming to get my points across to the LOT. Rhea touched my face gently and said “I Love you Mommy.”

I came across a Clinic and they felt I was so distraught that they wanted to sedate me. They seemed to understand my complaints.
I asked to use the restroom and they said it was 1/2 a hour away. I went into a room carrying Rhea and the floors were slanted. Everything was slanted. Even the toilets.

When I came back the personnel was discussing my dosage I took Rhea and left. I went to the address the English person’s had given me and Buf was there. I left Rhea there with them.
I had work to do…
I woke up.

Last night I Dreamed of Africa. I suppose I did because when Lee left she had asked to borrow a book to read and I offered her several including the book “I Dreamed of Africa” She left with the book “Trusting Your Vibes”  The dream was so beautiful, the snow covered mountainous terrain in the distance. All white against the gray drab surroundings.
The large bubbling streams running at the foot of the mountains. The covered area’s where you had to squat to go to the bathroom. A mere hole in the floor. Nancy was there and had gotten into trouble with the white powder a passing Marine had given her. We were on a truck and didn’t stop as we left the town behind. We escaped into Spain.
The frame that holds what is left of my African woven blanket just now fell from the window sledge it was sitting on.

I was with mama and Dad and siblings.
Dad had shot mama in the tailbone saying that Polly wasn’t his kid. Then Karen had drew the wildest art all over the walls of our home. She was going in to town with a new group of odd friends she had made and I asked to go along.
For some reason we got into a disagreement and I said “let me out, I will walk back”
Shortly afterwards a car with respectful looking people with children, young adults stopped and asked where I was going. They said they would drive me home.
They didn’t.
They took me to this very large self contained community.
On several occasions I tried to no avail to get out. Many rooms, pools with beautiful cascading waterfalls, gardens lush with tropical foliage.
It was exquisite but then I realized you couldn’t get out.
I went into my flying mode and every way I went there was locked and barred doors with chains on them.
I tried to get up as far as I could, where the sunlight was coming through. This was very high up in the clouds so too speak.
This is when I realized that it was a large dome of some sort and it was contained.
Once in the only way out was with the persons that made deliveries every two weeks. I started planning my escape.
I missed Home.

I dreamed I was holding on to a little girl’s hand and she kept going faster and her arm stretched out until her hand snapped off. I carried her with what was left of her hand in ice to the hospital. I watched as the team of doctors miraculously reattached her hand. They used stints with her DNA and her hand just grew back into the mold of her hand right before my eyes.


Dreams of the men in my past life. Tyrone, Ron, Ron. Very real.
Head someone’s falling off getting sewn back on. Working for the Monroe sheriff’s Department. Ramona bitten by scorpion, they were all over my hand. Had to rush her to the doc, wrote a bad check for 347. Pinched Elio really hard literally in the back. Guess I was trying too get his attention. He has been saying one thing in one sentence and something totally different in the next. Not feasible for understanding at all.

Every since I started the new EFFLEXOR I have intense dreams in color each night.Last night again Dad and mama were in the dream. I was living in Key West and had went home to clean up all the clutter of belongings I had left behind over the years. I gave a lot away and trashed many things. Each item I looked at brought a memory of a particular time in my life.
There were so many things, bottles, perfumes, trinkets, clothes, so many overwhelming things. I cleared these things and was light again. I missed the bus to Key West and dad (not happily) drove me too the next stop of my journey. I think it was originated in my mind from watching the sale yesterday on Starting Over.

Large bridge very icy and cold
The Harbor
Lots of  folk at our apartment
I was mad at Ron and called them all names which started a huge problem
Lady saw me walking with barely nothing on in the cold, gave me money and her phone number.

Found a baby that cried but it looked like a doll. Took her back to the apartment and tried too warm her by putting her under the covers.
Got in shower with Ron so he would not see how I was barely dressed out in the freezing weather.
Not used to being in such a large city with skyscrapers and huge buildings, shops.

The night before I dreamed of being cut with sharp glass over and over.

I had a dream last night of dad and we danced, it was so great as we have never had the chance too do that. He looked the same as the last time I saw him in January 2001. He was happy and laughing.

I also dreamed of Ron and Rhea as a baby. Ron was the wonderful man I met so long ago. We hugged and it felt so right. I truly loved that man. Drugs and paranoia destroyed us.

