Slow Mode February

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My blog will be 2 years old in October this year.

Slow Mode February.

Nothing pressing on my mind to blog about, writers lament I suppose.
This am I was missing the cushioned insert in my shoes I wear because of my ongoing  Plantar fasciitis  problem.
I assumed wrongly that one of the cats had treated it like a furry mouse and confiscated it too places unknown.
I found it in my other shoe sitting on top of its insert.

I am having my morning ritual. Chock Full of Nuts dark Satin java.

It is my morning wake-up.

Interesting tib bit. When my mama passed in 2004, I placed one of her small porcelain dolls she called “Marjorie” in an air tight glass container. She was wrapped in my mama’s scarf that smelled of her signature perfume (Chanel #5)
The doll’s face was peeking through.
I decided I wanted to smell her so I carefully removed the air tight top. I anticipated memories of the scent of her.
Let’s just say her essence had dissipated some time ago.


Today is Downton Abbey Marathon Day. I have several shows recorded and Sunday’s seem the perfect day to relax and enjoy them.

I have found a new toy. It is so easy and no worries with codecs and other problems with burning DVD’s and CD’s. I have too many coasters as is. Recordings that flopped so too speak.

Freemake is awesome. Last night I burned a DVD of some favorite UTUBES perfectly. No codec issues, no problems at all.
Big Kudos to the makers of this wonderful pain-free application.

Heart Day is almost upon us. I am baking Four of my specials this year.

Happy Heart Day

Click for Recipe

I woke early this am so I could make my appointment at 9:30. I decided to drive the moped even though my tags are not up too date. Rhea had a flat last night and I did not want to risk that scenario.
I figured after my appointment I would drive to the DMV and get the sticker and I would be good to go.


I made coffee and checked my purse for needed papers.
Where is my important papers? My little carry ID purse is missing???

I had it Friday at the store when I got the ingredients for the pies.

Did I put it in the plastic bag instead of my pocketbook ? After making the pies did I throw the plastic bag out ?
That was days ago…no use going to the dumpster.

Rhea says that is so irresponsible. Hey, I wasn’t at a bar drunk, I wasn’t confused.

I searched the entire apartment,in the closets, in drawers.

Time is growing short. I called my appointment and they said they had photocopies of my Social Security card and license and I could get dupes ordered.

Moped had problems starting,it hasn’t been driven since the first of this month when I got the warning ticket.A few kicks and a couple of side rolls and Varoom,it started.

I go get the photocopies and off to the Social Security Office to apply for a new duplicate card.

Thank goodness I had the photocopies because you can not get in the building without picture ID.

They asked if I had a cell phone in my purse when I went through security and told me I had to remove it. I asked them too keep it and they said I had to remove it from the building. I set it in the bushes outside with 4 or 5 other cells.


Then they tell me I can not order a new card because even though the photocopy allowed me in I needed a real license to prove who I was.

Off, to the Registration building and I got my new sticker. This cost me almost $45.00. Put it on the moped and drove to the DMV on the other side of Key West. I pull a ticket and I am number #69. There are about 20 persons ahead of me.

Finally I have my new license in hand at a cost of $31.25. I told her the sign says $25, she said that doesn’t include the fees.


Then off  to the bank to cancel my bank card and order a new one.They give me a temporary ATM card and tell me the new card will be in my hand in approximately 10 days.


Now I am home. I decorated my cheesecakes and took some pictures.I decided to get my new Social Security card from the online web site. No urgency for that one.

I swirl around on my desk chair and something is stopping me.I look down and what do you suppose it is?

Yep, my ID purse.

I swear China cat must have taken it out of my purse and hid it, than casually placed it at my chair coyly.
She also has been dumping her water dishes and playing in the water. She also seems to think the bathtub is her peeing latrine.

Ring a ling.
It’s Rhea on the phone saying she has another #ucking flat !!!!

The pies look delicious.

Happy Valentines Day.