Art in Clouds


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It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see

~Henry David Thoreau

I’ve had this oil painting for many years. When Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter died back in 2006 I saw something in the painting that I had never noticed before.

Look in the upper left corner and tell me if you don’t see a stingray clear as day ?

Though it did not make any of the television specials and retrospectives, one of my favorite tributes came on a radio phone in show on the afternoon that Steve Irwin was killed.

A young mother recalled the day that her young infant managed to perform potty duties for the first time without any mishaps.

In celebration, she told her proud young son that he could call anyone in the world to share the good news.

“I want to call the Croc Hunter,” came the cry.

A Warrior that will be truly and forever missed by us and the hearts of the animal kingdom. He gave his heart in so many ways and in the end he Literally gave his heart doing what he so loved.

Steve Irwin (2/22/1962 – 9/4/2006)


Creative Christmas 2013

I have been creating this year.

Hope the Enchantment of the Season continues to sprinkle Happy Fairy Dust all around you.