I dreamed all my teeth fell out, I was working in a very busy food palace and Bill was my boss. The night before I dreamed that a vagina opened up and I walked in and it flapped close. Elio said I was laughing very loud out loud.

I was working in a eatery with Bill as boss. He always pushed me hard and I always made good money. Rhea was about eight and sitting in a booth waiting while I worked. Gibs had my jeep, he was his age now. When I started to leave Bill asked me too stay because there were termites in the sink and he wanted me to run hot bleach water…I again said Rhea was waiting for me. I looked and she was leaving with Gibs in my jeep. I ran out and he had changed everything. The steering wheel was way down between my legs and the key was not in the ignition but it was running without accerlation and fast.
When I got in the jeep I couldn’t find the scorpion that I had in a blue plastic bag and Rhea was laughing hysterically when I said I was afraid someone would get bit. Maybe Minnie Taya would eat it ~Oh no.

Dreams of late have taken me through most of the men in my life. Lots of flying and Rhea as a baby. Last night I was dressed part way for Fantasy Fest and called a cab. I had change enough for the fare. After many miles I asked where was the destination.They said Washington DC. I was irate. I had asked for a cab to Washington Street Key West. It was a very odd dream. Rhea had taken my semi truck and burned the clutch and brakes out. Weird.

Haven’t been remembering too much when I awake still as if I were sleeping.”What AM I HERE FOR? “WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I AM WAITING?” Many fragments of dreams come to mind, but they are so mixed I can’t articulate them or find words to express them in writing. I will ask for clarification tonight.

Veronica (friend from Utah) was in dream. We had taken the kids to get ice crème. Something was to take place while we were gone.
We returned knowing a slew of police cars would already be on the scene. Ronnie’s sister Sunshine had brought a lawyer. It was (Bob) old boyfriend.
There was blood on the floor where a detective with a paper towel had came in and it was dripping bright red blood. He said it was found in the planter in front of the house.
The body was covered.
The kids were crying.
Ronnie and I both had white pants on.
We changed to black ones.
The police searched the attic and found a huge blood stained knife. Then the trunk of the car where various slabs of weed were found in a huge box.

They Had set me up.

What is odd I HAD planned the murder. It was completed while we were out getting ice crème.

It was true, all planned and to the last detail. Except of course the blood stains that the detective said were missed by who ever cleaned up after the deed was done. Yet he was the one carrying the dripping paper towel of blood.

These things had also been arranged and were completely taken care of before the police arrived.

This was the plan.

Now it looked pretty bad for us.

No one was believing OUR story.

Some believe that when you see blood in your dream, the distressing situation in your life which is at the root of the dream has come to an end, and the worst is over.

The box in your dream might represent potential that needs to be realized and that will slowly come to your conscious awareness. Dreaming of a box suggests that risk taking may be necessary and that you may discover power and wealth that currently may be in the unconscious.

In some cultures dreaming about death and dying is a very good omen that represents longevity and prosperity

Eating, making, selling or serving ice cream suggests that you are feeling contentment and satisfaction in your life. Things are well and the best is yet to come. Alternatively, you may be compensating in a dream for a lack in daily life. For example, not enough “sweetness” or sincerity during the day may bring images of ice cream into the night.

If you are killing someone in your dreams, you are probably expressing hostile feelings. Consider this an opportunity to look at your negative feelings and decide what would be the best and the least destructive way to address them. If you are a witness to a killing, you may be reflecting on changes going on around you that you don’t particularly like.

This tool does not have positive connotations. It may reflect the unrest and difficulty that you are experiencing. If you are self-mutilating, consider your actions and/or addictions. Take a hint from your unconscious and modify or discontinue your harmful thoughts or actions. See also: Killing, Dagger

Research shows that most dreams are unpleasant. Violent dreams are relatively common and may be a reflection of the confusion and conflict that the dreamer experiences in daily life. Dreams with violent themes suggest that the dreamer has unconscious negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger. If you are not dealing with these feeling consciously, your dreams are compensating and bringing into awareness the need for honest reflection and emotional balance in daily life.

