Parakeet Haven

I have been cleaning all day. My place was full of dust bunnies, bird seed and feathers.

When you are sick with the flu it’s a miracle they all get fed everyday.

I also made some new toys for my birds and Hempy the Hamster.

Egg cartons cut in half filled with treats, paper towel cardboard cut in half for tunnels. Hempy is having a blast.

The birds love there seed and fruit and veggies in the ice cube trays. They all eat happily together.

I also made a bird bath from a old coconut shell.



A Symphony of Angels

I am overwhelmed. I  have been getting together Aeoliah’s music for a music CD I am creating for gifting. My friend in Canada that was my online friend for over 10 years, we were like sisters and she sent me Angel Love and Angel Love 2 on tape cassette for when my Purrby cat died in November 2003.

My friend passed in 2008 on Halloween Eve.

Two of my closest hearts.

The music brought a peacefulness too me.

I just now found the song Purrby really liked. He would purr so loudly when I played this particular song. He loved birds and was fascinated sitting and watching from his window. He would sit at the bottom of my bird cages and never bother them. The cockatiels walked on his back.

I wanted to share with you…Angels Of Grace

Sad Feat

I know most of you have heard of the movie “Happy Feet”  ~A story about penguins in cartoon animation. I loved that movie.

This past week was not a very good one in my little animal kingdom.

My Betta Cosmo died at the old age of 15 months last Wednesday. Then my cat China somehow got one of the parakeets seed doors open and attacked my little Bows on Thursday. I rescued her but she was found on the cage floor Sunday morning. Cat saliva is toxic too birdies and I guess she died from that or the stress of the attack.


Inside me is a child
One that looks up at everything with a twinkle of awe in my eyes

This child inside is very much a part of me

She keeps me smiling and greets a sunny or rainy day the same

Thoughts of playing in the sand, jumping in ocean’s waves

The child in me is crying

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz


Cats and Parakeets




Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz


RIP Lil Birdies.

R.I.P Buttons and Bows

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz


All my little animals whether it be a fish, bird or cat hold special memories for me in my heart. I know some would say but it is just an animal. This may be true, but they are living creatures and they bring much joy too my life.

Buttons and Bows

Two new birdies the 9 th of April 2011…I named them Buttons and Bows.


On April 4 th 2011 an ex visited and he said  “I remembered my promise, and gave me a beautiful little yellow bird to be Sages new friend. I call her Maze because I was amazed. Sage is almost nine. Sand her partner died from lameness 3/7/2011.

I gave the birdies avocado, and papaya and learned a valuable lesson after doing research. Teal  Button was found in the food dish. Not unusual, but he didn’t seem to feisty so I got him out and he bit me. Shortly afterwards she was back in the food dish. I put seed in and she just stayed immersed in it. I got her out and she laid on her back and I knew the end for Buttons was near. I wrapped her in a towel and brought her too my bed. Her heart started beating really fast and she did the death dance and passed 7-23-11. My sweet bird.



The skin and pit of this popular fruit had been known to cause cardiac distress and eventual heart failure in pet bird species. Although there is some debate to the degree of toxicity of avocados, it is generally advised to adopt a “better safe than sorry” attitude toward them and keep guacamole and other avocado products as far away from pet birds as possible.

Terrible flutter. China had parakeet Bows in her mouth. I rescued the poor thing just in the nick of time. Feathers everywhere.
When I first heard the commotion , I thought China had a play squeaky mouse. Then I realized the little mouse had wings. That was so scary. I surely thought the worse had happened. Today Bows seems fine. I have cat proofed the cage with clips on all feeder openings and the door. Evidently that is how China got access. She is one smart cat. I had to shake her to get her too let the little birdie go. Every time the bird would get free enough to fly, China would jump so high and snatch her again in mid flight.UPDATE: Bows was dead on the cage floor three days later. Toxins from the cat saliva did her in 😦


Minnie used to corner my birds and meow until I came and retrieved them. Purrby let them walk on her back.

I guess China has somewhere acquired a taste for birdies.



Purrby and Kae