Mary and Max

On a tip from a friend I decided to check this short out.

It is a animated short about the odd friendship between a young girl and a severely obese older man. She lives in Australia, he in New York.

He suffers from Asperger’s Disease.

Mary marries, writes a book, Max gets upset, Mary gets depressed, her husband leaves her for his pen pal and says

“Your idealistic pursuit too remedy mental illness has been misguided.  You are not some magic beauty crème that you can spread on the world to rid it’s wrinkles.”

I enjoyed this.

New Words from Max

Confuzzled~ Confused and Puzzled at the same time

Snirt~ A Cross between snow and dirt

Smushables~ Squashed groceries you find at the bottom of the bag


Poor Henry the Fish


Love Yourself




Mary and Max