A woman or women generally represent intuition, creativity, nurturing, and love. At times they can also represent the negative attributes which are given to women and include physical and emotional weakness, gossip, martyrdom, passivity, moodiness, temptation, and guilt. The content of the dream is to be considered, as well as the emotional tone. If the dream is sexual in nature, look up sex. If the woman in your dream was a stranger and you are a man, she could be symbolic of your feminine side or your attitude about women. If you are a woman, this stranger may be symbolic of different parts of your character or personality. Carl Jung believed that the unknown woman in a man’s dream is the Anima. It is the “personification of the animated psychic atmosphere; the autonomous activity of the unconscious.” Thus, when you meet an unknown woman in your dreams, pay close attention to what she is saying and doing. It is Carl Jung who suggested that women in dreams represent our collective unconscious and men collective consciousness. Thus, the woman is that force or current inside of you that nudges you on and inspires you. It is your intuition and the knowledge that in not necessarily attached to words. Men, on the other hand, represent the active part that uses the information received to create the physical reality of our lives. When the two are working together well we have balance and experience awareness that leads to peace and productivity.

Read about the stabbing murder in front of the Petmart at Overseas Market last night.It happened 2 days ago.

Last night I had a very good dream. Flying and doing the strangest acrobats within the flying. Like summersaults and my arms were always outstretched with my palms facing upwards.
It felt so free and empowering too me.
I would be high up and just free fall and this would happen.

I took part of a zanibar last night.I slept soundly until 10 am. Late for me. I dreamed of three men. Two were unknown to me the other was Ron. Can’t remember details have faded away.
The three dark men were in my dream predominantly. Ty, very full of passion and love, Ron, much heavier and as good looking as ever, much passion, Ron (Michigan) the one that was most passionate and real too me in the dream.  At one time I carried a small child in my arms as I flew. In the dream I was on my period and remembered the feeling I always got when I had a period of wanting to have the runs and no where to go. I landed and laid 5 beautiful multicolored eggs, some were shaped as tears with a pointy end. The dream fades…

Last night in my dreams was mama, the family. Can’t remember anything other then that.

I was getting ready to go to work at a Greek restaurant.
Ty called and said he wanted to see me after work. I told him it would be late and better the next day. He was his old persistent self and I finally agreed for them to pick me up at work when I finished. Work was short-staffed and a nightmare from waitress HELL. There were plates, but they were mostly dirty. The cooks were ignoring me and giving me 1/2 and incomplete orders. The boss was on my ass about complaints from the customers waiting to long. Every time I drew white milk it was chocolate. My uniform was getting a mess and I was sweating and flustered. I knew I was not at fault and felt that I was being singled OUT.
Then Nick comes to me, Peter had the night off. He said you are fired and you will pay for all the mistakes and glasses of full chocolate milk you have left laying around. I had made good tips so I said “No Excuses” and having to go to the bathroom really bad went to find a restroom in the interior part of the hotel. I got in line and these bad ass snotty girls kept getting in front of me and taking my place in line. At one point one pushed me and I grabbed her front and picked her off the floor and shook her. A man sitting in the corner noticing everything said they were wrong.
I finally get into the bathroom and it is full of paper and feces on the floor. I have to go so bad by this time that I try to ignore the girls. They persist and they get the door pushed in. I pick up the little smart ass and turn her upside down and bang her head into the floor. Then I let her stand upright and I bite a huge chunk out of her head.
I watched snakeheads before going to bed on sci fi.
I did not meet with Ty.

Another dream

Some recognized Rhea and mentioned Mr.Big. The side room was where they were. The men in secret making there stash and counting money. Very noisy. I was very afraid to be there. Afraid of asking too many questions. As I was leaving someone told me where I would find Rhea. I went there and she saw me. She told me she was where she wanted to be and for me not to come anymore. As I walked towards her to give her a hug I noticed she had a dragonfly ring on. I said “I love you Rhea always and forever” She said only that she knew that.

I had a strange dream the other night. We as a family were in the old Dodge and dad and mama were in the front seat. All of us GROWN kids were in the back. We traveled underwater for about 5 miles avoiding the heavy traffic as dad said. There was a lot of tangled and snarled trees and roots under water that we went around. When we came up we were right where he wanted to be. It was Bahia Honda State Park. We were already wet so appearing at the beach like that did not seem odd.
After a while I borrowed a moped and started riding. Before long I realized I had went a very long way and felt I should get back. I was LOST. The place I thought would take me back was NOW a huge canal with a train track over it. The highway was gone. From there I started asking people how to get back and it was as if I was speaking of another time and place.

I recognized no one, and yet I established a understanding with all.

I felt like I was in a NEW Dimension.

Had the baby head separated from body dream again. It always rolls and when I go to pick it up and put it back on the body. It is filled with cigarette butts.

The clock said 1:04 and I hurried to turn the soaps on only to realize it was 11:04. The headless baby, seems it was a boy this time. Over and over it happened. The first time I dropped the baby and the head fell off and cracked, splintered into all these pieces. I quickly gathered all of them in my hand as if I could paste this baby back to gather. I would get the head moving on the shoulders and then it would just roll off again and again. The paramedics came and somehow used clamps and braces to keep the head connected to the blood supply. The tongue kept falling out and had to be reinserted so the baby could breathe. Very disturbing emotionally.
A few nights ago I had the very active and real drug dream. Rhea was around 16 and I had came to rescue her, but was in a bad way myself. She kept saying she didn’t have her hair conditioner. Many persons calling me by name that I did not remember who they were.

Me and Polly in a foreign country with King my friend from Salt Lake City. He wants me, he wants you, hell he wants us both together. Polly and him leave. I am able to watch them make out on the camera that is elaborately sit up in his elusive mansion. They do not Know I am watching. Polly is very passionate with him and he responds to her. When you return I ask you if it was good and would it be worth my indulgence sister. When he first kissed you a bit rough and slobbering you asked him what kind of kiss is that and he replied the kind that will with much passion devour your body.
When you return there is cum over both of your bodies,you are rubbing it in your skin as a moisturizer. You mention it smells good and doesn’t even itch. We decide to enter the city and it is much like Tangiers (Memory from Gladiator movie)
Anything goes we are having a great time. Polly says Larry has another home inside the city, built for his queen. He probably kills people when he is finished with them. He gives me a huge suitcase which is see through. It is full of money.
Then all of a sudden I am lost and you and King have left me.
I start walking and soon I have many followers. I get on a bus after two women kindly tell me I will be safer. I told them we have come from Zanzibar. Then I see the man who was at the first house and realize that I am dire straights now…the ladies are nowhere to be found…I WAKE UP

Dreams of missing shoes, handmade coat by Rhea, her saying over and over how much she loved me. My Kae Bird dying. Singing till the end.

I went to bed early this am and then had 3 terrible dreams in a row. I got up and just sit with Purrby on my lap.
In the first dream one of my birds died slowly, then in the 2nd Purrby died also slowly and in pain. The third was bombs dropping and death all around.
Very disturbing they were…

Purrby died November 7 2003


Dream Weaver
Gary Wright
I’ve just closed my eyes again
Climbed aboard the dream weaver train
Driver take away my worries of today
And leave tomorrow behind

Ooh dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light
Fly me high through the starry skies
Maybe to an astral plane
Cross the highways of fantasy
Help me to forget today’s pain

Though the dawn may be coming soon

There still may be some time
Fly me away to the bright side of the moon
And meet me on the other side


Jupiter 3-D

This is a powerful message that came to me in a dream.

My fingers may make typo’s but I want to get down as much as I can remember and the sequence in which it came.

I went to sleep at 4 am with Purrby by my side. Inside my dream I was awakenened to a room full of persons that I had no knowledge of ever seeing or meeting. The window was wide open and the curtain was the only pertinent thing in the room. It was here (my apartment) but it had been totally transformed. There was a void to the room as in pictures and material things, very plain.

The persons were beautiful in form and small kittens were scattering about. They were not in good health from being outdoors and were cuddling with Purrby.

On a whiteboard the words,welcome to Sunpar’s Journey to Jupiter in 3-D was written. The crop music from the “SIGNS” soundtrack  was playing. I was being touched and caressed simultaneouly by many hands. The touch filled me with intimidation and I was told to relax and enjoy these things bestowed upon me.

One man in peticular was a leader of sorts. In my mind I assumed that he at some time had been with these other woman. I remember hovering over the group in suspended amimation and being moved in different directions by persons moving there hands.

My first mate was here and at first seemed to be upset that so much attention was centered on me until a lady chose him and they disapeared into a long kiss, a passionate one. All the while my interest was in wanting this man.

Everyone said I was holding back that I had to give in to my feelings but that it was not time for this specifc man. He touched me in ways that absorbed my soul, I felt very connected to him. Then all of a sudden we were in time transported to another place. It was like a big yard and I had to relieve myself. I went into this canal and he was there and we watched each other. He held me and told me to release my desires and then he gently kissed me. I desired more, but “not yet” were his words. Everyone had laptops and were connected to a site that said the words about Sunpar and Jupiter,  years (2035) into the future.

There are messages that I am trying to remember that concerned me.

Look inside is coming through and don’t hold back, go. The dream is fading now but I remember coming back here and the apartment was all cleaned up and no evidence of my past life was here. It was clean and functional yet very basic. The door opened this time as the window had been sealed off to outsiders and he walked in. He took me in his arms and told me to CRY, to let everything fall on his shoulders.

It was not to be sexual in nature but about feeling and touch. Then slowly a new group of persons that had gotten news of ths group came in the room, they came in through unknown portals.

The kittens, slipping in under the door stripping were back all clean and playing and scattering about as kittens do. Like wee children let loose at the playground. It was a reunion again and even tho I did not KNOW these persons they were my family and we connected on all levels of communication and oneness.

Ok, I have pulled up the elusiveness now and I just wanted to add that before sleep I asked universe for dreams to come and I was thinking about kissing and relating on a more feeling mode instead of sexually.
The dream came…

Then this in a universal message:

Your mind is apt to be challenged, dear Scorpio, by a strong force that is calling on you to lift off the ground and take flight. More than likely there is a strong person or situation that enters the scene today to remind you of the importance of the imagination. Don’t get so fixed in your position that you fail to see the benefits of other ways of looking at the same thing.

12/17/2002  (Drug Lords)
I have just awoken from falling a sleep while watching the soaps. Evidently I needed the deep sleep. My head is spinning from the dream that awoke me. I was on the phone with you crying and I was telling you that which had happened. In my dream I was happy and I always took the 4 tiels and Purrby to the library everyday and they kept them and they were a blessing to those visiting. I had finished cleaning my apartment which was in a very large house. There were many apartments, the weather was cool in the dream as it is now but a bit more chilly. I walked across the street and everything was in disarray. Birds flying hither and yond, cats looking lost as there owners could not locate them. Many persons did as I did and left there animals at the library when they went to work or had chores to run and didn’t want them to be alone. Faces of sadness and bewilderment abounded.
All questions had but a few nonsense answers.
The personnel at the front desk (once you could find it) said you were warned to not leave your apartment. I said “What are you talking about” They had fear on there faces, they were telling stories they thought made a bit of sense. In actuality they knew little more then myself.
Ok, the persons at the library said for everyone to gather the animals they could find. Only those that were left by them and go back home because these drug lords had taken over and were taking what they wanted and leaving what they felt as trash behind.
I frantically searched and Purrby FOUND me, I located my teils and placed two on each of my shoulders…the parakeets were flying so wildly, I could only recognize one, it was Zanadu (named after Tweety) he was injured and I held him in my palm gently and walked towards home.
On arrival~ nothing . Everything gone, everything.
I went back to the library with a demand for my belongings back. They finally allowed me to see a secret room where furnishings and special items were placed by the drug lords. They told me to hurry and try to make some form of arrangement to get these things out that belonged too me.
In just a few hours they also would be forever gone.
I located Dad’s chair, my desk that the bird cages were on, all the empty cages…looking as if a hurricane had passed through them. Personal papers strewn all about the room.
Inside the cages were my treasured stones and crystals laying amidst the birdseed and feces.
Just hours before the cages had housed my happy parakeets and other sweet birdies.
I found a change purse mama had given me and figured I would need the small amount of change for bartering for food.
There were many children around looking very lost without there games to play.They promised to care for the parakeets as long as they were there. No one wanted to say too much, they were very much in fear of the drug lords and what they might do them.

It was like wandering through a huge warehouse looking for familiar items of my life. Photo albums were mixed in with other families photo albums, same as the household items and furnishings. They(the Drug Lords) had already taken the best things.

Little did they know what dad’s chair meant to me. The large table that I had bought with dad’s approval, he said it was good wood. My picture albums, books, my Purrby, and my birdies.
I was crying so hard I could barely speak on the phone to you to explain, in my dream a man was due home but he had no face in my dream, very nice but I haven’t any clues who. I just knew he was someone that was for me and cared deeply for me.

The key to my apartment of it’s own accord bent in half in my hand.

It was of no more use to me.
This is this first dream I have had in quite sometime that I have remembered so precisely to write down

Older Dreams:


Last night I had a terrible dream. Elio and I were at a party. He disappeared. I found him laying with a long haired blonde that was young, she looked like Monica. I picked up a club of sorts and hit him in the head. His head rolled on the ground. I left his body and took the head with me. I was trying to get it too open it’s eyes, they’re were cops around. I dropped it on the ground and couldn’t find it, it was smashed under my foot, I picked it up and tried to put it back in shape, it felt like silly putty. He opened his pretty blue-green eyes and I ran back and put it on his body. He sat up and said “What’s happening?

Then I found Monica and they were all saying I just wanted his $ so I scalped all three of them!

Very distressing.

Last night were odd ones. Purrby was a huge plant with BIG RED ROSES around him. Ledie was inspecting the apt. and she looked so different. She said I could put the stuff in the hallway behind the fridge (I actually looked too see when I got up). I was flying again, and the ugly dart people were flying too which made it harder and harder too avoid the darts. I was working at a Denney’s sort of place and nothing was going right, they were serving little tiny servings of BLACK BEAN SOUP in BIG bowls and I ended up quitting because the place was impossible. That’s about it in the memory department for now…


after what I dreamed this am I thought I could sleep but oh no…
gist of day dream.
trying to get Rhea
lots of wind was messing with my flying
in a church cornered
fire escape
two kind sisters showed me through
back to flying
had to be at store at 5pm before they closed to get the papers
it was 5:02 in my dream, lots of obstacles in my flight then it was 5:15 and I knew I would not make it
They wondered why I was late
I said have you ever tried to fly in the wind with big semi’s underneath you being blown in all the wrong directions.
They said I should have went away from the highway but that’s how I know where I am in my flights
I have no sense of direction otherwise
I couldn’t get there in time and turns out I had the papers in my back pocket and now they had took Rhea somewhere else

I was so fogged from this mare.

I am so upset, I had to get up and write this down. gist of dream…left Elio and went back to Md. saw Ty and everything was fine, Teresa and his Mom, anyway he got $30 from me and left, he was wearing a skull cap. I started walking and realized I was in a bad neighborhood. First a cab driver offered me a ride and there was a girl inside, I realized they wanted my $ and they ran the car over a bridge into the water and it was very hard to get out of the sinking car and the pocketbook Polly gave me was pulling me down but I got out only to run into a gang of young boys who started throwing knockout darts, they were hitting me everywhere but another car came and rescued me.

They took me to a place and stole all my diamonds out of my jewelry and left the shells. I escaped by riding a wave of water, it was real smooth then turned into a huge ocean. I got out of that ordeal only to find myself riding in a car with good people but I couldn’t remember my name or where I was from or anything. I kept saying help me help me.

I remember I had part of the dream earlier, but I just remember saying help me and Elio woke me out of it abruptly as he always does. I prefer being nudged gently out of a scenario such as a dream.

Anyways the dream continued and I looked down and my right thumb acrylic nail popped off. I remembered that I had them done on the 8th, but nothing else. I was crying looking at my jewelry with all the missing stones and Ty was nowhere to be found and I remembered Elio but couldn’t say where they could find him.

I was tormented in this dream, it was and still is bothering me.

I dreamed Elio was having a affair, I found out it was with a dark haired woman, he continued to see her it was a very real dream.

Last night I was back at the old home. The whole family was there and it was so cold in the old house. Dad was looking to see where the chill was coming from and I went down to where Auntie lived, the back door had some sort of tarp on it and wind was coming in the bottom, I reached down and two hands were there, with black gloves on, weird!

I woke to Anna knocking. I was at the old farm, it had rained very hard, Ron had went to the store, I was on my bike trying to go the old way too our old house, but it was flooded. He came and Mom came out of Madears. He had opened the OJ and it was spilling out.

He is forever in my dreams….WHY?

Haven’t had any way-out dreams, I have been sleeping better if I don’t try to force sleep. An unknown man has been frequenting my night space. He makes the night very nice, but the dream evades me on awakening. Interesting!

Who is he?.

The waves, the ocean lapping up on the shoreline is unbelievable.

It was like I was in a computer, and I could escape and delete people. It was cool. Someone drink all my wine, they were in small bottles. I couldn’t get the door open and I knew someone was inside. It is evading me like an elusive butterfly.

I was in a restaurant, left with a man that looked like Dennis. He was so sweet too me. Everyone was looking for me. There were hills with cascading waterfalls. I wanted to stay, but had to go.

Well, I thought I was over the R.R dreams but they came back, he looked good and there was a big white car, can’t remember too much, maybe it will return. Nite Good!

Yesterday around 5 pm or so I was so tired. I laid down too read with Purrby by my side and drifted off. I was in a big beautiful house. It was a party of sorts. The place had all these great antiques everywhere you looked. Polly and John were there. I could feel her big hug and she was skinny, thinner than me. Her and John were on the CHAKRA diet, her hair was real long. A lot of people were there too see there before and after progress. Polly was naked in one picture and was so beautiful. Great looking bodies all around. Very high ceilings with flowing vines hanging down. Kissing a small little girl and she stuck her tongue in my mouth. Purrby was the best, he kept wrapping around me and purring very loudly.

Had this dream when I went back to bed…Lots of water, flooding, big, huge monster waves. We could see them coming. Elio got purr some Max Lite out of a vendor machine. Crayola’s, lots of kool stuf that belonged to someone else that I thought about taking, but didn’t.

I am fuzzy!!! Had to write…running, lost Mom’s beautiful coat.. wearing unknown man’s coat.. running through traffic… It did not stop, almost was hit. He climbed up the underbelly of the semi, it stopped. Lots of people in assembly setting in a maze of tourist shops. He kept trying too touch me and kiss me… Left the unknown man running trying to fly so I could get back to the familiar place where I had taken Mom’s coat off. Very cold and windy with some snow. I knew I could fly faster and gave my shoes to a man with frostbitten feet, they were red and swollen. Every time I would get off the ground these BIG tree branches would come at me like large hands enveloping me …pulling me out of my flight.. people very nice but I didn’t want to say I was disfellowshipped because then they would not talk too me.

I wanted to be back with the unknown man, but I could not find him again…PURRBY woke me up out of it. I’m going back and try too finish it.

Another restless one, panties Size 11 !!! and nice LG lingerie, nice clothes
can’t remember the details.

I slept like a LOG! Let’s see, another confusing mish mash, nothing violent but rushing and flowers, water, men…no known faces remembered. .big bouquet of ROSES, something else?… nails done but not right. I’ll go back too sleep to catch up on rest~

I took a sleeping pill. I had two laugh out loud dreams. I wake my self laughing hysterically.
a lady’s dress fell off and she had no under ware on, can’t remember but it sure had me :)

I was in at a ballgame with Terri. My turn to pitch was coming up but I had to pee. I went to the bathroom, it was a very long ways. When I got there the stalls were all being used. I waited and seeing a empty one, hurried in. On the inside everyone could see me. I finished and kept thinking I had missed my turn pitching at the game. I was running and I had my long ago beige long sweater on. On the way I stopped for something. After I had gone so far I realized my sweater was gone, I went back and realized it was still on me. On I went, It seemed I was in a hurry, when the riverbed I needed to cross was swollen with very fast currents.

Some lady told me it was more shallow nearer the bank, maybe only 20 feet, I jumped in and could feel the weight of the sweater pulling me. I thought I was not going to be able to get up the bank when a hand reached out and pulled me up. He was a very nice looking man.

He became very attentive to me. Holding and kissing me. There was a exchange of money with the lady, but when I went to give it too her it fell in the water.

The $20 bill was whirling away and the man jumped in the water and retrieved it for me. I knew I had been taking too much time and the game was missed. Then, I found my handbag the one Polly gave me all wet and partially in the water. Lots of things were missing. My keys!! I found the keys over on the bank. Then the guy was saying that he had my picture on his fridge and somehow Elio had seen it and he said Elio didn’t seem to mind that it was there. So much water and it was fast. I never made it to the game, I stayed safe and comfortable in the strange man‘s arms.

I dreamed of crossing water. Pain in right side Mom & Dad were there. I was naked. Took a puter back, long lines. Karen, very thin and pretty in a white dress. She was admiring herself in the mirror. I thought how good she looks.

I woke up moaning. The room had my birds in it. One little bird was barely alive in my hand. Polly was here and we kept seeing Dad, the room was strange. we could not go in it. Everything is so vague, but very disturbing. I got up and took a shower.

More Dreams

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